The 9 Best Kitchen Sinks in India (2024) from Top Brands

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Are you still looking for the perfect kitchen sink?

Purchasing a stainless steel kitchen sink seems like a reasonably simple task, but it usually requires a lot more thought. Most people in India are akin to plastic, steel, or concrete kitchen sinks.

The problem lies with getting a sink that will perfectly suit a kitchen.

People often end up settling for items available at nearby hardware stores. Apart from durability issues, these sinks are usually unfit for a well-planned kitchen.

Having a perfect sink sitting at the right height makes it useful for everyone. Kitchens sink an everyday necessity, so no one should scratch their heads to fix one ever so often.

Good sinks are available in various sizes to make it personalized according to the kitchen.

Having a quality sink relieves you of frequent blockages and drain cleaning escapades. Best quality kitchen sinks remain shiny and rust-free for decades.

Isn’t it interesting?

The Crocodile Stainless Steel Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is the best kitchen sink in India for 2024. Apart from having the perfect design, it is available in a tonne of sizes. The coupling’s design avoids blockages and makes cleaning much more efficient. Crocodile provides a long warranty, and they even add a fruit basket with the sink.

Are you looking for a specific color?

Crocodile has got you covered with their lovely color and finish selections.

We have also researched more kitchen sinks that will suit Indian homes. Keep reading to know more about nine other options readily available in the market.

best kitchen sink in India

Best Kitchen Sinks in India (2024)

Crocodile Double Bowl Kitchen Sink304 Grade Stainless Steel7 YearsAmazon
Crocodile Single Bowl Kitchen Sink304 Grade Stainless Steel7 YearsAmazon
Stanley Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink304 Grade Stainless Steel7 YearsAmazon
Silver Line Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink304 Grade Stainless SteelLifetime WarrantyAmazon
Zinzer Granite/ Quartz Kitchen SinkQuartz acrylic material5 YearsAmazon
Anupam Single Bowl Kitchen Sink304 Grade Stainless SteelNoneAmazon
Alton Matte Finish Single Bowl Kitchen Sink304 Grade Stainless Steel15 yearsAmazon
10x Luxury Kitchen SinkDent-resistant High Grade stainless steel5 YearsAmazon
Zesta Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink304 Grade Stainless Steel7 yearsAmazon

Best kitchen sinks from top brands in India – Review

After meticulously going through several kitchen sinks available in India, we came up with a list of the most fabulous products. These sinks were judged on material quality, durability, and design specialty.

So, here are some great kitchen sinks that are worth installing in your kitchen.

1. Crocodile Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Crocodile Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel is the material of construction.
  • It is a double bowl kitchen sink from Crocodile.
  • The sink is available in seven different variants.
  • A fruit basket is included along with the sink.
  • The kitchen sink comes in a matte silver finish.
  • The bowl thickness is 1mm and the collar thickness is 2 mm.
  • Crocodile offers a seven-year warranty on the sink.

Fabulous for Bigger kitchens

Do you have multiple family members?

If yes, then washing dishes can be a tedious chore. But, this kitchen sink helps to make it simple.

As it has two basins, you can take advantage to organise the dishes. Or, you can also opt for the lazy way of washing dishes by making soapy water.

The deep basins hold a lot of utensils, especially helpful on days when you cook a lot. Crocodile even adds a bonus fruit basket that will help you to organize fruits and vegetables.

Available in Several Size and Type Variants

There are times when we like a thing but it isn’t available in our size. But, Crocodile doesn’t let you down.

This sink is available in several different sizes and types. You can also get one with a dustbin, drainboard, or extra organization area.

Choose a size that works well for your kitchen with the best results. We are sure that you will love having it in your kitchen.

You should note that one bowl is bigger than the other one. If you are looking for the best double bowl kitchen sink in India, it can be an ideal choice.


  • The making of this sink is robust.
  • It helps in keeping dishes organized.
  • Dishwashing gets super simple with it.
  • Available also with tap hole and dustbin.
  • The weight is evenly distributed.


  • It isn’t for small kitchens, it is a must for bigger ones.

What is Best About this Crocodile Kitchen Sink?

It is the second Crocodile sink we are mentioning in the list because of its amazing quality. The kitchen sink has been specially crafted in India for people living in the country. Hence, this sink wouldn’t let you down even after using it daily for several years.

