8 Best Gas Geysers in India for 2024- Everything You Need To Know

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Do you need hot water daily?

Most homes that need a regular supply of hot water, settle for electric instant water heaters that run on electricity. But, those are often inefficient for bigger families. At times the waiting time is too much and the water may lose warmth quickly.

It is agitating especially in the winter months when there is a regular need for hot water. Gas geysers can come in handy for getting hot water as quickly as possible. These water heaters run on fuel, which is one of the best ways to do the job. When you turn it on, the geyser takes in the water and heats it efficiently.

A gas geyser is often cost-effective and they are great for areas that face power cuts. You can even control the temperature through the knobs given in the front. Gas geysers are also great for commercial spaces because of their efficiency. Bajaj Majesty Duetto 6 L Gas Geyser is currently the best gas geyser in India.

Along with providing well-heated water, it is also a fully protected model. The 7-liter capacity is great for a medium-sized family in 2024. If you are thinking of saving a little money, then this gas geyser will be a great choice. On top of that, the geyser looks quite appealing in its flower design.

best gas geysers in India

These are the best Gas Geysers in India for 2024

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser6 L2 yearsAmazon
V-Guard Gas Geyser6 L2 YearsAmazon
Activa Gas Water Heater6 L1 YearAmazon
Surya Roshani Gas Geyser6 L2 YearsAmazon
Hindware Eveto Gas Water Heater6 L1 YearAmazon
Candes Gas Water Heater7 L1 YearAmazon
Longway Decora 7 Litre Gas Geyser7 L1 YearAmazon
Greet IKON Gas Geyser7 L1 YearAmazon

Reviews of the Top 8 Gas Geysers in India

Knowing a product is crucial before placing an order. Because there are so many options in the market, we wanted to get the best geysers. Through research and testing, we came up with eight amazing gas geysers available in the Indian market.

The products were selected after thorough research on all their components. It includes the fuel used by the geyser, its quality, and much more. So, let us dive into knowing these fabulous heaters that can give you instant hot water.

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto 6L Gas Water Heater

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6-Litre LPG Water Heater

Key features

  • 6 Litre is the max capacity of this geyser.
  • LPG is the main fuel of this device. There is also a geyser model for PNG.
  • There is a 20-minute water cut-off in it.
  • Winter and summer settings are available.
  • It also has a fuse block protector.
  • Can work in both low and high-pressure areas.
  • It also has an oxygen depletion sensor.
  • The geyser has a metal casing with an aesthetic look.
  • Cuts-off automatically after reaching max temperature.
  • Bajaj provides a 2-year warranty on it.

Comes with Trust of Bajaj

Bajaj has always been a company that we trust for its quality. They do not let us down but give us an amazing gas geyser. It uses the right amount of gas to provide well-heated water instantaneously. Set the temperature according to the winter or summer season and get hot water.

Designed with Smart Auto Cut-Off

You would never want the water to reach a very high temperature. So, Bajaj has included the auto cut-off feature in this geyser. It automatically shuts itself off after reaching a certain temperature. The geyser also shuts down after 20 minutes of running. You can even tweak the temperature and water flow according to your need.


  • It has a nice layer of safety protection.
  • The geyser has an aesthetic look.
  • Water gets heated quite quickly.
  • Bajaj has priced it quite affordably.
  • It allows you to control the temperature.
  • The capacity is good for a small to medium size family.


  • Installation needs proper care as it handles petroleum gas.

Why is this Gas Geyser worthy?

Bajaj is a brand that is ever-present in our homes. It is obvious that this is the best gas geyser from their side. We really like that the company has included enough safety measures in the geyser. It is a compact and useful device, especially for single and bachelors.


2. V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

Key features

  • The maximum capacity is 6 liters.
  • It uses LPG as the fuel for heating.
  • Comes with a copper heat exchanger.
  • It works even at ultra-low pressure.
  • Auto-cut off after running for 20 minutes.
  • Has a durable stainless steel burner.
  • A double solenoid valve provides protection.
  • Summer and winter burner options are there.
  • There is a handy on and off switch.
  • V-Guard provides a two-year warranty.

