The Best Refrigerator in India (2024) from Top Brands

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Refrigerators are saviors to many Indians as essential home appliances. They are available in various capacities, price points, and types such as single doors, double doors, and side-by-side doors. With advanced cooling technology, the best refrigerators in India can lock in the nutrients present in food items. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about having tasteless or expired food.

This article will help you find a suitable refrigerator with a capacity ranging from 190 L to 687 L from top-class brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and Haier. So, hold tight and keep reading about choosing an excellent fridge for your home in 2024. While looking for the best fridge, it is essential to check the cooling performance, capacity, build quality, defrosting system, and design that can suit your budget.

best refrigerators in India

Which is the best Refrigerator in India in 2024?

Here is the list of the Top 12 Refrigerators from the best refrigerator brands. We have chosen them according to Capacity, Arrangement, Performance, Energy Consumption, Cooling Efficiency, Durability, and Design.

RefrigeratorsFridge/ Freezer CapacityBEE Energy RatingCompressor TypeDefrost System
Samsung 324 L Double Door Refrigerator236 L/ 88 L3 StarDigital Inverter CompressorFrost-free
LG 260 L Double Door Refrigerator177 L/ 75 L3 StarSmart Inverter CompressorFrost-free
Whirlpool 240 L Multi-Door Refrigerator172 L/ 64 L5 StarInverter CompressorFrost-free
Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator184 L/ 69 L3 StarDigital Inverter CompressorFrost-free
Haier 375 L Double Door Refrigerator287 L/ 88 L3 StarInverter CompressorFrost-free
LG 687 L Side by Side Refrigerator422 L/ 265 LN.A.*Inverter Linear CompressorFrost-free
Samsung 230 L Single Door Refrigerator205 L/ 25 L3 StarDigital Inverter CompressorFrost-free
LG 235 L Single Door Refrigerator200 L/ 35 L4 StarSmart Inverter CompressorFrost-free
Haier 195 L Single Door Refrigerator176 L/ 19 L5 StarInverter CompressorDirect Cool
LG 190 L Single Door Refrigerator168 L/ 22 L4 StarSmart Inverter CompressorDirect Cool
Whirlpool 190 L Single Door Refrigerator158.5 L/ 14.3 L3 StarReciprocatory CompressorDirect Cool
Haier 565 L Side by Side Refrigerator347 L/ 218 LN.A.*Twin Inverter CompressorFrost-free

*BEE Energy ratings are not applicable for side-by-side refrigerators.

Reviews of the Best Refrigerator in India

Reviews of the Best Refrigerators from Top Brands

1. Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Capacity: 324 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 88 Litres
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 236 Litres
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Best For: 3-4 member family
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Compressor Type: Digital Inverter Compressor
  • 3-star BEE Energy Rating
  • Power Consumption: 209 kWh
  • Special Features: Twin Cooling Plus, Stabilizer-Free Operation, Digital Inverter, Smart Connect Inverter, 5-in-1 convertible mode
  • Warranty: 1 year on product & 10 years on compressor

How can Samsung 324 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator help you?

Are you wondering how a refrigerator can be a convertible?

Yes, it might seem a little odd at first. But the cooling technology is ingenious.

In India, the weather hardly remains the same throughout the year. So, Samsung has included five different settings to personalize this double-door refrigerator. It includes the normal, seasonal, vacation, extra fridge, and home-alone options. These convertible functions save you electricity for different requirements.

It has 3 shelves and 1 vegetable bucket in the refrigerator, 5 shelves with eggs tray on the door, 3 shelves, and 1 movable ice maker in the freezer and its door.

Rather than using the whole refrigerator, you can choose to use a single section. Or, you can even turn the freezer into a refrigerator, making more space for everyday food items by the door side.

While working with the former cooling technology, this convertible refrigerator comes with a twin cooling system. Instead of having a single cool air source, this frost-free double-door refrigerator has two of them. So, the 324 L 3-star fridge can automatically detect the need for a temperature change. This takes out the hassle of changing the knob multiple times a year.

Twin cooling also helps to keep your food items extra fresh, and it retains their moisture. It cools 31% faster compared to other refrigerators without twin cooling. Along with that, Samsung 324 L double-door refrigerator comes with a digital inverter compressor that ensures optimized energy consumption according to load.

It is certified with a 3-star BEE energy rating for estimated energy consumption of 209 units per year. If the cost of electricity is Rs 6/unit, the refrigerator will cost you only Rs. 1254 annually!

the benefits

  • Using this fridge is quite easy and hassle-free.
  • A stabilizer has been built-in to counter voltage fluctuations.
  • The freezer is large and spacious.
  • The refrigerator is ideal for storing fruits and vegetables.
  • It has brilliant energy efficiency.
  • It can run on solar power.
  • Toughened glass shelves ensure durability.
  • It is suitable for a medium family with 3 members or more.
  • Twin airflow helps in auto temperature control.
  • Digital inverter compressor minimizes power consumption.

The drawbacks

  • It is slightly expensive.
  • The large capacity of the vegetable basket does not suit everyone’s requirements.
  • The energy rating is only 3 stars. A higher rating could save more energy.

Why is this Samsung refrigerator worthy?

Samsung has introduced an ample amount of personalization into this product. The convertible option is handy for everyone to adjust the cooling effect for different seasons. Also, moderate energy consumption suits most Indian households.

2. LG 260 L 4 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG 260 L 4 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Refrigerator Capacity: 260 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 185 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 75 L
  • Ice Storage: 280 ml
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Best For: 2-3 member family
  • Compressor Type: Smart Inverter Compressor
  • 3-Star BEE Energy Rating
  • Electricity Consumption: 198 kWh
  • Special Features: Digital display, express freeze, stabilizer-free operation, smart diagnosis, smart connect, chiller zone, convertible mode
  • 1-year warranty on the fridge and 10 years on compressor

How can LG 260 L 4 Star Double Door Refrigerator help you?

The 4-star frost-free double-door refrigerator comes with 3 shelves that are manufactured using toughened glass material. Therefore, it increases the durability of the fridge. The two doors of this product have a stunning shiny finish that makes it very eye-catching.

It has 3 shelves and 1 vegetable storage in the convertible refrigerator, 3 shelves on the door with egg trays, 3 shelves, and 1 ice maker in the freezer & its door. The refrigerator has multiple air vents to distribute and circulate the cold air to every corner. It controls optimum moisture inside its working space to keep the food fresh for a long time.

The refrigerator comes with a smart inverter compressor to allow you to have maximum freshness with less noise. Having a 4-star BEE energy rating, it is very power-efficient with only 194 energy consumption units per year.

Furthermore, the auto-connecting feature allows you to connect the refrigerator to the home inverter easily. The refrigerator consumes very little power from your inverter during power cuts.

Apart from that, this product also comes with Smart Diagnosis to troubleshoot faults. For serious problems, you can get assistance with the warranty terms. For these reasons, we have found that it is one of the best refrigerators in India for under 30000 INR.