2. Crocodile Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

Crocodile Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink

Key features

  • The material of the sink is 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
  • The kitchen sink has a collar thickness of 2 mm.
  • 1mm is the thickness of the bowl portion.
  • It comes with a square-shaped waste coupling.
  • A fruit basket is included with the kitchen sink.
  • Crocodile provides a warranty of 7 years with it.

Made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are quite common in the market. You need to look for its quality, and Crocodile uses a durable grade to construct this sink.

It also has the right thickness at its collar and in the bowl portion. This sink doesn’t add any extra pressure on a kitchen slab even after being pretty hardy.

A Modern yet Simple Design

Yes, we like to buy kitchen sinks that look perfect and modern for their aesthetic quality. Crocodile has kept it in mind while designing this sink.

But, they have also made it as simple as possible. There are no extra additions to this sink which might make it a hard thing to use. Moreover, the square waste coupling helps to drain out the dirty water as fast as possible.

Noise Cancellation Feature

Have you ever thought that a sink can have noise cancellation? This one does!

Crocodile has added a noise-canceling layer in this sink. There is an extra rubber padding in-between the layers of steel to absorb the noise. It reduces the usual noisiness attached to using a basin. This feature is perfect for homes with kids and pets.


  • It has the needed durability. 
  • The design is modern and aesthetic.
  • Available in various finishes and sizes.
  • It will go with all types of kitchens.
  • It wouldn’t put extra pressure on a slab.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Installing the sink is hassle-free.


  • Scratches may appear on its surface, but they are easily manageable.
  • The PVC pipe is short, but extending it is easy.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

If you have been hunting for a good kitchen sink, you have found the best one. Apart from its cutting-edge modern design, this sink provides simplicity and affordability. It works well with big and small kitchens glistening with its quality stainless steel facade. So, if you are looking for the best kitchen sink in the Indian market, it can be a perfect choice.

3. Stanley Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink

Stanley Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • The sink is made from 304-grade stainless steel.
  • It comes in an attractive silver matte finish.
  • The collar thickness of the kitchen sink is 2mm.
  • This product has a bowl thickness of 1 mm.
  • A fruit basket is included with the item.
  • The sink comes with a standard warranty.

Attractive and Useful Design

Are you tired of looking at sinks that don’t look promising? You do not need to worry about that factor with this kitchen sink.

Apart from being available in different sizes, it also has a nice matte finish. It looks good with almost all countertops and kitchen decors.

You will also enjoy the smooth performance of this sink. The company even adds a fruit basket for better organization.

Crafted out of Quality Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is your friend when it comes to durability and ease of cleaning. The stainless steel used in this kitchen sink makes it robust.

It will last in your kitchen for a long time without garnering any rust damage. But, you have to keep a regular cleaning schedule to maintain its wellness.

Even though the steel has some weight to it, the whole design makes it super lightweight. Hence, you do not need to think about cracks forming on the countertop.

Comes with a Long Warranty

We are often tense about our sink getting damaged. If it happens within the first seven years, then the brand has got your cover.

You just need to contact their customer care to get help. The extended warranty helps you remain carefree. It also works as a refreshing assurance about the fabulous materials that have been used in this sink.


  • The sink will last for a long time.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • The matte finish looks attractive.
  • The sink has a lightweight design.
  • Its price is quite affordable.
  • A long warranty is included with it.


  • The PVC pipe isn’t of great quality.
  • No glossy variants are available.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

This kitchen sink is great for those who are hunting for something simple yet useful. It will last in a kitchen for a long time for its durability. The design also sets it apart and makes it useful for all types of Indian kitchens.

4. Silver Line Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink

Silver Line Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • The sink is made out of 304-grade stainless steel.
  • It has a 3 mm collar and a 1 mm bowl thickness.
  • The kitchen sink has a superior satin finish.
  • A strainer with a drain pipe is included with it.
  • It has got undercoating and sound suppression.
  • The sink comes with gentle round corners.
  • Silverline provides a lifetime warranty on it.

Handmade to Precision

Handmade products always have better quality and integrity. Silverline forges its sinks with the help of experts.

The beautiful design and precision in each corner make you think about its making. Compared to other brands, Silverline has included a thicker collar for better weight distribution.

Other than that, they have also added a sound suppression layer. So, no one will be irritated while anyone does the dishes.

Being one of the best kitchen sinks, enough reinforcing is available to make it durable. Its body is also resistant against usual food or water stains.

