The Best Tawa for Roti, Paratha, and Chapati in India (2024)

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Tawas happen to be one of those utensils that you would find in most Indian kitchens. Many individuals often confuse tawas with frying pans used mostly for frying. Unlike a frying pan, a tawa finds most of its use in preparing rotis, parathas, and other Indian dishes.

If you are looking for the best tawa for roti, chapati, or, paratha in India, make sure that you choose the right one. After all, the tawa you pick would have an effect on the quality of food cooked in it, besides convenience and ease of use.

Even when checking out the ideal iron tawa for roti, your options would still be plenty. However, a tawa that you may find perfect might not be the ideal option for another person.

A number of factors come into play while selecting a tawa for your kitchen. For instance, a non-stick tawa would be ideal if you want to minimize cleaning hassles. Apart from it, you can also use a cast iron or hard anodized tawa.

To help you out, we have prepared a list of the best tawas for roti in India for 2024. You may check out the products on this list, read the pros and cons, and know how you can find a perfect tawa for your needs.

Best Tawa for Roti, Paratha and Chapati in India

Our picks for best roti tawa in India (2024)

We prefer flat tawas more because they are versatile and suitable for making liquid batter dishes like dosa alongside roti, paratha, or chapati. On the other hand, concave tawas are good specifically for rotis.

The Best Tawas for Roti, Chapati, & Paratha

1. Hawkins Futura 24 cm Roti Tawa

Hawkins Futura 24 cm Roti Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Flat
  • Diameter: 24 cm
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminium
  • Non-stick coating: No
  • Handle: “Stay Cool” stainless steel (14.7 mm length)
  • Weight: 766 grams
  • Thickness: 4.8 mm (heavy gauge)
  • Base: Induction and gas stove compatible
  • Suitable for: Roti, chapati, phulka, pancake, paneer tikki, gobi/ channa dal/ pudina/ aloo paratha, etc.
  • Warranty: 5 years

How good is Hawkins Futura tawa to make roti?

If you are looking for a durable tawa that would serve you well for years, Hawkins Futura 24 cm roti tava/ tawa is an option that you could consider. This tawa is quite tough and should last long as it is made of high-quality aluminum.

By adding the layer of aluminum oxide through electrolysis using high-intensity electric currents at sub-zero temperatures, Hawkins has created a surface even stronger than steel. This 60-micron coating protects the tawa against scratches, stains, cracks, and other forms of damage.

In this regard, you might want to note that anodization was a technology developed by the Russians to create metals strong enough to build spaceships. Considering that the manufacturer has used the similar technology to manufacture the best non-stick tawa for roti, it should be easy to see how durable this tawa is.

Thanks to the durability of this tawa, you need not worry about accidental damages while cooking or washing, although it isn’t compatible with dishwashers. The design of this tawa ensures even and efficient heating, making it perfect for a variety of dishes, including roti, chapati, phulka, paratha, etc. You might also want to note that this tawa is induction-compatible, making it a viable option for households that use induction cookers.


  • The material is robust, mainly due to the anodized surface.
  • You may use this tawa on an induction cooktop.
  • The thick and heavy base makes it easy to use and improves heat transfer.
  • The design of this tawa makes it thermally efficient and would help you save energy and fast cooking.
  • One can use metal ladles on this tawa without any issue.


  • Making dosa is challenging as it does not have a non-stick coating.

What is Hawkins Futura roti tawa worthy of?

For a tawa priced around ₹1000, this one is indeed good value for money. Thanks to the fact that Hawkins happens to be one of the top brands for kitchenware in India, you may stay assured of excellent customer service. The durability of this tawa is one of its biggest perks, ensuring that you wouldn’t have to worry about repairs or replacements any time soon. If you seek to buy the best roti tawa from a reputed brand, Hawkins Futura is indeed a great choice.

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2. Carote non-stick granite roti and dosa tawa

Carote non-stick roti and dosa tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Flat
  • Diameter: 20 cm
  • Body Material: Die cast with granite coating
  • Non-stick coating: PFOA-free non-stick
  • Handle Material: Bakelite
  • Weight: 610 grams
  • Base: Induction cooktop and gas stove compatible
  • Ideal for: Roti, chapati, dosa, paratha, nan, etc.
  • Warranty: 1 year

How good is Carote tawa to make roti?

If you prefer a tawa with attractive design, Carote non-stick tawa is ideal for you. One of the most noticeable aspects of this non-stick tawa is its aesthetic appeal. Besides the stylish looks of the tawa, its handle comes with a beautiful bakelite finish.

If you have a modern and beautiful kitchen and are picky about cookware, this one would be a good addition indeed. The design of this tawa is also practical for roti, with the curvy handle making it easy to handle.

Unlike other cookware out there in the market, this one has a coating of vitreous enamel followed by a non-stick layer. For this reason, it is one of the best non-stick roti tawa you will find in the Indian market. You need not worry about the coating coming off either since the manufacturer sticks to strict standards while lab-testing it. While granite cookware has certain limitations, the perks are evidently much greater.

For instance, you need not worry about rusting, unlike in the case of cast iron. Moreover, granite is lighter, making the utensil easier to use. The only major limitation with granite cookware is that ladles, spatulas, or similar utensils made of metals could damage the granite.