What we like about it

  • It is easy to troubleshoot errors.
  • The refrigerator has excellent energy efficiency.
  • It is ideal for small to medium-sized families.
  • Wonderful design and premium build quality.
  • The toughened glass shelves improve longevity.
  • It keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • The smart inverter compressor saves energy.

What we dislike

  • Racks are not adjustable, and space is fixed.
  • It has fewer shelves on the door.
  • It also has a 3-star energy rating. A higher rating is preferred.


Having 260 L of capacity, it is a suitable refrigerator for a 3-member Indian family. This fridge has a high build quality and superior design, along with a frost-free system that can make it a perfect choice for your needs.

3. Whirlpool 5 Star 240 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 240 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Capacity: 240 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 64 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 172 L
  • Vegetable Storage Capacity: 32 L
  • Best For: 2-3 member family
  • Compressor Type: Inverter Compressor
  • 5-Star BEE energy rating
  • Power Consumption: 170 kWh
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Special Features: Moisture retention technology, Zeolite technology, Air booster, Microblock technology, customized cooling technology, Ice twister
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

How can Whirlpool 5-Star Multi-Door Refrigerator help you?

Single-door fridges cost you less, but they get messy very quickly. On the other hand, double-door refrigerators are more spacious. So, Whirlpool, in its ingenious way, has divided up the fridge into triple doors.

It has 4 shelves in the refrigerator, 4 shelves with an egg tray on the door, 4 shelves, and 1 ice maker (with an ice cream tray) in the freezer and its door. The vegetable drawer is separated by the 3rd door. You won’t disturb other food items while taking out a few vegetables and fruits. The following image shows what the vegetable drawer exactly looks like.

Whirlpool 5 Star 240 L Frost-Free Multi-Door Fridge Vegetable Drawer

This thoughtful design also helps to create more space for all food items. Also, the spacious freezer with an ice contraption lets one keep things sorted. This refrigerator is built with frost-free technology, and there is no need to worry about a defrosting schedule.

Also, with the 6th Sense Active Fresh Technology, the refrigerator keeps the food fresher. It is the dream design for those who like to keep the food storage space clean.

In the age of viruses, we need to keep our food safe. So, Whirlpool has added its MicroBlock technology to make health a priority. This feature kills off any harmful bacteria or viruses that might infringe on your food. Additionally, it also prevents the growth of mold and rotting.

The best thing about Whirlpool multi-door refrigerator is its low power consumption of 170 kWh annually, with a 5-star BEE energy rating. Such low energy usage results in a significantly low electricity bill of Rs 1032 if the electricity rate is Rs 6/unit.

Advantages of this fridge

  • Food remains fresher with Whirlpool’s sixth-sense tech.
  • Zeolite features keep the fruits fresh for a longer time.
  • Cooling is automatically circulated through the air booster.
  • The fridge has a separate space for deli items.
  • “Microblock Technology” prevents harmful germs.
  • It is extremely energy efficient and saves money.
  • It can run well in voltage fluctuations without needing a stabilizer.
  • The fridge takes care of its own defrosting.
  • The 6th sense active fresh technology keeps the vegetables and fruits fresh.

The disadvantages

  • Triple-door functions can be complicated for some individuals.
  • It heats up on the right side of the fridge wall.

WHat makes THIS Whirlpool double door REFRIGERATOR WORTHY?

If you are bothered about the cleanliness of your refrigerator, then go for this product. In India, it is the best refrigerator for a small or medium-sized family with a triple door system. The attractive matte finish of this triple door refrigerator also makes it a much-appreciated home appliance.

4. Samsung 253 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 253 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Refrigerator Capacity: 253 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 184 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 69 L
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Best For: Small family of 2-3 persons
  • Compressor Type: Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • 3-star BEE energy rating
  • Energy Consumption: 193 kWh
  • Special Features: Stabilizer-free operation (100V – 300V), Digital display, Easy slide shelf, Moveable ice maker
  • 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and 10 years warranty on the compressor

How can Samsung 253 L Double Door Refrigerator help you?

Our next recommendation is from the brand Samsung, known for high-quality refrigerators. Their excellent range of double-door refrigerators is specifically built to suit Indian households. Samsung 253 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator has a capacity of 253 L which is a good choice for a family with 2-3 members.

It has 3 shelves and 1 vegetable storage in the refrigerator, 3 shelves on the door with an egg tray, 3 shelves, and 1 movable ice maker in the freezer & its door. The shelves are made of Toughened Glass to give it a premium build quality. Also, the finish of the two doors is built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Also, it can hold weights up to 150 Kg safely. With the Power Cool feature, you can chill your food faster. The 253 L 3-star inverter frost-free double-door refrigerator comes with an inbuilt door alarm to alert you if it is left open for more than 2 minutes.

Apart from it, the airtight gasket of the refrigerator is anti-bacterial. It prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator. So, you can store your food healthily and hygienically.

The design of the refrigerator is attractive as well as practical. It is built with a digital display on the refrigerator wall to control various operations and temperature settings with your fingertips effortlessly. With just a single twist, you can dispense the ice cubes.

The refrigerator has Low energy consumption of 193 kWh annually with a 3-star energy rating. Samsung has used a smart inverter compressor to optimize electricity usage. It is built with LED lights located at the top and sides to illuminate every corner of the refrigerator.

Considering all these remarkable features, we have found the best double-door refrigerator in India for its perfectly balanced benefits and price. Do not miss reading the following advantages and drawbacks before concluding.

The PROs

  • The automatic door-open alarm system.
  • The refrigerator keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • High energy efficiency with low power consumption.
  • Digital display for monitoring.
  • LED lights are located on both the top and sides of the refrigerator.
  • Budget-friendly fridge.

The CONs

  • Lower capacity is not suitable for a big family with more than 3 people.


If you have a family with 2-3 members and are looking for a highly efficient refrigerator in cooling, this product can be a good choice. With the fantastic design and excellent automation features, it is ideal for home use.

5. Haier 375 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 375 L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Refrigerator Capacity: 375 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 88 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 287 L
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Best For: 3-5 Users
  • Compressor Type: Inverter Compressor
  • 3-star BEE energy rating
  • Energy Consumption: 218 kWh
  • Special Features: Triple Inverter Technology, 1 HIT stabilizer free operation, Semi electronic Knob
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the compressor

How can Haier 375 L 3 Star Double Door Refrigerator help you?

The Haier 375 L Fridge is suitable for 3-4 users. The usable space for food storage is 287 L, and the freezer capacity is 88 L is big enough for home use.

This refrigerator can be an excellent choice with almost all the latest cooling technologies. Automatic defrosting is one of them. As the name implies, Haier builds this product with frost-free technology. It has efficient cooling pads to retain the cooling effect for up to 10 hrs even after a power cut. The 3-star frost-free refrigerator also comes with a quick 1-hour icing technology that brings down the temperature very fast.