Provides Hygienic Cleaning

At a time when hygiene has become a great concern, Silverline gets everything sorted. Stainless steel is already renowned for being a sterile material. Hence, germs and bacterias aren’t able to grow on it.

Other than that, Silverline also makes sure that the sink repulses dirt and grime. Cleaning it is hassle-free because it has rounded corners. So, you can easily reach each corner while cleaning it regularly.

Silverline’s drainage design should be praised a lot. The dirty water doesn’t stand long, so no contamination is present in clean dishes.


  • It is resistant to pesky germs.
  • Taking care of the sink is easy.
  • The sink has impact and corrosion resistance.
  • Less noise is made while washing dishes.
  • It eliminates the water quickly.
  • Silverline offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Only available in one finish.
  • May get scratches on the glossy surface, so keep sharp objects away.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

Silverline provides exceptional customer service for everyone who ends up buying their sink. Each sink is made with love and care from top-grade stainless steel. So, after purchasing this sink, you will have a one-of-a-kind product in your kitchen for a long time.

5. Zinzer Granite/ Quartz Kitchen Sink

Zinzer Granite/ Quartz Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • It is made out of quartz acrylic material.
  • The sink is available in five different colors.
  • It has a stain and scratch-resistant surface.
  • The sink can be mounted in several ways.
  • Heat resistance quality of up to 250°C.
  • Dirt and odor don’t stick to the sink.
  • Casting technology is used to make the sink.
  • Zinzer offers a five-year warranty on the sink.

Crafted using Polymerization Casting Technology

Rather than using time-consuming ways, Zinzer works smart through casting technology. Hence, they use high-quality quartz along with acrylic material.

You will find an evenness in their products. The mixture of their compounds makes every sink strong. They will last in your home for decades, even after rough daily usage.

Being the best quartz kitchen sink in India, it is perfect for modern kitchens.

Comes with Scratch and Stain Resistance

Most people are scared of having scratches and stains on their sinks. You do not need to worry about it after getting a Zinzer sink.

Quartz is a material that doesn’t let scratches or stains build upon it. On top of that, the acrylic adds a resistance layer to it.

So, do not worry about getting coffee or turmeric stains even when you get a light-colored sink.

It can even handle hot temperatures up to 250°C.  So, do not worry about creating a hole while draining your boiled rice.

Personalised Installation

Most kitchen sinks distinctly recommend a set installation process. But, Zinzer makes it easier for you by encouraging personalization.

You can install it as a top or bottom mount and even a flush mount. So, the sink fits your requirements rather than making you do sudden changes.


  • The kitchen sink is strong and attractive.
  • The sink won’t sustain heat damage.
  • Stain does not last on this kitchen sink.
  • It remains free from germs and scratches.
  • The design looks modern and pleasing. 
  • It provides a personalized mounting.


  • A little costly product.
  • It weighs quite a bit due to its construction from quartz.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

Zinzer is known for its quartz and granite kitchen sinks that are made to perfection. You can set it up in your kitchen in any way you like. With proper use, this kitchen can outlast you to become an heirloom piece. If you are looking for the best quartz kitchen sink, you should definitely check this one.

6. Anupam Stainless Steel Single Square Bowl Kitchen Sink

Anupam Stainless Steel Single Square Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • The sink is made up of 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
  • It contains an Intelligent drainage system.
  • 1 mm thick steel is used throughout the sink.
  • An undercoat sound suppression layer is present.
  • The sink comes with a beautiful satin finish.
  • A plastic film is there to resist scratches before installation.

Equipped with Intelligent Drainage

Apart from the construction of a sink, its drainage is equally important. Without proper drainage, there are frequent blockages in the pipeline.

Anupam tries to solve the problem with its intelligent drainage system. You will find their coupling unique when compared to other brands.

They call it ‘intellidrain’ as it helps the pipeline and the sink to remain clog-free. It uses a dual-layer to trap bigger debris, and then it churns out the water.

One can easily pick up the waste from its top layer and dispose of it off. The technology helps you to remain fuss-free, especially on days when you can’t deal with a clogged sink. This is why it is the best kitchen sink just under 4000 INR.

Includes a Sound Suppression Undercoat

Are you icky with the sound that is made in basins while washing dishes? Do not worry as Anupam reduces it for you.