Designed with Multiple Layers of Safety

As this geyser is based on fuel burning, safety is quite crucial. V-Guard has provided several layers of protection to make this an amazing product. Everything from the double solenoid valve to overheating auto cut-off ensures safety. Once you turn on the geyser, it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. So, you can rest assured about having it in your home. We also like the addition of the on/off switch.

Works Even in Tall Buildings

Low water flow is often a problem for usual geysers. V-Guard has fixed that problem by making it compatible with low-pressure situations. So, you can easily use this gas geyser in a high-rise building. It detects water flow and auto-ignites the water for instant heating.

If you are looking for the best gas geyser under 5000 INR, do not look beyond this product.


  • It works even at low water pressure.
  • The geyser has an on/off switch.
  • Its burner is made of stainless steel.
  • Comes with a copper heat exchanger.
  • Added protection by a double solenoid valve.
  • The body of the geyser is made of metal.
  • A two-year warranty is included with it.


  • It makes a little noise, but it isn’t irritating.
  • You will need to pay the installation charges.


Are you looking for a gas geyser from a trusted brand? If yes, then V-Guard is invariably the best option. The brand has always produced great items and this geyser is definitely one of them. With the necessary safety, this model will be a great addition to your home. 

3. Activa 6L LPG Gas Water Heater

Activa 6L LPG Gas Water Heater

Key features

  • The gas geyser has a capacity of six liters.
  • The inner tank is made of 100% copper.
  • There is anti-rusting to make it durable.
  • A thermostat helps to control the temperature.
  • One can choose between winter and summer modes.
  • The geyser is BIS approved for being safe.
  • A gas flow controller is present in the front.
  • This gas geyser weighs around five Kgs.
  • A Zero pressure tank helps to maintain safety.
  • Activa provides a one-year warranty with it.

A Fully Automatic Design

You do not need to work too hard when it comes to this water heater. Just turn it on and it will automatically measure the water and start heating it. But, you can definitely toggle the knobs to gain control. A thermostat is also present in the device to prevent cases of overheating.

We like fully automatic devices because of their user-friendliness. It can easily be used by people who have no experience with a water heater. Being one of the best gas geysers in India, it is suitable for hard water too.

Comes with an Attractive Look

Just because you are buying a water heater, it doesn’t need to look bad. Activa has worked on it by giving a nice and aesthetic look to this gas geyser. It has an anti-rust body which makes it a durable product. You will surely get compliments after installing this geyser.

Has a 100% Copper Tank

We like copper because of its durability and agility. The water remains hot in the tank and it also provides weight to the geyser. As it won’t corrode over time, the geyser will stay with you for long.


  • Enough capacity for a small family.
  • It has a pure copper tank.
  • The geyser runs on convenient LPG.
  • It meets all the safety requirements.
  • Five different safety options are there.
  • The Water is heated quite quickly.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty. 


  • Activa is a new company, but the product is nice.
  • Customer service was limited at first, but Activa has worked on it.


If you want an effective and durable gas geyser, then this is one of the best options. It contains all the necessary features, like an all-weather thermostat. We especially like it because of the safety measures that make it a foolproof device.

4. Surya Roshani HEATX-I Gas Water Geyser

Surya Roshani HEATX-I  Gas Water Geyser

Key features

  • 6 liter is the maximum tank capacity.
  • The geyser requires LPG to heat water.
  • Overheating protection is included.
  • The heat exchanger is made of heavy copper.
  • An ultra-low pressure start is provided.
  • Dry burning protection is also there in it.
  • Comes with flame failure protection.
  • Supports heating for winter and summer.
  • Autoignition is present for ease of use.
  • Surya provides a two-year warranty on it.

Uses a Heavy Copper Heat Exchanger

Copper is a good conductor of heat. Surya has utilized copper for the best possible heat transference. The heating starts as soon as you turn on the tap. It is even heating, and you can also choose a suitable temperature. Copper vessels also do not get rusted, so it ensures durability.