It has 4 shelves and 1 vegetable storage in the refrigerator, 3 shelves on the door with an egg tray, 3 shelves, and 1 ice dispenser in the freezer & its door. Apart from these, the inbuilt Bottle Guard is excellent to keep the big bottles safe.

The vegetable storage section is more significant than any other refrigerator. With the inbuilt air circulation system, the cold air is rotated thoroughly inside it. You can store tall bottles on the rack built inside it.

Haier 375 L double door refrigerator is also power-efficient because of the inbuilt smart inverter compressor. So, do not worry about high electricity bills. It has a 3-star energy BEE rating with higher cooling efficiency.

The benefits you can expect

  • Frost-free cooling ensures convenient usage.
  • 1-hour icing technology enables fast ice-making.
  • Four toughened glass shelves to store food properly.
  • It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • Easy-to-use temperature controller.
  • Inverter compressor saves power with high energy efficiency.

The limitations you should know

  • No door open alarm is available.
  • A higher energy rating would make it more desirable.

WHY IS Haier 375 L double door REFRIGERATOR WORTHY?

If you have a medium-sized family of 3-5 members and looking for a double door refrigerator, it is your best refrigerator in India. It is highly efficient in cooling and has a good build quality. Haier also priced it in the affordable range, which makes it worthy of buying.

6. LG 687 L Frost Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator

LG 687 L Frost Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Capacity: 687 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 265 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 422 L
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Best For: Large families
  • Compressor Type: Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Power Consumption: 125 Watts
  • Special Features: Multi airflow, Digital sensors, Express freezing, Smart diagnosis, Wi-Fi, Moist ‘N’ Fresh, Fresh balancer
  • 1-year warranty on the fridge and 10 years warranty on the compressor

How can LG 687 L Frost Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator help you?

Do you have a large family of 4 or more persons?

If yes, then you may find the usual double-door fridges relatively small.

Yes, they are economical, but they lack capacity. This side-by-side refrigerator is beneficial for those who need a larger refrigeration system for the home.

The refrigerator has 3 door baskets, 1 daily corner, and 2 vegetable boxes, and the freezer contains 4 door baskets and 2 drawers. So, you can have enough space to store food.

Besides including extra space, it also has an efficient cooling system driven by an inverter linear compressor. So, even if you keep hot food, multiple sensors detect it to bring down the temperature. With only 125 watts of power, this refrigerator saves energy, reducing the electricity bill.

LG claims it works 51% faster compared to other similar refrigerators. We also like the freezer capacity present in this fridge. The space is enough to keep your food frozen with automatic temperature control.

We often encounter a musty smell in our refrigerators which is displeasing. No one likes a reeking smell which is usually caused by improper temperature balance. LG provides the Hygiene Fresh+ Technology to cut down on harmful bacteria. Apart from keeping your food smelling fresh, it also minimizes odor.

At the same time, the other sensors and multi-airflow vents help to maintain adequate cooling. Foods kept in the frost-free fridge stay well for longer periods due to maintaining an optimal environment.

Things we like about it

  • Hygiene fresh plus helps to keep the fridge bacteria-free.
  • Several digital sensors control the temperature.
  • Multiple airflow vents ensure fast and effective cooling.
  • LG’s SmartThinQ helps to control the fridge wirelessly.
  • Moist n’ Fresh is used to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • The inverter compressor inside it helps to use energy efficiently.
  • Three is an easy-touch digital display on the fridge.
  • A moist balance crisper is added to maintain humidity.
  • The deodorizer maintains the smell inside it.
  • Organizing this fridge is extremely easy.
  • It looks great, especially in modern modular kitchens.

Facts we dislike

  • Not suitable for a small family.
  • It has an expensive price range.


You should get this refrigerator if you have a large family with 5 members or more. It is also great for those who have to store a lot of food. The efficient cooling system makes it one of the best refrigerators in India with inverter compressor.

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7. Samsung 230 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Fridge

Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Refrigerator Capacity: 230 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 205 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 25 L
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Best for bachelors & small families
  • Compressor Type: Digital Inverter Compressor
  • 3-star BEE star rating
  • Energy Consumption: 203 kWh
  • Special Features: Stabilizer-free operation (100V-300V), Inverter connection, Safe clean back
  • 10 years warranty on the compressor and 1-year warranty on the refrigerator.

How can Samsung 230 L Single Door Fridge help you?

If you plan to buy a refrigerator for the first time, this single-door refrigerator is a great option. It has enough space to store ample food for a single person or even a couple.

The refrigerator has 3 shelves and 1 vegetable storage, 5 shelves on the door with an eggs tray, and 1 deep freezer. It is the best single-door refrigerator in India for its spacious capacity.

Apart from its 3-star BEE star rating, this refrigerator also helps you save money through the efficient performance of the smart inverter compressor. Such a compressor helps to keep the electricity consumption within 203 kWh annually.

Also, solar energy is extra helpful for those who live in areas that have frequent power cuts.
You can even connect this single-door refrigerator to your home inverter. So, gone are the days of scratching your head for sudden defrosting problems. There are multiple ways to keep this fridge in your control.

PROs of the refrigerator

  • The cooling speeds get auto-adjusted.
  • It can run on solar energy.
  • The toughened glass shelves can take up to 175 kg.
  • It is compatible to run with your home inverter.
  • Its body is made of steel, giving it ample protection.
  • The vegetable box has the extra capacity to hold all your produce.
  • It stores vegetables and fruits fresh.
  • An attractive steel finish.
  • It runs without making much noise.
  • Smart inverter compressor saves electricity with high energy efficiency.

CONs of the refrigerator

  • Regular defrosting is necessary to keep it healthy.
  • The plastic parts may appear bendy, so do not strain them.


Samsung, the best refrigerator brand in India, brings you this budget-worthy refrigerator. It falls in an affordable price range, but it manages to have all the essential features. You won’t regret getting this fridge as it keeps your food fresh without eating up a lot of electricity.

8. LG 235 L 4 Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator

LG 235 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Capacity: 235 Liters
  • Freezer Capacity: 35 Liters
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 200 Litres
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Best For: 2-3 member family
  • Compressor Type: Smart inverter compressor
  • 4-star BEE energy rating
  • Energy Consumption: 143 kWh
  • Special Features: Moist ‘n’ Fresh, anti-bacterial gasket, Fastest ice making, Anti rat bite, Vegetable basket (21 L), Lock, Works without stabilizer (90V- 310V), Humidity controller
  • 1-year warranty on the fridge and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

How can LG 235 L 4 Star Inverter Single Door Refrigerator help you?

A common problem seen in single-door refrigerators is a small freezer. Though it is usually okay for vegetarians, it can be a hassle for those with non-veg diets. But, with a large 35 L freezer, this single-door refrigerator allows for keeping more food items than other similar products.