There is an undercoat in this sink that absorbs the sound and limits the noise made by it. The technology also helps in minimizing the condensation that usually appears in kitchen sinks.

The layer also saves your sink from getting ruined due to sudden temperature changes. So, you do not need to worry about draining hot water into this sink.


  • Constructed out of durable steel.
  • It has an easy-to-clean design.
  • The sink has a unique drainage system.
  • Much sound isn’t made while washing dishes.
  • The sink is lightweight on the countertop.
  • It is an extremely affordable kitchen sink.


  • No information is given about the warranty.
  • Only available in one size options.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

If you are looking for an affordable and simple kitchen sink in 2024, go for this one from Anupam. The brand has been making sinks for the last 25 years, and they know their customers. Its design is perfect for people who like to keep their kitchen simple and tidy.

7. ALTON Matte Finish SS-304 Grade Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

ALTON Matte Finish SS-304 Grade Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel is used in this sink.
  • It comes with five layers of steel for durability.
  • 2.5 mm is the thickness of this sink’s collar.
  • The bowl of this sink has a thickness of 0.8 mm.
  • There is a thick rubber undercoating in this sink.
  • It has a sloped bottom for better drainage.
  • It can be used with different types of mount.
  • Alton offers a 15-year warranty on this sink.

Unique Five-layer Design

Have you ever thought that even a sink can have five layers?

Alton already uses 304-grade steel which is known for its strength. But, apart from that, they have added layers such as anti-corrosion and heat-proofing.

They are important to increase the durability of a sink. The collar of this model also has a 2.5 mm thick collar.

It might not look different, but it adds to the sink’s strength. The sink can also be mounted in several different ways.

So, the weight of this sink gets evenly distributed. You do not need to think about it sinking in the countertop.

Do not be skeptical as Alton adds a fifteen-year warranty to make it an even better deal. The sink also has an additional layer of international-grade muffling to block noises. It stops everyone from complaining about the noise of the water.

Provides Exceptional Drainage System

At the price that you pay for this sink, it gives you a lot more. It has an enhanced drainage system.

Rather than just paying attention to the coupling, Alton has given an angle to this sink. The sloped bottom helps utensils to stand on themselves.

It prevents breakage of your precious glassware even if they slip while getting a wash. Because of these reasons, it is one of the best kitchen sinks available in India.


  • It is a premium quality kitchen sink.
  • The sink comes with added durability.
  • The matte look makes it pleasing.
  • The sink has a thicker collar design.
  • It even has a corrosion-resistant layer.
  • The drainage system keeps it clog-free.
  • Glasswares are very safe in this sink.
  • The sink goes well with all types of kitchens.


  • A little expensive sink.
  • It needs regular cleaning to maintain the premium look.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

Premium products are known for their style and elegance, just like this sink from Alton. The five layers used in this sink set it apart from its competitors. Moreover, you will be getting a sink that takes your kitchen to the next level. It is also great for those who frequently use glassware.

8. 10x Luxury Kitchen Sink

10x Luxury Kitchen Sink

Key features

  • The material for the construction of the sink is Dent-resistant stainless steel.
  • A Commercial-grade satin finish is provided on the sink.
  • Scratch and corrosion-resistant layer on the sink.
  • Sloped bottom for better and complete drainage.
  • Undercoating and extra-thick pads for 80% less noise.
  • This kitchen sink has an easy-to-clean design for users.
  • A fruit basket is included with this sink.

Professional Grade Finish

Professional sinks are made in a way that they can handle rough usage. It is the same with this sink because of its different layers.

The sink is constructed out of high-quality stainless steel which is dent-resistant. Apart from that, it will also remain free of scratches and corrosion.

So, the sink will last in your kitchen for a long time. You do not need to worry about frequent servicing.

We also love its satin finish which brings a premium vibe to your kitchen. It is great for those who do not like extra shininess in their fittings. For these reasons, it is one of the best kitchen sinks in India.

Superior Drainage Technology

Have you always fought with a sink’s coupling? If yes, then you don’t need to do that anymore.

The bottom of this sink has a slight tilt. It helps the water to beautifully drain through the pipe without any clogging.

Also, food waste is collected on the top. You can easily scoop it up for easy disposal.

The tilt also helps you in cleaning the sink. 10x recommends you regularly clean the sink with soapy water to retain its premium look.