Comes with a Two-year Warranty

Most companies provide a one-year warranty with their geysers. But, Surya trusts their product enough to include a two-year warranty. It is quite helpful especially for times when there is a manufacturing fault. You can easily reach the company to notify them of problems.

Works with Ultra-low Pressure Water

Do you live in a tall building?

If yes, then the water pressure might be low on the top floors. Surya thought about it and made this geyser compatible with low-pressure water. As it is ultra-low pressure friendly, we expect it to work under all circumstances. It is also a relief for people who live in higher altitudes.


  • A fully copper heat exchanger.
  • Different safety measures are included.
  • Good capacity for a medium family.
  • The ultra-low pressure start is great.
  • Comes with Surya’s two-year warranty.


  • Available only in one variant.
  • You need to pay a nominal installation charge.


Surya is a trusted company when it comes to electronic appliances. A gas geyser is quite an innovation, and Surya brings a feature-full product for us. The compact and effective geyser will help you throughout the year. We do like its affordable price tag which makes it a worthy purchase.

5. Hindware Eveto 6L ISI Gas Water Heater

Hindware Eveto 6L ISI Gas Water Heater

Key features

  • The heater comes with a 6-liter capacity.
  • It uses liquid petroleum gas as fuel.
  • It comes with a full copper tank.
  • There is an auto-ignition for easy use.
  • Burner and temperature control are there.
  • A thermostat controls the temperature.
  • Flame failure protection for instant heating.
  • It is a fully automatic gas water geyser.
  • The geyser has ISI certification for safety.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty from Greet.

Energy Saving Gas Water Geyser

Why would you want to spend on a gas geyser?

The most common answer would be to save money. While producing this heater Hindware made sure that it was beneficial for the user. So, it saves the usual energy spent on heating water. As it is one of the best gas geysers in India, purchasing it definitely provides you with a way to decrease the inflated electricity bills.

Provides Hot Water Within Seconds

Once you get this gas geyser you wouldn’t need to wait for hot water. As soon as you open your tap, it triggers the ignition. It is especially helpful for families with multiple members. You can use it throughout the day without needing to wait several minutes at a time. The copper components help in enhanced heating which is extremely quick.


  • The water gets hot quickly.
  • Contains copper pipes and parts.
  • Good capacity for a medium family.
  • Auto cut-off safety is available.
  • Works even in low water pressure.
  • It is an affordable gas geyser.


  • Some users complained about the auto timer feature.


Clix has built a gas geyser that is perfect for Indian households. It isn’t expensive and at the same time, it also reduces the usual fuel consumption. You get hot water almost instantly throughout the year.

6. Candes 7 Litre Gas Water Heater

Candes 7 Litre Gas Water Heater

Key features

  • 7 liters is the maximum capacity of the geyser.
  • This water heater runs on liquid petroleum gas.
  • A child lock is present for added safety.
  • It can work in areas with low water pressure.
  • Additional safety through a smart flow sensor.
  • Summer and winter options are available in it.
  • Temperature and water flow controlled through knobs.
  • It comes with a superior metal body.
  • Auto cut-off system.
  • A one-year warranty is provided by Candes.

Comes with Additional Safety Precautions

We take safety very seriously especially for a device that you use every day. Along with other safety measures, Racold has added a child lock which is quite necessary. On top of that, it also has a smart water flow sensor. It helps to stop the geyser as soon as you close the tap.

Provides Superior Control to the User

One of the drawbacks of electric geysers is minimal control. But, you do not have to face it with this gas geyser. The brand provides three knobs to control the heating. With the setting, you can actually get the perfect temperature as per your liking. Do not worry about uneven hot water, as the product takes care of it.


  • The gas geyser has a child lock.
  • It comes with three controls.
  • The geyser has an aesthetic look.
  • It doesn’t consume much fuel.
  • Auto cut-off safety is there in it.
  • Performs well in low water pressure.
  • Racold provides a 1-year warranty.


  • You might need to pay extra for installation.
  • Takes some time to reach customer care, but they have good service.


We really like the quality of the Racold gas geyser. It has a robust exterior as well-performing components. The geyser helps you to get instant hot water. We are sure that you will love to use this gas geyser daily.