You wouldn’t need to overstuff things inside this LG refrigerator. It is available with 3 shelves, 1 vegetable storage, 5 racks on the door with an eggs tray, and 1 deep freezer. It also has powerful direct cool technology, which keeps food fresh for a long time.

Many people do not buy a fridge because they are regarded as substantial energy pullers. But, energy efficiency has been the motto of LG as they specially craft home appliances for Indian requirements.

This fridge comes with a 4-star BEE energy rating and an inbuilt smart inverter compressor that lead to 143 kWh/year power consumption. For this reason, you won’t need to pay a huge electricity bill. Thus, if you are looking for the best refrigerator for a small family in India, you can consider this product as an ideal choice for 2024.

The advantages

  • The refrigerator works smoothly without a stabilizer.
  • The glass shelves are made of a toughened material.
  • There is a clever shelf division on the fridge door.
  • The freezer is big and spacious for a small family.
  • It doesn’t consume much electricity for its high energy efficiency, with a 4-star BEE energy rating.
  • Its floral design looks aesthetic.
  • Cleaning the fridge is hassle-free.

The limitations

  • You have to manually defrost it, so a schedule is needed.
  • It is not ideal for a large family.


If you want a single door refrigerator with enough space, go for this product. The giant freezer comes in handy for people with a non-vegetarian diet. Its energy efficiency also helps to save a lot when it comes to your electricity bill.

9. Haier 195 L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 195 L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Refrigeration Capacity: 195 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 19 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 176 L
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Best For: Bachelors and couples
  • Refrigerant: R600A
  • Compressor Type: Inverter Compressor
  • 5-star BEE energy rating
  • Energy Consumption: 106 kWh
  • Special Feature: Icing technology, Large vegetable box, Fruit box, Toughened glass shelves, Stabilizer-free operation, PUF insulation
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the compressor

How can Haier 195 L Single Door Refrigerator help you?

Are you searching for the best refrigerator in India under 20000?

This 195 L single-door refrigerator is perfect for your needs. It comes with a 5-star Energy Rating. It keeps the electricity cost to run the refrigerator under Rs 100-200/month depending upon the unit rate. Therefore, it has the maximum energy efficiency saving your electricity bills by minimizing power consumption up to 106 kWh/year.

One of the most valuable features of this fridge offers a stabilizer-free operation. It enables the refrigerator to operate within wide voltage fluctuations of 135-290 V. Therefore, you do not need a stabilizer.

With the direct cool defrost system, cooling takes place with natural convection. It involves less consumption of electricity, and thus it is very economical. Moreover, with Direct Cool Technology, the exterior of the refrigerator does not become hot.

The refrigerator is built with longer condenser coils and heavy-duty insulation. Therefore, you can produce ice (19 L capacity) only in an hour with this fast icing technology.

It has 3 shelves, 1 vegetable storage, 6 racks on the door with an eggs tray, and 1 deep freezer. These trays are made of toughened glass. So, the single-door refrigerator can hold weight as high as 120 Kg, which is enough for home use. The refrigerator door has an Anti-Fungal Gasket that can be removed, cleaned quickly, and fixed again. The build quality is also outstanding and long-lasting.

Reasons to choose it

  • Fast Icing technology is a major benefit of this refrigerator.
  • No stabilizer is required to use it.
  • It produces low noise, which is tolerable.
  • It has high energy efficiency with a 5-star BEE rating.
  • The sleek design with a metallic finish makes it attractive.
  • The refrigerator keeps the food fresh for a long time.

Reasons to dislike it

  • The location of the trays cannot be changed.
  • Manual Defrosting is required periodically.
  • The capacity is not suitable for a large family.


There is hardly any other refrigerator brand that provides a 5-star energy rating with a single door refrigerator. With optimized power consumption and lots of useful features, it is the best refrigerator for 2-member families.

10. LG 190 L 4 Star Single Door Inverter Refrigerator

LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Capacity: 190 Liters
  • Freezer Capacity: 22 Liters
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 168 L
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Best For: Bachelors and couples
  • Compressor Type: Smart Inverter Compressor
  • 4-star BEE star rating
  • Energy Consumption: 131 kWh
  • Special Features: Moist ‘n’ Fresh, Anti-bacterial gasket, Fast Ice Making, Anti rat bite, Stabilizer free operation, Vegetable basket (12.6 L)
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the compressor

How can LG 190 L 4 Star Single Door Inverter Refrigerator help you?

Bachelors and couples need single-door refrigerators that are spacious on the inside and space-saving for the floor area. It might appear not very easy, but LG has done it optimally in this refrigerator.

LG 190 L single-door refrigerator includes a 22 L freezer which is helpful to keep frozen items. In terms of cooling, the direct cool technology keeps the freezer cool with the convection method. You can also install it in an area with frequent power cuts.

The refrigerator has 2 shelves, 1 vegetable storage, 5 racks on the door with an eggs tray, and 1 deep freezer. Use vegetable storage to keep onions, tomatoes, and other dry vegetables, and fruits with ease. Alongside, each shelf also has ample space to keep a lot of things. We also like the spacious doors, which are helpful to keep bottles.

Generally, more energy-efficient refrigerators are more expensive. This LG refrigerator has got a 4-star BEE energy rating at a more affordable price. The MRP is Rs. 18690, but you can get a 5-15% discount if you purchase it from reputed online stores.

Built with a smart inverter compressor, it uses just 131 kWh of energy. This low power consumption wouldn’t cause a huge spike in electricity bills.

Reasons to get it

  • It has a smart connection to attach to your home inverter.
  • There is an extra storage drawer in its base stand.
  • An antibacterial gasket keeps the food healthy.
  • Toughened glass shelves improve durability.
  • Its outer body is made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • It keeps your vegetable fresh and juicy.
  • The high energy efficiency makes it economical in the long run.
  • Performance is better because of inverter technology.
  • A bonus is its fast ice-making which is helpful in the summer.

Reasons to avoid it

  • Incompatible with large families.
  • Defrosting takes time, so following a proper schedule is important.
  • Comparatively less number shelves.


LG is the best refrigerator brand with the latest technology. So, if you need a single door refrigerator in India for your home, choose this product. It has all the latest features at an affordable price.

11. Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Refrigerator 2020

Features & specs

  • Refrigerator Capacity: 190 L
  • Freezer Capacity: 14.3 L
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 158.5 L
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Best for bachelor & small family
  • 3-star BEE energy rating
  • Power Consumption: 168 kWh
  • Special Features: Jumbo storage (Upto three 2L bottles and five 1L bottles), Stabilizer free operation, Easy Defrosting, Quick chill zone, Large vegetable crisper, Insulated capillary technology, Anti bacterial gasket
  • 1 year warranty on product and 10 years warranty on compressor

How can Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator help you?

This direct cool single-door refrigerator from Whirlpool has a capacity of 190 L which is good for a family of 2 members. It has a nice feature built to retain cold environments. With this process, the melting of ice is slowed down to 9 hrs which can be very useful if you face load shading frequently.