  • The look of this sink is attractive.
  • It has a superior drainage mechanism.
  • It successfully resists a lot of noise.
  • Cleaning it is absolutely hassle-free.
  • It has a professional-grade finish.
  • The price is phenomenal for its quality.


  • Some users have complained about dents. In that case, claim a replacement.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

At times you know the quality of a product just by a single observation. 10x is a fairly new company, but their sinks speak for themselves. If you always wanted a premium quality sink at your home, this product will fulfill your dream.

9. Zesta 304 Grade Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink

ZESTA 304 Grade Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink

Key features

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel is used to make it.
  • The kitchen sink has a 1.2 mm thick bowl.
  • Noise-defying rubber padding is present on it.
  • This sink has a square waste coupling.
  • There are channeled grooves for better drainage.
  • It also has a rear set design for utensil stacking.
  • A fruit basket is included with this sink.
  • Zesta provides a 7-year warranty on it.

Grooved Channels for Better Drainage

Clogged drainage holes make things extra tough to deal with cooking. To keep you and your kitchen clean, this sink has grooved channels.

So, rather than being stagnant, the water actually drains slowly but efficiently. You wouldn’t need to poke the coupling to make it happen.

The channeling also traps any food debris that might clog the drainage system. Its bottom is also set at an optimized angle.

Apart from better drainage, it also helps in keeping your utensils safe. This model also has a rear set design which allows you to stack a lot of dirty utensils.

You will notice that it has a square waste coupling. It works better than round couplings by providing a larger surface area. Keep on removing the accumulated debris from its top to keep the drainage smooth.

Comes with a Long-lasting Finish

You definitely want your sink to last for a long time. 302 is a fabulous grade that helps to add durability to your sink.

Moreover, there is padding on the underside to increase the quality of this sink. Noise pollution made by draining water is reduced by extra rubber pads.

Your home will be 80% quieter compared to using other sinks. This product will also last with you for a long time.

We really like Zesta for adding a 1.2 mm bowl which helps even distribution of weight. It is much more efficient when the sink is fully loaded.


  • The drainage system is very efficient.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The thickness of its bowl added strength.
  • It is a corrosion and scratch-resistant sink.
  • This sink has a professional satin feel.
  • It can handle hot water quite well.


  • Not available in more colors, but this one is universally pleasing.
  • A single bowl isn’t great for big kitchens.

What is Best About this Kitchen Sink?

Zesta provides a kitchen sink that will look good in everybody’s home. Apart from having an affordable price, it has set high standards for other brands. The durable and careful construction of this sink makes it a worthy product as one of the best kitchen sinks in the Indian market.

Benefits of having the best kitchen sink

One can easily find a kitchen sink in their local market. Differentiating between a branded piece from a local one can be hard at times.

Then, why should you get the branded one?

There are many reasons for it. All lie in the advantages that you will receive, mostly in the longer run. Here are some of them:

benefits of best kitchen sinks


Choosing the best product often includes the promise of a durable item. In this case, for most people, kitchen sinks are a long time investment.

Even though off-brand sinks may look similar, they are made with inferior material. The metal sinks often start to rust in the first year, which doesn’t look right.

But, good quality kitchen sinks come with some of the best materials that last for a long time. Yes, you might need to invest a little more money, but the unit would come with premium construction.

Aesthetic Values

Rather than focusing on apparent things, sink brands are gradually moving towards aesthetics. Having a kitchen sink isn’t only about doing your dishes. It also needs to go appropriately with your kitchen.

As more people opt to have control over their home decor, good kitchen sinks become necessary. The modern-age kitchen is much different from earlier. Being modular often stands for making changes to reduce the time one spends in their kitchen.

Good quality sinks are also made with the help of appropriate designers. You can find them in various shapes and sizes to provide a better personalization factor.

Hi-tech Modern Changes

The kitchen sink isn’t only a place to wash your dishes. It needs to have other provisions to make a useful part of your kitchen.

When you buy a good kitchen sink, one needs to look at how it deals with the water. The shape and design of its waste couple play an essential role.

In certain kitchens, people fit a sink directly with the garbage disposals. So, when you pick the right kitchen sink, it does come with the latest amenities.

Sound dampening has been a popular choice in kitchen sinks. People who are usually irritated by the sound of water find these sinks soothing.

Value for Money

Cost is a make-or-break situation for most people. Brands that make kitchen sinks know about it and they price the products accordingly.