7. Longway Decora 7 Litre Gas Geyser

Longway Decora 7 Litre Gas Geyser

Key features

  • 7 liters is the capacity of this gas geyser.
  • It uses Liquid petroleum gas as fuel.
  • A 100% copper tank has been used in it.
  • There is a 20 minutes timer in the geyser.
  • 95℃ is the maximum temperature of heating.
  • Five different safety measures are used.
  • The ignition is battery-operated.
  • An extra-large burner is provided in it.
  • Separate summer and winter options are there.
  • A 12-month warranty is provided with it.

Designed with Ultimate Safety

Are you looking for the best gas geyser for your bathroom?

As gas is involved in heating the water, safety is necessary. Longway has included five levels of safety for the utmost care of the user. It includes auto cut-off, flame failure safety, and a safety valve. The company makes sure that you are completely protected while using this geyser.

Heating by an Extra Large Burner

As the burner is the main component of the heater it needs to be amazing. Longway has provided a big burner in this geyser that helps to heat up the water. A bigger burner also covers a larger surface area. So, it helps in heating the water much faster compared to similar models. In turn, it reduces your wait time for getting lovely hot water.

Comes with Effective Controls

Often we think that gas-powered devices don’t give us control. But, that isn’t true with this product. It comes with three knobs that let you find the perfect setting. Along with controlling the gas and water, you can even choose the weather setting. It allows you to get the water to the perfect temperature. Read the manuals to get a hang of these controls.


  • The product looks attractive.
  • It is an affordable geyser.
  • It runs on effective LPG fuel.
  • The cooper tank helps in protection.
  • 7 liters is good for a medium family.
  • It has five different safety measures.
  • The geyser meets all certifications.
  • A one-year warranty is included.


  • Have to be placed in a well-ventilated area for safety.
  • Service problems were there in the past, but Longway has worked on it.


The Longway gas geyser is currently the best gas water heater geyser in India for 2024. It can easily heat the water in just a few minutes for your family. After purchasing it, you do not need to spend extra on electricity. The product is much more efficient and it also looks very appealing.

8. Greet IKON 7 L Gas Geyser

Greet IKON 7 L Gas Geyser

Key features

  • The heater comes with a 7-liter capacity.
  • It uses liquid petroleum gas as fuel.
  • It comes with a full copper tank.
  • There has an auto-ignition system for easy use.
  • Burner and temperature control are there.
  • A thermostat controls the temperature.
  • Flame failure protection for instant heating.
  • It is a fully automatic gas water geyser.
  • The geyser has ISI certification for safety.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty from Greet.

Designed to Work for All Weathers

We often attach the idea of geysers to the winter months. But, some households require hot water throughout the year. This geyser lets you set the flame according to the season. The temperature is adjusted so that it is comfortable. You can also control the water and gas flow of this geyser.

An Easy to Use Geyser

A no-fuss device is always the best thing you can have. Greet has made their Ikon geyser user-friendly. It is a fully automatic geyser so you don’t need to struggle with it. Just turn it on and get hot water instantly. The device also comes with auto-ignition to reduce manual tasks.


  • The geyser is completely safe.
  • A Winter and summer knob is there.
  • It does have a full copper tank.
  • Water is heated instantaneously.
  • Nice capacity for a medium family.
  • The design is very attractive. 
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Availability is low, but they often restock it.
  • Needed to be fitted outside the bathroom.


Greet Ikon is one of the best gas water geysers available in the market. It is great for those who are looking for a sturdy and safe water heater. The geyser is also good for high-rise buildings as it also works in low pressure.

What is Special about a gas geyser?

Most of us are acquainted with electric geysers. We usually put them up in our bathrooms to get hot water.

So, what is a gas geyser?

The meaning is apparent and simple. A gas geyser uses gas or fuel as the main source of energy. Rather than connecting the geyser to electricity, LPG or CNG is utilized. Now, gas geysers are quite popular internationally. They like it because the geysers can quickly heat a large amount of water.