The fridge offers wired shelves to maximize storage space. In addition, it has a large freezer capacity with a stackable ice tray. The refrigerator comes with a pocket handle on the door. Therefore, it eases the handling and cleaning of the home appliance.

It has 2 shelves, 1 vegetable basket, 4 racks on the door with an eggs tray, and 1 deep freezer. Moreover, this single-door refrigerator is built with a moisture control system to store the food more healthily and hygienically. The cooling retention system in this refrigerator is also at its best.

The airtight gasket is anti-bacterial and prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the best fridge. So, your food is stored healthily and hygienically.

Furthermore, the fridge comes with a 3-star BEE energy rating that keeps the energy consumption under 168 kWh/year resulting in less cost of electricity.

The only downside is that it is a refrigerator with a manual defrosting system. Overall it’s an excellent choice if you are constrained by the budget.

What we like about this fridge

  • Low energy consumption with high energy efficiency.
  • The racks are adjustable.
  • It keeps vegetables and fruits fresh.
  • Quick ice cooling technology freezes food faster.
  • The anti-bacterial gasket keeps the food free of germs.
  • Easy to install and operate.

What we do not like about it

  • A single door with low capacity is not suitable for large families.
  • You need to defrost it manually.
  • No smart inverter compressor is available.
  • Lesser number of shelves.


If you are looking for a refrigerator for your home at a budget price with impressive features, this product can be your ideal choice. With 190 L of capacity, it is the best refrigerator under 15000 for a small Indian family.

12. Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side By Side Refrigerator

Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Features & specs

  • Total Capacity: 565 Litres
  • Fresh Food Capacity: 347 Litres
  • Freezer Capacity: 218 Litres
  • Defrost System: Frost-Free
  • Best For: Family of 5+ members
  • Compressor Type: Twin inverter compressor
  • Power Consumption: 358 kWh
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Special Features: Best fridge-freezer ratio, Smart & holiday function, 90⁰ contoured door, Super cool & Super freeze, Noise control technology, 1-touch digital display
  • 1 year of warranty on the product and 10 years of warranty on the compressor

How can Haier 565 L Side By Side Refrigerator help you?

The side-by-side design helps you open the fridge like any regular door but in a more organized way. The refrigerator has 3 door baskets, 2 vegetable storages, and the freezer contains 4 door baskets and 2 drawers. It is compatible with large families for its large food storage capacity.

The best thing about this fridge is its design. 34% of this side-by-side refrigerator is dedicated to the freezer, so storing frozen items becomes easy. It is also built with efficient frost-free technology. You can also opt for the travel set when the frost-free refrigerator is left alone for a prolonged period.

When we are buying a fridge, seldom do we look at the refrigerant that is used. Haier uses the R600a refrigerant that doesn’t harm the ozone layer. It also ensures that your refrigerator will work for a long time. So, you do not need to worry about causing harm to our earth.

Things we like most

  • It comes with noise control technology to reduce unwanted noises.
  • The fridge has a slimline design to fit into modular kitchens.
  • The side-by-side doors make taking out things easy.
  • It has a low noise level of up to 38 dB.
  • The refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a very low global warming potential (GWP).
  • Excellent to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • Toughened glass shelves are very durable.
  • This fridge looks aesthetic in a modular kitchen.
  • It saves electricity with the twin inverter compressor.

Things we like least

  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Oversized for a small family.


Haier is known for including cutting-edge technology in their fridges. In this side by side refrigerator, you get an ample amount of space to store your food. This product can fit your needs as it is the best refrigerator for large Indian families. It is a must-buy if you have a modular kitchen.

Indian refrigerator buying guide

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Refrigerator in India

Elaborate research is necessary when you plan on buying the best refrigerator for your home. Hence, we have undertaken a challenging task for you. After lots of research and analysis about fridges, here are the critical decision-making factors while buying one for yourself.

Refrigerator Capacity and Door Selection

In India, there are three different types of refrigerators available for home use-

  • Single door refrigerators
  • Double door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side refrigerators

The single-door refrigerators have a lower capacity that makes them suitable for small families or bachelors. On the other hand, double-door refrigerators are best for medium-sized families, and side-by-side refrigerators are suitable for large families. If you have any doubts, learn the differences between single-door vs. double-door refrigerators.

The First Thing that comes to mind while buying a refrigerator is the capacity which varies from 40 L to 850 L. Therefore, you need to choose the capacity wisely.

Secondly, you might be wondering about the type of refrigerator door you need to select- Single/ Double or Side-by-Side door. However, it is directly related to the capacity you need. Therefore, follow the chart to select the recommended capacity of fridges for you. If you are looking for a good quality refrigerator for your family, read this buying guide before investing in a coin.

refrigerator family size vs capacity vs door type

After selecting the refrigerator’s capacity, you must look for the essential features to know before making a buying decision. A side-by-side refrigerator can suit you if you have a large family and looking for a refrigerator above 500 liters. Compare side-by-side vs. double-door refrigerators to know more.

refrigerator energy rating

Energy Rating of Refrigerators

BEE energy ratings have become a crucial factor as the Bureau of Energy Efficiency recommends them. You can know more about the energy rating through the star rating label on the exterior wall of the refrigerator.

There are products with 1 to 5-star ratings available in the market. The more is the Energy Rating, the more savings you can make. It’s better to go with a fridge that receives a 3 to 5 BEE star rating.

A device that has five stars will consume the least amount of energy units. At the same time, a refrigerator with 1 star is terrible at energy efficiency.

But, larger fridges often do not have energy efficiency starts.

Then, how can you judge them?

Check if the device has a smart inverter compressor. Complying with BEE’s guidelines, we highly recommend the following actions to reduce electricity consumption-

  • Do not overload the refrigerator as reduced free space will block airflow.
  • You should not set the refrigerator temperature below the requirement. If you do so, it will increase electricity consumption by 20-25%.
  • Frequent opening of the fridge door increases power consumption by up to 7%. Thus, it is better to do more tasks at once.
  • The condenser is responsible for the heat transfer process. By cleaning the condenser coil regularly, you can run it at optimum condition by approximately reducing energy consumption to 5%.

You can also watch the following video to know more about the star ratings of refrigerators.


Refrigerants are essential for cooling your food. You might be familiar with them if you know use air conditioners. Refrigerants are essential components in a fridge and carry the heat away from food to cool it down.

It circulates through the other components to do its job. At times, a professional will come and fill more refrigerants to keep up a fridge’s performance.

Different types of refrigerants are provided with the refrigeration cycle. Try to opt for one that is better for the environment with low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).

HFO (Hydrofluoroolefin) refrigerants are considered the most eco-friendly refrigerants available. They have zero ODP and are environmentally harmless. On the other hand, CFC(Chlorofluorocarbon), HCFC(Hydrochlorofluorocarbons) & HFC(Hydrofluorocarbon) are not recommended as they harm the ozone layer.