You wouldn’t need to dig a hole into your pocket while finding the right kitchen sink. Finding it is easy if you are looking for the right piece.

Apart from having a low initial cost, the best kitchen sink will last in your kitchen for a long time. So, you wouldn’t need to mend or repair it as its durability is ensured.

So, these are the reasons to go for a kitchen sink manufactured by a reputable brand.

kitchen sink buying guide

Buying Guide to choose the best Kitchen sink in India

No, you shouldn’t just visit a nearby hardware store and pick up the first sink that you see. We did the heavy lifting for you to find ways to pick the best sink for your kitchen.

It might take you a while, but we can assure you about its profitability. So, here are some of the points to keep in mind while shopping for a kitchen sink:

Style, Aesthetic and Design

The first thing that you should check in a kitchen sink is its style. There are numerous different styles available in the market. Picking a style may also depend on the amount of sink space that you might need. The common styles include:

Types of kitchen sinks
  • A single bowl style has one single basin to work with. It is the most common type of kitchen sinks found in Indian kitchens. These are available in various sizes and materials.
  • In the double-bowl style, there are two side-by-side bowls. It has grown to be a popular part of modular kitchens. In some countries, the second bowl works as a connection to garbage disposal.
  • Round kitchen sinks are an excellent way to break the monotony of a kitchen. They have a round style which is distinct compared to the usual square or rectangular sinks.
  • Farmhouse sinks are a new addition to the family of kitchen sinks. They are yet to get popular in India. The idea of installing them is to make the piece distinct from the available countertop.

Choosing the right style is totally upon your requirements. If you have already installed the countertop, you will have to get a single bowl sink in most cases.

But, you can do a bit more research to find a kitchen sink style that works better for your kitchen.

You can think about going for a more modern style to make the kitchen personalized.

Another thing to check is the compatibility with a faucet. Most models are meant for faucets that are mounted on the wall. But, you can also opt for sinks with faucet holes on them.

The usefulness of a kitchen sink might be your first concern. But, aesthetics follow it quickly. With all the modern ideas of design, you shouldn’t settle with a plain-looking stainless steel kitchen sink.

Moreover, a sink can add definition to your countertop along with a contrast of colors. So, take help from an expert or your interior designer to choose a sink that goes well with your kitchen.

Many people also opt for vintage sinks because of their timeless aesthetics.

Size and Capacity

You cannot get the perfect kitchen sink without knowing about its size. After you have chosen the style, think about the ideal-sized kitchen sink.

One may need to settle for a smaller basin in a tiny kitchen. But, they can choose to go for a model with a deeper bowl.

So, check the space that you have on the countertop and take the needed measurements. One must remember that the measurements may vary according to the type of kitchen sink.

You will have far fewer choices while replacing a sink than when a kitchen is being revamped.

People often think about going for the largest sink. It is a good idea, but a huge sink may look odd in a small kitchen. So, try to assess the other things that you will keep in your kitchen.

When in doubt, it is always better to either go for something quirky or plain.

Material of Kitchen Sink

Believe us when we tell you that kitchen sinks can come in any material that you like. But, most people wouldn’t go for a pure gold kitchen sink.

The next best thing is to narrow down the popular choices when it comes to the best kitchen sink material. It is always better to go for a durable substance. Choosing inferior materials may lead to leaking sinks that are tedious to manage.

Here are common materials for kitchen sinks:

  • Stainless Steel: Known for its anti-rust specialty, stainless steel is the standard choice for most Indians. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The durability of stainless steel sinks makes them a value for money buy for everyone. The material is a little more prone to scratches and water stains, but it can be easily dealt with.
  • Granite or Quartz: Stone basins are also quite popular in India. Many people like to make it out of their countertops. But, you can even buy them from reputed brands. Stone basins can last for centuries when used correctly. Apart from adding definition to your kitchen, they add elegance. No extra care is needed to maintain granite sinks.
  • Acrylic: Some people go for acrylic sinks to save money. Available in options like plastic and fiberglass, they can look good. But, we wouldn’t suggest them if you are looking to design your home. Acrylic sinks are often a fire hazard, so using them in a kitchen is not a good idea.

Depth and Suitability

You need a kitchen sink that has the perfect depth. It is usually measured by thinking about the approximate number of cooking utensils that you might use. Get a deeper sink if you use bigger pots and pans.