Most people settle for feeble and slow geysers, but they don’t need to. A gas geyser, on the other hand, gives you well-heated water. People might have heated water on their gas; it is a similar situation. But companies have worked hard to devise something that reduces manual work. You do not need to physically ignite the gas. Nowadays, smart sensors do the work for you.

The great thing about gas geysers is their recovery rate. They can instantly start working after a cycle is over. Most gas geysers heat water for twenty minutes for extra efficiency. You will need to connect it to a fuel source and a water source, and your job will be done.

How does a gas geyser work?

Understanding how a gas geyser works is very easy. It is just like a stove encased in a metal body. There is a burner that ignites itself and heats the water. Generally, there are two types of gas geysers, instant, and storage. Instant heaters are quite popular in India because they work quickly.

But, storage gas geysers have also made their space. In an instant gas geyser, the water gets heated inside a copper pipe by the burner. Then, the water flows through the tap. Whereas in storage geysers, the water is stored in a tank. The storage space can vary in size. Typically the size is between six to twenty liters. So, once you open the tap, the water is used, and then it heats water once more if you need it.

best gas geyser in India

You will observe that there are control knobs on the geyser. They are generally used to control the burner, the temperature, and the water flow. Some gas geysers let you choose between summer and winter temperatures. When you turn down the strength of the burner, the water takes more time to heat. So, the temperature is low. Every geyser has a thermostat for maintaining the temperature.

Copper vessels are important because they are good at transferring heat. You will often find these gas geysers with a copper tank or heating element. The copper parts are also rust-proof, and they last for a long time. We will always recommend you to get a geyser with copper parts.

The Operational Safety

Now, safety and operation are important points to note in gas geysers. You want an absolutely safe product. It is also the reason that you need to install the geyser in a well-ventilated area. An ECU or Electronic Control Unit is behind controlling the geyser.

It decides the moment when the geyser needs to start and turn off. Most brands have a 20 minute time on their gas geyser. Apart from that, there is an auto shut-off to maintain safety. Geysers may have smart valves to stop the flow after reaching a specific temperature.

Most geysers also come with battery-operated auto-ignition. So, you do not need to turn on the burner manually. Instead, a trigger turns on the ignition before it starts heating water. We do like automatic appliances, and so brands have worked on intelligent products.

Working Efficiency of gas Geysers

Gas geysers are highly efficient, and they can heat water instantaneously. You need to make sure that it is well connected to the fuel source. Though most appliances come with self-installation, we will recommend professionals for the job. When you take good care of the geysers, they can serve you for a long time. If you want to do the installation yourself, make proper use of your ladder for safety.

We have to mention you to always maintain safety while using a gas geyser. You need to install it in a proper place. Keep it turned off when it is not in use. Service it from time to time to maintain its health. Always make sure that none of the pipes are loose or leaking. Keep an eye on the geyser while it is running and keep away kids and pets.

When you follow the proper care, a gas geyser can be a great purchase. It is especially valuable for households and establishments that need constant hot water. We also recommend it for places with frequent power cuts. You can depend on such devices because of their helpfulness.

gas geyser at home

Why should you buy the Best gas geyser?

Why are we even talking about buying gas geysers?

We are sure that you are pretty confused about buying a heating element. The sheer number of options in the market can baffle all. Many people resort to buying the first thing that they get. But that is not the right thing to do. Our thorough research helped us to know more about geysers. So, we wanted to talk about the benefits of using a gas geyser.

Easier to Install

Hassle-free work is the motto that we like to follow. When you get a gas geyser, you do not need to think about pulling electrical cords. All you need to do is have a cylinder beside the geyser. The professional will make the connections to supply hot water. Companies also charge minimal installation charges on these devices. You do not need to worry about struggling with gas geysers even if you decide to install it yourself.

Lighter on the Pocket

Having a gas geyser will definitely save you a tonne of money. As LPG is subsidized in India, you do not need to spend a tonne on it. Along with that, a gas geyser doesn’t really use a lot of fuel. It will also depend on the frequency of your use. So, set a budget for the geyser, and we are sure that you will save a lot. Usually, it is estimated that gas geysers cost one-third of the money spent on electric geysers.