Under these categories, R-134A, R-404A, R-125A, R-143A, R-410A, R-600A are used in the best refrigerators in India by the manufacturers. Some refrigerator brands also use natural refrigerants like ammonia, Carbon-di-oxide, Propane, Isobutane, and cyclopropane.

Type of Defrosting

In single-door refrigerators, you usually need to maintain a defrosting schedule. It helps to get rid of the extra ice that forms on the surface of a freezer.

defrosted refrigerator

Larger and more advanced fridges come with frost-free technology. In them, there is an auto-heater that helps to keep any ice from forming. There are four types of defrost systems- automatic, semi-automatic, cyclical, and frost-free. You must know how to defrost your refrigerator and stay out of heavy maintenance.

Defrosting is an essential aspect that you need to consider. When you are at a physical store or looking into online shopping websites, you will see two types of defrosting available- Frost Free, and Direct Cool.

You need to choose a suitable product wisely within your budget. It would be best to choose a frost-free refrigerator built by following the Indian standard of IS 15750:2006. Similarly, manufacturers of direct cool refrigerators must follow IS 1476 (Part 1):2000 as recommended by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Follow the chart to find the ideal refrigerator that you need depending on the type of defrosting.

Defrosting TypeDirect CoolFrost Free
Cooling TechnologyChilling is done by natural convection.In-built cooling fans circulate air inside the refrigerator.
Electricity Consumes less electricity than frost-free refrigerators.More electricity is consumed.
CostEconomical Costly
AvailabilityAvailable for less than 250 L.Available for higher capacity.
CompatibilityGood for a small family.compatible with all.
FreshnessFood remains fresh mostly.Outstanding quality of fresh food.
AutomationManual defrosting is necessary.Defrosting is done automatically.

As Direct Cool refrigerators are getting obsolete for domestic use, it is wise to select a frost-free refrigerator.

Type of Compressor for Best Refrigerators

You will often find the refrigerator brands paying extra attention to the compressor that they have used. Compressors are also known as the ‘heart of a fridge’. It is involved in increasing the temperature of the refrigerant used in a fridge.

There are two types of compressors available with refrigerators: Conventional and Inverter. Conventional compressors include rotary and reciprocating compressors. Inverter compressors are more efficient and save electricity up to 20-40%. For this reason, brands prefer to manufacture the best refrigerators with inverter compressors.

Conventional Compressors

These compressors have a very high speed, and they keep on running fast. As the rotor has to perform faster, a fridge also ends up vibrating. These compressors include budget-friendly rotary and reciprocating compressors.

Conventional compressors are usually found in smaller, single-door fridges. The compressor stops a cycle after reaching an optimum temperature.

It usually makes a tick-tick sound when it restarts itself. You can hear it once you have opened the refrigerator door.

Inverter Compressors

Most fridges with a capacity of more than 200 L come with an inverter compressor. These are smarter in detecting the cooling needs of a refrigerator. Alongside this, an inverter compressor also helps to save energy.

Rather than always working at a fast pace, these compressors start slow. They pick up speed when there is a significant temperature drop inside the fridge.

Inverter compressors also make fewer sounds and vibrations compared to general compressors. But, refrigerators with an inverter compressor cost more than the former.

ParameterGeneral CompressorInverter Compressor
Cooling technologyGeneral-type Compressors consume more power with a low power factor.This type of compressor operates at various speeds on-demand optimizing energy usage.
Energy EfficiencyGeneral types of compressors are less energy efficient as they work on a fixed cycle.An inverter compressor has more energy efficiency.
NoiseGenerally, this type of compressor produces more noise.It generates very little noise compared to the general-type compressor.
Energy ConsumptionGeneral type Compressors consume more power with a low power factor.Inverter-type compressors consume less power with a higher power factor that can help you get a rebate on the electricity bill.

From the above comparison table, it is clear that the inverter compressors are much more reliable and efficient. Apart from the general and inverter types, compressors can be classified into two groups according to the working principleRotary Compressor and Reciprocating Compressor.

ParameterRotary CompressorReciprocating Compressor
Compression PressureMedium RangeLong Range
UseHigher capacity refrigeratorsLower capacity refrigerators
Flow RateHighModerate

The above table shows that a reciprocating compressor is better in terms of cost, maintenance, and life for a lower-capacity refrigerator for domestic use. In contrast, a rotary compressor can be good for you if you need a higher-capacity refrigerator.

Learn More: Rotary Vs Reciprocating Compressor

Quality of Condenser, Expansion Valve, and Evaporator


The copper condenser coil sits in the back of a fridge, and it often gathers dust. Placing it on the outside of a refrigerator helps to increase its rate of heat loss. You can improve the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator by cleaning this condenser coil regularly.

The condenser is an essential component in the refrigeration cycle where the refrigerant condenses to its liquid form by transferring heat to the ambient air. After that, the refrigerant enters the expansion valve.

Expansion valve or Capillary

By the name, you can understand that an expansion valve is a place where the expansion of the refrigerant takes place. Here the refrigerant cools down to a mixture of liquid and vapor after a drop in its pressure.


The evaporator is the area that directly deals with cooling the food. Also, the refrigeration technique used in fridges is known as the evaporation method.

There is an evaporator fan that helps to transfer the cold air inside a fridge. As the refrigerant gains heat after passing through the evaporator, it turns into a low-pressure vapor form. After the evaporator, the refrigerant again passes to the compressor, completing the cycle.

Thermostat-controlled Operation

This is the component that helps to control the temperature. A fridge’s thermostat remains connected to the evaporator. You will find a knob in the freezer that allows you to reduce or increase the temperature.

These days, thermostats also have sensors to stop the cooling according to its need. So, when a fridge gets cold enough, it triggers the compressor to stop operating and vice versa.

Selection of Freezer

A freezer is that component in your refrigerator where you keep the frozen foods. So, the temperature of a freezer is much more than that present in a regular fridge. -18°C (0°F) is the normal temperature of a freezer.

In India, a freezer is also known as a deep freezer. You will notice a layer of ice forms on a freezer’s walls in a single-door fridge. The reason behind it is the defrost system.

Bigger refrigerators offer auto defrost or frost-free technology often. It helps to eliminate the excessive formation of ice. Freezers also contain the thermostat knob or slide.

Here are the two common positions for freezers found in different refrigerators-

Top-mounted Freezer

Freezers in a refrigerator can be found in different positions. Generally, it is available as a top freezer. Here the freezer is located on the top of the refrigerator.

In single-door refrigerators, a top freezer is present. But, multi-door fridges have a separate door.

Bottom Freezer

The other type is the bottom freezer. Here the freezer has a lower position. Brands made this change, as many people do not use their freezers daily.

A bottom freezer takes a veggie tray generally present in the bottom half of a fridge in India.