Choosing a depth becomes easier if you have used a kitchen sink before. If this is your first time looking for a sink, check for the bowl depth. You can carry a tape measure to check out the depth of a sink at its deepest part.

If you have a small kitchen, then opt for a double bowl sink rather than going for a bigger basin that is extremely deep. Always think about things that lie under the sink before choosing their depth.

Ease of Installation

Installing a sink needs to be as hassle-free as possible. Most sinks come with their own set of instructions. Check for the ease of installation to make sure that it suits your kitchen.

If you are looking for a replacement sink, then this step is quite crucial. You should check for a sink that fits well with the existing cabinets and features. So, remember to measure everything well before placing the order.

If you are planning to get a granite sink, check that the countertop can take the weight.

Special Functions and Features

We want a lot more from a kitchen sink. It might sit quietly in a corner, but we will use it throughout the day. So, it helps when companies add extra detail to even a plain sink.

Sound dampening is a common feature added to many stainless steel fixtures. It helps in reducing the sounds made by water while falling on the sink.

Some sinks also include extra spaces to accommodate a soap dispenser or other things. Pay attention to the waste coupling present in a kitchen sink. We like couplings that can churn out the water without getting stuck regularly.

Accessories with the Sink

Added accessories always please customers. But, they also have the purpose of making tasks easier than before.

Some sinks come with fruit baskets that help to clean vegetables and fruits with ease. While others provide organizers to keep the china safe without breaking them. So, while you are hunting for kitchen sinks, make sure to have a look at the bonus items.

Warranty and Customer Service

Warranty coverage is essential to get help if there is a problem with your kitchen sink. Most brands provide an extended warranty on the sink’s material.

It works as a mutual trust that lets you remain assured about the item you have purchased. Generally, the warranty on a sink may vary between two to seven years, depending on the brand.

Some even provide a warranty of twenty years on stone sinks. But, make sure to read the terms and conditions before buying any kitchen sink.

Fix Your Budget

Everything that we have talked about above will come into consideration only after setting a budget. A kitchen sink can become very costly if you have the budget for it.

Hence, you should focus on creating a budget. A budget kitchen sink can cost you anywhere from Rs 3000 to Rs 7000 depending on its size and material.

Set a budget for yourself and start looking inside of that range for the kitchen sinks.

Follow these points to get the most suitable kitchen sinks in India without needing to burn a hole in your pocket.

Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India

Have you come across a tonne of choices while looking for a kitchen sink?

But, which one is the best brand for kitchen sinks in India?

After meticulous hunting, we have narrowed down five brands that have mesmerized India with their great sinks.

Best kitchen sink brands in India


Crocodile has emerged out to be one of the best brands when it comes to the kitchen sink. Similar to its namesake, Crocodile produces kitchen sinks having a hard premium exterior. It is a part of Krishna Cutlery Work’s range of products.

They have built products that work in kitchens all around the world. Crocodile carries its diamond-cut models that look spectacular in all kitchens.


If you are a fan of the heavy-duty premium-looking stone sinks, Zinzer is a fantastic choice. They have a premium range of products meeting international quality.

Their diverse range of colors, sizes, and elegant designs become hard to pass on to them. Zinzer has also priced its products well to make it affordable for everyone.

As a brand, they also believe in better hygiene that reflects in the well-planned products.


You might have recommended Anupam for getting a stainless steel sink. They have been making kitchen sinks for the Indian and international markets for a long time.

The best part about Anupam is its diverse range of products. Apart from the usual single bowl and double bowl, they carry a lot more.

You can find round bowls, corner sinks, and even three bowl options. So, they are a perfect buddy for building a modern modular kitchen,


At times, simplicity is what draws you towards a product. Silverline specializes in fuss-free simple stainless steel kitchen sinks. They fit into all kitchens irrespective of their design.

The versatility of Silverline sinks makes them a premium choice for many Indians. A great thing about Silverline is its range of under-mount sinks.

Silverline has also started to experiment with different shaped kitchen sinks. So, customers have an equal choice of simple designs along with modern options.


Jindal is a well-known brand known in the sphere of home improvement. They mainly deal with quality steel products that stand out amongst others.

The certified steel products are constructed to last for a long time. Jindal believes in producing simple yet elegant designs, especially meant for Indian kitchens.