Initial Investment is Low

When you buy an appliance, you need to put in an initial investment. Most of the gas geysers are priced quite reasonably. So, you do not need to spend a tonne of money at first. We do think that if you want constant hot water, gas geysers are an affordable option.

A Better Recovery Rate

Don’t you hate waiting between geyser cycles? We do! But, when you get a gas geyser that isn’t needed anymore. The heater work quite fast. So, when a cycle is over, the second one starts. There is no real cooling period, which is good. This is also the reason we recommend gas geysers for commercial places. They are available in many storage sizes, so you can get one according to the requirement. You can even get a tankless model as they are much faster.

They are Absolutely Safe

There is a belief that gas geysers aren’t safe. But that isn’t the right way to go. Due to intelligent and smart technologies, most models come with several safety features. The electronic component often guides the geyser to work properly. These geysers are equipped with auto cut-off and safety valves for the best results. If you follow the safety precautions, then it is an amazing appliance to buy.

10 things to check before buying a gas geyser in India

Have you decided to buy a gas geyser? Do you know what the things that help you to choose the best product are? We have done challenging work by researching the best qualities of a gas geyser. Whenever you are in the market to buy an appliance, it is important to check the key decision-making factors.

It is crucial to find the best gas geyser to get optimum performance. We go into the depths of knowledge about gas water heaters, which led us to ten important points. Using them, you will be able to purchase a satisfying product that is effective and durable.

Operation Requirements

The very first thing that you need to figure out is needs.

Do you want to have hot water throughout the day?

How many members are there in your family?

What will you use the hot water for?

It is crucial to question yourself about usability. You do not want to buy a geyser that is too small or too large. We want to get the perfect appliance that works for us.

By following this step, you are also able to get to the perfect budget. Narrowing down your choices is pretty important when you are looking to invest in a product. Jot down the most important reasons, and it will help you to get the right gas geyser.

Type of Gas Geyser

As we have stated before, there are two main types of gas geysers. Instant gas geysers are great for bachelor or single people. They are also good if you are using the geyser in the kitchen. It will instantly heat the water as per your need. If you are confused about which one to buy- storage or instant geyser, we will suggest you get a storage gas geyser if you have a bigger family.

It also helps in doing different tasks throughout the day. If you want a geyser for bathing, then a storage gas geyser is the best option. When you are buying such a product, check its capacity that can range from five liters to twenty liters. A seven-liter gas geyser is good for a medium-sized family. Go for a bigger one if you constantly use hot water or live in a cold place.

Fuel Compatibility

What type of fuel do you use daily? Gas geysers are usually found with two gas compatibility. They either run on LPG or CNG. LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, we usually use it for cooking. CNG stands for compressed natural gas. So, your choice of appliance will depend on fuel availability.

Most of the models are compatible with LPG. You need to have the right fuel for the specific model. If you want to use both types of fuel, then get a geyser that supports both. LPG has become widely available in India due to government subsidies. Before you choose a particular device, make sure to do the maths.

Durability of Parts

You want your gas geyser to last for a long time. The internal parts of the geyser will decide its lifespan. The first thing that it needs to have is a copper heating element. We will also tell you to buy geysers with copper pipes. Copper is one of the best corrosion-resistant elements. When it is used in home appliances, it is bound to last for a long time.

All name brands use copper because it ensures durability. You should also check the material of the burner. Stainless steel is another suitable tank material for gas geysers. The casing should be of metal to protect the inner parts. Have a look at the item before you make the purchase. Do take care of it and clean it regularly for the best results.

Safety Measures

As you are using gas, safety is an obvious part of the device. Most brands equip their gas geysers with several layers of safety. The best products are those that are quality-certified by the state. In India, it is best to look for the ISI mark. Some of the important safety measures include auto cut-off and safety valves. Different layers of safety protect the geyser as a whole.

You do not need to think about it much while using it. Do remember to install it in a well-ventilated space for the best results. If you have a child, look for a child lock in the geyser. Another option is to install it at a higher place away from the child.