The usual temperature of a freezer is -18 °C (0 °F) which is needed to keep the food safe.The temperature in a refrigerator goes down to 40° F (4° C).
It helps to keep foods frozen to preserve their nutritional value.In a fridge, the food isn’t frozen, but it is still kept cold for preservation.
It is predominantly used to keep animal products like meat.Cooked food is usually kept in the fridge to keep it from spoiling.
Ice is formed in a freezer.Water cannot turn into ice in a normal refrigerator.

Number of Shelves

These are the shelves that you will find inside a fridge. They can be either made of wire or toughened glass. Current models generally use glass that can take up to 175 Kg.

Peek inside a fridge to have a look at the number of shelves present in it. Some trays come fixed, while others might be removable. We prefer fridges with removable trays as they are easier to clean.

The number of shelves varies from 1 to 5—moreover, the number of shelves, the more space for storing your food. In conclusion, it is recommended to buy a refrigerator with at least three shelves for a family of 2 or more.

shelves in a refrigerator

To utilize the maximum amount of space available in a fridge, brands do add door shelves. The design and placement of door shelves differ between models. Usually, there is one shelf that is made of bottles.

Other trays might be for holding butter, eggs, and other items. Some refrigerator brands have elaborate door-shelf designs that help in better organization.

Fast 1-Hour Icing Technology

Nowadays, many refrigerators in India are built with this cooling technology. As the name suggests, ice can be formed within just an hour. Therefore, it saves a lot of time. Haier 320 L, Whirlpool 190 L, and Haier 195 L refrigerators have this feature.

Availability of Ice Trays

Ice trays are present inside the freezer section of a freeze that helps in forming ice. Some fridges come with this superior cooling technology to make quick ice.

In some refrigerators, you will find a twist method to take out the ice cubes quickly. Generally, two ice trays are there in a fridge. But, it differs according to the refrigerator brand.

Applicability of Water dispenser

A water dispenser is a fancy component usually seen in side-by-side or French door refrigerators. There is an opening in the front through which you can draw water.

Some refrigerators even come with the ability to dispense ice. It isn’t an essential component of a fridge. And, products with this feature come at an expensive price point.

Stabilizer Free Operation

The operating voltage range for the refrigerators should be wide so that the fluctuating voltage should not harm them. If the range is wide for some products, you don’t need to buy a voltage stabilizer saving you extra costs.

Spacious Vegetable Storage

In most fridges, there is a storage space dedicated to vegetables and fruits. It is usually at the bottom of the refrigerator. Some companies call it a vegetable crisper as the area often has special features to keep the produce fresh.

vegetable storage of best refrigerator

In some fridges, there is an additional space for keeping dairy products. So, check out the vegetable storage area of a refrigerator before placing an order.

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Hygienic Anti-Bacterial Design

An anti-bacterial design is essential to keep your food healthy and fresh. As a refrigerator usually has a moist or humid atmosphere, it needs to have a bacteria-free design.

Most fridges use an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents bacteria from getting into the appliance. The extra protection also prevents molds from growing inside it. Best brands also include other technologies to prevent bacterial growth and viruses.

If you want your fridge to smell nice, get one with a deodorizer inside it.

Most companies provide anti-bacterial designs for their refrigerators. A good refrigerator will provide you with the healthiest quality food. Therefore, it should prevent the build-up of bacteria and fungi.

Availability and Position of the Inbuilt Light

When you open the door of a fridge, a light turns on. This light helps you to see inside the fridge, especially during the night. You want to get a fridge that has a potent LED light.

Many brands use power-saving LED lamps inside their refrigerators. Almost all the double-door refrigerators have a light fixed on the top. But, it also has a disadvantage- Light intensity gets very low at the bottom due to shadow. Therefore, the light should be placed on the top as well as the sides. The Samsung 253 L fridge has such a feature.

Fridges used to have a yellow light, but now manufacturers usually prefer a white LED light. If you are getting a bigger fridge, make sure that it has multiple lights.

Door Alarm and Child Lock

The best refrigerator you buy in India should be safe to handle with ease. For this reason, many reputed refrigerator brands add door alarms and child lock features to their products.

A door alarm usually makes a noise when the fridge door is left open. Though it is a useful technology, most refrigerators don’t have it. The component can be irritating for some people.

It is recommended to have a refrigerator with an inbuilt alarm system that chimes whenever the user opens the door. It is a proximity sensor that activates the buzzing sound. By mistake, if you forget to close the fridge door fully, the alarm rings to remind you to close it. So, this might save you electricity to a large extent. For example, LG and Samsung refrigerators have such inbuilt door alarms.

Another critical point is to have a child lock in your fridge. It helps a child from opening up a fridge door. So, do check these components before getting a fridge.

Digital Display

A fancy fridge often includes a digital display. It helps you to have personalized control of the home appliance. We prefer a digital display that comes with a touch screen.

Some of the most modern refrigerators have a digital display built on the product wall. With this display, you can monitor the temperature and change the temperature settings or power cool feature. In our list, the Samsung refrigerator with 253 L capacity has such a feature.

The Samsung 5 in 1 convertible refrigerator is known for its different operating modes with separate controls for the freezer and refrigerator.

Handle Style

Fridges can come with many handle types. It is better to get a fridge with a chunk handle that allows a better grip. If you have a kid, it is always better to get a refrigerator with rounded handles.

Larger fridges will also often have multiple handles. We prefer metal handles as they are much more robust compared to plastic ones.

Body Finish

Go for a fridge with durable body material if you want it to last for a long time. Metal finish fridges work better, and they are resistant to scratches and dents. But they also cost you a lot.

Hence, you may look into fridges that come with enhanced robustness and durability.

Smart Fridge Operation

As most of you will have smartphones, it is obvious to want a smart fridge. LG and Samsung are usually known for making great smart fridges. These refrigerators are fitted with sensors and Wifi components.

Keep all these points in your mind while choosing between purchasing the best Indian refrigerator.

smart fridge operation

5 Best Refrigerator Brands in India

When you visit the market to buy a new refrigerator, what do you notice?

When choosing a refrigerator, it is essential to find the best brand that follows the certified guidelines by the Bureau of Indian Standards. By following the standard procedures and complying with the regulations, these brands produce the finest quality refrigerators in India.


When it comes to India, LG is a leading company that deals with home appliances. LG refrigerators are popular for their high quality and durability.

Currently, they have various ranges divided into different price brackets. You can get a budget-friendly single-door fridge from the same brand or invest in an elaborate French-door refrigerator.

LG also launched convertible fridges that let one change configurations according to season. They have also come up with “farm-fresh” technology to keep the products healthy for a longer time.


Samsung is yet another trusted refrigerator brand in India for its product quality. They are pioneers in making smart fridges that have a lot of automatic features.

They also believe in making a fridge as spacious as possible. We have found Samsung fridges to have great fridge-to-freezer ratios.

Currently, they have over 300 different refrigerators in their collection. They have recently included the Curd Maestro facility in many refrigerators to help make fresh curd.