Jindal carries different products, but their glossy kitchen sinks grab everyone’s attention. With their extremely low prices, Jindal is a catch for people wanting budget-friendly products.

Did you find the best kitchen sink brand that tickles your interest?

Frequently Asked Questions on Kitchen Sinks

Which company makes the best stainless steel sinks?

Anupam and Jindal are known for making fabulous kitchen sinks. Above we have given you a selection of different companies that make good stainless steel sinks. Whenever you are buying a stainless steel product, make sure to check for its grade. For instance, 304 is an excellent grade of stainless steel that makes a sink durable.

What is the easiest kitchen sink to keep clean?

The easiest way to keep a sink clean is to wipe it down every day. But, other than that, do not let water sit in the sink for a long time. You should also use a good dish soap rather than using corrosive options. You may also polish a stainless steel kitchen sink with oil from time to time to keep it extra shiny.

How do you choose a kitchen sink?

You should choose a kitchen sink after looking into its type, size, material, and bowl depth. All these together will help you to get a sink that is perfect for your kitchen. Another important thing is the design, choose a sink that goes well with your kitchen. In the above section, we have mentioned ten points to remember while buying a kitchen sink.

Which is better stainless steel or granite sink?

The material of your choice will depend on your kitchen and your personal needs. Both materials can last a long time with proper care. But, granite sinks can last for a long time and it was prevalent to use stone before other materials took their place. For modern kitchens, both materials work great. Granite might be a better choice if you are going for a classic design.

Which is better single or double kitchen sink?

The choice of getting a single or double sink depends on your need. If you have a lot of utensils to wash, then opting for a double sink might be good. But, you shouldn’t get a double sink if there is no space on the countertop. Also, double sinks have a problem in India as the faucet mostly lies in the middle. So, check your convenience before fitting a sink.

Which is better undermount or overmount sink?

If you have a countertop existing in your kitchen, then check it to get a better idea for making a choice. In general, overmount is the most common type of sink and they are well-known for their durability. On the other hand, under-mount sinks are getting popular because of their style. But, they can be a little more costly. So, think about your budget and needs as there is nothing ‘better’ between the styles.

Why do some kitchen sinks have two bowls?

Some kitchen sinks have two bowls to make it easier for people. It may work as a separator or just as a holder of more dirty dishes. It is also a great choice for people who want to quickly wash their dishes by making soapy water in one bowl. Some even have a garbage disposal pipe attached to one basin.

Are black kitchen sinks hard to keep clean?

Not really. None of the kitchen sinks are hard to clean if you make it a regular task. On the contrary, black kitchen sinks can actually keep your sink looking clean. But, you need to make sure that there are no scratches on the black sink. Avoid letting soap water sit on its surface to prevent marks left from it.

What is the best material for kitchen sinks?

Stainless steel and granite are the best materials for kitchen sinks. Both of them are durable and robust, so they last in kitchens for a long time. Stainless steel and granite sinks are widely available from different brands with the best feature. Choose one according to the budget and your need.

How to keep a kitchen sink clean?

Wipe and clean your kitchen sink every day after your work is over. You can give it frequent vinegar baths to keep away the growth of bacteria and germs. Do not use corrosive materials like acid in your sink as it can cause stains or degrade the material. Also, make sure to take away the debris and food chunks that might block the sink’s coupling.

India’s best kitchen sink: Conclusion

All things considered, your choice of the kitchen sink will rely on personalized needs and an aesthetic sense. Our thorough research gave us the points that we shared with you. If you look at the products we have mentioned as the best kitchen sinks in India for 2024; they mix all the necessary qualities. We believe that you should do your research before going to the market to get a kitchen sink.

But, if you want to have our take, choose any item from our list and enjoy a quality kitchen sink for a long time. We do know that choosing a sink might feel overwhelming to you. It is a big decision, and there is a tonne of choices in the market.

You can make the process easier by prioritizing particular aspects of your needs. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, look for stainless steel kitchen sinks. But, if you want something fancy, nothing can be better than premium quartz kitchen sinks.

The last thing that we want to talk about is the installation of a sink. If you know about plumbing, you may do it yourself. But, we will suggest you consult an expert plumber. A sound installation ensures a better life for a kitchen sink.

Have you already started to look at the perfect kitchen sink?

Remember our points regarding choosing the right sink, and we are sure you will get the perfect unit in no time.

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