Auto-Ignition System

Did you know that most brands have included auto-ignition in their gas geysers? They just increase the user-friendliness of the geysers. You only need to turn on the geyser and open the tap. There are smart sensors in the geyser which ignite the burner. We think that auto-ignition is as important as auto-cut off. To make auto-ignition foolproof, brands have also included protection against flame failure.

So, once the burner is ignited, it keeps on burning till the water is perfectly heated. You need to make sure that all pipes are in place before turning on the device.

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Ability to Control

Don’t we like to control the flame in our gas stoves?

Just like that, control knobs in a geyser helps you to control things. There are multiple knobs in a geyser. Generally, they are there for controlling the burner, the temperature, and the water. Many gas geysers also have a winter/summer knob. You can control the knobs to get the right temperature accordingly. Most brands also include a particular cut-off temperature for the water. We do like the weather control knob as it allows you to have hot water throughout the year. Advanced geysers may even come with remote controls for operation.

Ability to Work in High and Low Pressure

In India, the pressure of the water may differ in places. It is especially true in high-rise buildings. Water may often lose its pressure while rising pipes. So, you need a gas geyser that can work when the pressure of water is low. The electronic circuit of geysers is often able to adjust to the pressure of water. We will recommend you to buy a geyser that mentions its compatibility with low pressure.


What will you do if the geyser suddenly develops a problem?

In such circumstances, the warranty comes quite handy. Most reputed brands will provide you some kind of warranty. It generally stretches from a year to two years. Some can even offer you an extended period. Whenever you are buying any appliance, make sure it has the appropriate warranty. If you can read the warranty guidelines before purchasing the product. You will easily get it on the internet. The clauses help you to understand the things included under warranty.

Brand Value and Service

Following the earlier point, we have to talk about shopping from good brands. If you see our review list, we have included products from the best brands. It is essential to get quality products as they are obviously more durable. Brands do not want to disappoint their customer base. On the other hand, local brands are cheap but unreliable. Safety is a huge issue when you buy cheap.

Branded items are certified, and you also get a warranty. If there is an issue, you can always contact customer care for help. Brands also provide you professional-grade service. It is easier to take care of the gas geyser when you buy from a good company. But, we will always recommend you to follow a budget when buying from a brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about gas geysers

There are always some questions that people ask. So, we have noted some of them and tried to provide comprehensive replies. It helps you to know the most basic things about a gas geyser.

Is a gas geyser safe?

Yes, gas geysers are absolutely safe. Most gas geysers come with multiple layers of safety to make them even better. But, you need to realize that there are some precautions you should follow. It includes installing the geyser in a well-ventilated space. Do read the user manual to take the best care of your appliance.

What are the best brands for gas geysers?

As we have said, purchasing a gas geyser from a good brand is important. Some of the best brands include V-Guard, Bajaj, Racold, and Activa. We have mentioned some of the best gas geysers in the review section. These trusted brands have been in the Indian market for a while. Their gas geysers also follow all the safety protocols.

What size gas geyser do you need?

The capacity of the gas geyser will depend on your need. If you have a bigger family, get a bigger geyser. It is also advised to get a bigger geyser if you use hot water throughout the day. The smallest size is recommended for someone who lives alone. In general, a 7-liter geyser works great for a medium-sized family.

Is gas geyser worth buying in India?

Absolutely, buying a gas geyser is worth it in India. Keeping the rising electricity prices in mind, an LPG gas geyser is the next best option. They are affordable appliances and they also use less energy. You can get instant hot water without the need to wait. Gas geysers are also great for Indian areas that have frequent power cuts.

India’s best gas geyser: Conclusion

Ultimately, we have to say that gas geysers are a great appliance to have in an Indian home. In this article, we have seen the usefulness of these devices. Brands have filled them up with features that allow them to outshine other water heating tools. It can instantly heat the water to the perfect temperature. You can use the water to do chores around the house, bathe and do much more.

With their affordable price point, gas geysers have gained popularity in India. We have tried to research and find the best gas geyser in India. It leads us to the fabulous products that we have brought to you in 2024. Along with that, we have also given you tips to find a good gas geyser on your own. Shop around a bit, and we are sure that you will get a great gas geyser.

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