When it comes to style, Haier leads the refrigerator market. They have classic pieces when we speak of side-by-side and single-door refrigerators.

At the same time, they have included budget fridges that work well for the Indian market. Haier focuses on several things, including energy efficiency and faster cooling.

They are especially known for their twin inverter technology. Apart from reducing energy intake, it also helps to make refrigerators noiseless.

Most of the fridges also include a cool pad that increases the efficiency of the freezers.


Whirlpool is the quintessential Indian brand making some of the best fridges. Many people had Whirlpool single doors as their first refrigerators.

So, it is quite obvious that most Indians trust Whirlpool. They provide customers with feature-laden devices at a budget price.

Another great thing about Whirlpool is its definition of style. Most single-door fridges come out as boring, but Whirlpool makes sure to add bright colors to them.

Intellifrost cooling technology from their side also makes defrosting fridges hassle-free and fast. We also like Whirlpool’s “Microblock” feature, a boon to keep the food free from bacteria and viruses.


Panasonic is surely among the top five refrigerator brands in India for its cutting-edge technologies. It doesn’t carry a huge range of fridges, but its products have good features.

Currently, Panasonic has about 32 fridges in different sizes, capacities, and variations. It is a great thing that all products fall within an affordable budget.

When it comes to the aspect of design, the brand likes to keep things sleek and tidy. Even their single-door fridges will look good in a modular kitchen.

Panasonic has recently launched AI-enabled fridges that enhance its ability to keep food fresh for a longer period.

Are you interested in any of these brands?

We can assure you that these five best refrigerator brands produce fabulous products when it comes to refrigerators. So, check out their products to have your pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Capacity of the Refrigerator do I need?

The Capacity varies from 40 L to 850 L. For a couple, a 150-250 L refrigerator is recommended. The Whirlpool 190 L 3-Star refrigerator might be a good choice for you. For a family with 2-3 people, 200-300 L is recommended. LG 260 L or Samsung 253 L double-door refrigerators are suitable for such a situation. If you belong to a family with members of more than 3, you need a bigger fridge with a capacity of more than 300 L. Haier 320 L refrigerator is perfect for 3-4 users.

Single or Double Door- Which is Right for You?

You need to select it based on two factors- 1. If you want to keep the freezer separate for easy handling, or, 2. The number of users. The single-door refrigerators are best for bachelors, and good for couples but appear to be less suitable for a family with users of more than two. For a group of 4+ people, a bigger refrigerator can be suitable. A double-door refrigerator is good for 4-5 members though it depends on the food habit.

Which essential features should you look for?

Along with the capacity and door type of fridges, you must check the defrosting system. As explained in the article, a Frost-Free Refrigerator like this one is recommended. Moreover, it would be best to look for the Number of Shelves, Position of Light. 1-hour icing technology, Stabilizer free operation, Door Open Alarm, and Digital Display are good additions to your checklist.

What is smart inverter technology in refrigerators?

Smart inverter technology adds an oomph to the usual compressor present in a refrigerator. It works in a way that AC currents are changed into DC currents and vice versa. The benefit of including a smart inverter compressor includes reduced consumption of electricity, less noise, and the ability to run without a stabilizer in voltage fluctuations.

What is the function of smart sensors in refrigerators?

In general, smart sensors in a fridge help detect temperature changes. It is usually tied to the airflow mechanism of a fridge. So, when the sensors detect a temperature change, it triggers the cooling mechanism. It helps in maintaining an optimal temperature inside the fridge to keep your food from going bad.

What is a WIFI fridge?

Wifi can be used in a broad spectrum when it comes to a fridge. You can easily control a wifi fridge can through your smartphone, even from a different room. There are some wifi-enabled refrigerators in which you can monitor and control them precisely. Wifi options can also detect temperature changes or events where the door is left open.

What is the fridge-to-freezer ratio in refrigerators?

The fridge-freezer ratio depends on the model that you have bought. In single-door fridges, the ratio can be as low as 20:80. But, bigger fridges and multi-door refrigerators can vary between 60:40, 50:50, or 70:30. The ratio is generally higher in the case of side-by-side refrigerators. If you want more personalization, opt for convertible fridges where the ratio can be altered.

Do non-vegetarians need a special kind of refrigerator?

Not really, we do not think that you need a special kind of refrigerator. But, it is important to get one that has enough freezer space. Get a fridge that has a larger freezer space so that you can keep uncooked meat or other non-veg products. Cooked foods do well inside a normal fridge, though you need to eat them according to their normal shelf life.

How can fast icing in a freezer help you?

Having fast ice is refreshing during the summer months. Ice can be a great addition to things like iced tea and other cold beverages. It is especially helpful in warmer areas where fridges usually take a long time to form ice. Moreover, refrigerators that have fast icing are generally better at faster cooling for its entirety.

Which brand is best for refrigerators- Samsung, LG, or Whirlpool?

It depends on your preference and requirements. In our list, we have mentioned refrigerators from all three brands. All of them excel at producing great fridges that last for a long time. You should check out products from the best refrigerator brands and compare the features and prices. We suggest you go for Samsung and LG fridges if you have higher budgets to afford side-by-side refrigerators.

How to use a refrigerator for the first time?

If you are using a refrigerator for the first time, it is highly recommended to book a demo visit. The representative will help to fix the drip tray and set up the fridge. It will help if you also focus on reading the manual. In general, you need to remove all the cardboard and things present inside the fridge. Plug it in, turn it on, and wait for it to start cooling before putting anything inside the fridge.

How to clean a refrigerator?

The easiest way to clean a fridge is to wipe it down with a solution of baking soda and water. First, begin by taking everything out of the fridge. Then, please turn it off to be on the safe side. Mix the solution in a spray bottle, spray it on the interior, and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Repeat it until everything is cleaned. Make sure to defrost your fridge if it is a single-door refrigerator.

Ultimately, you have to choose a suitable refrigerator according to your needs. We have tried to make it easy by giving you the essential points. Purchasing a fridge isn’t that hard if you are careful about researching it in the first place.

Yes, some brands do produce better fridges when compared to their competitors. So, we have given a list of the seven most useful refrigerators with high energy efficiency available in the market.

You can use the comprehensive buying guide to find the best refrigerator in India according to your demands. As the market keeps changing, it is always better to do smart research.

Additionally, you should always remain under a strict budget. While visiting the market, you might get attracted to newer and shinier refrigerators.

But, are those fridges really made for you?

Have a look at your kitchen and the needs of your family before making the final decision. Irrespective of these things, we think it is always better to opt for items with the latest tech with an inverter compressor.

In India, the market for refrigerators is booming because of the increasing heat. Everyone wants to have an excellent cooling fridge at their home.

We hope that our product recommendations and the brief guide will help you to get the right product.

If you have doubts about which fridge can be ideal- double door or single, this review and buying guide on the refrigerator can surely help you in 2024.

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