  • The tawa comes with a robust material and durable non-stick coating.
  • Carote has used high-quality vitreous enamel to manufacture this utensil.
  • This brand uses only food-safe ingredients to manufacture this tawa.
  • Despite its solid build, this roti tawa is lightweight.
  • The flat ferromagnetic base of the tawa makes it induction-compatible.


  • In case of accidents such as dropping to the floor, granite is more susceptible to damage than the previous hard anodized tawa from Hawkins.
  • Failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly could damage the non-stick layer or make it less effective.

What is Carote roti tawa worthy of?

The perks of this induction base tawa are pretty impressive. Style and functionality go hand in hand when it comes to this product. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the roti tawa, you would find it extremely easy and convenient to use. The quality material and the non-stick coating are other notable factors that make it worth your money too. However, you would have to be careful to use wooden or plastic utensils on this tawa, as granite isn’t compatible with metal utensils. Overall, this product is worth purchasing if you search for a suitable tawa to make roti.

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3. Prestige Hard Anodized Induction Base Paratha Tawa

Prestige Hard Anodized Induction Base Paratha Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Flat
  • Diameter: 26.5 cm
  • Body Material: Hard anodized aluminum
  • Handle Material: Stainless steel (prema cool)
  • Non-stick coating: No
  • Weight: 540 grams
  • Thickness: 4.88 mm
  • Base: Gas stove & induction cooker compatible
  • Suitable for: Paratha, roti, dosa, etc.
  • Warranty: 2 years

How good is Prestige tawa to make roti & Paratha?

With Prestige being one of the best cookware brands in India, you certainly wouldn’t have to worry about quality. This anodized aluminum tawa meets the requirement for making roti perfectly, besides offering several other advantages. The tawa is also compatible with induction cooktops and gas, making it suitable for most kitchens.

Considering the size of the tawa, it is surprisingly lightweight compared to some of the other tawas available in the market. One of the key factors that make this product the best tawa for paratha is its durability. It can withstand rigorous use as it is made from high-grade aluminum and anodized to add a tough and long-lasting surface. Use metal spoons on this tawa without having to worry about scratches or any other forms of damage.

The perma-cool handles make this tawa entirely safe for use. Even if the heat travels to these handles, the insulation will protect your hands at all times. The non-stick coating on the tawa is free from any toxic substances. If you prefer hassle-free cooking, also check the other top-quality non-stick cookware for your home.


  • With a wide base and precise design, the roti pan offers a large area with even heat distribution.
  • The tawa is sleek in design and would be an excellent addition to a modern kitchen.
  • The anodized surface of the tawa makes it significantly more durable and resistant to damage.
  • The lightweight tawa, together with its design, makes it easy to handle.


  • While a lightweight tawa has its perks, it might also move around quickly while cooking on it.
  • The tawa does not have a non-stick coating. You may have some trouble preparing dosa and omelets.

What is Prestige roti tawa worthy of?

This is particularly appealing for individuals looking for a good quality tawa for paratha and chapati. The large surface area would enable the tawa to cater to your needs of making roti and paratha better. Considering that durability is crucial for kitchenware, this tawa certainly stands out.

Alternative to Roti Tawa: While a roti tawa is essential if you make rotis every day, you can also try the best electric roti maker. This kitchen appliance can automatically make roti by applying heat generated by a coil placed inside.

4. Bergner Elements Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Concave Roti Tawa

Bergner Elements Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Concave Roti Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Slightly concave
  • Diameter: 26 cm
  • Body Material: Cast iron
  • Handle Material: Silicon-coated cast iron
  • Non-stick coating: Naturally non-stick
  • Weight: 2 Kg
  • Base: Gas stove compatible
  • Best for: Roti, chapati, paratha, etc.

How good is Bergner tawa to make roti?

If you usually cook on gas stove and do not mind buying a tawa that doesn’t come with an induction base, this cast iron tawa might be good for you. Due to its material, the tawa would retain heat for extended periods. Such heat retention also makes this tawa perfect for preparing various slow cooking dishes. This, together with the fact that cast iron also heats up quite fast, would help you save gas while making roti or chapati.

Cast iron is a heavy material, naturally making the tawa heavier than other similar tawas made of hard anodized aluminium and granite. This makes the tawa comfortable to use, as a heavier tawa is less likely to slip away while cooking.

Another factor that makes this tawa convenient to use is its ergonomically designed handle, and it would allow you to handle the tawa with ease while cooking. Moreover, the handle also comes with a removable silicone cover that would protect your hand from burning.

You wouldn’t need much time to prepare the tawa for use after unpacking it, as it comes pre-seasoned. The 100% pure vegetable oil used by the manufacturer in the seasoning process ensures a clean and non-stick surface. For these reasons, it is one of the best tawa for roti in India.


  • This is an ideal iron tawa for roti, thanks to its concave design and durability.
  • Cast iron ensures excellent heat retention ability, making this tawa suitable for various dishes that require slow heating.
  • The weight of the tawa, together with the handle’s ergonomic design, ensures excellent handling.
  • The silicon cover over the handles would protect your hands from burns even when the handle gets extremely hot.
  • The non-stick coating over this tawa should last long, provided that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly.


  • You cannot use this tawa on an induction cooktop.
  • It is comparatively heavier than the previous tawas from Hawkins, Prestige, & Carote.

What is Bergner roti tawa worthy of?

This tawa isn’t suitable for everyone due to its lack of a magnetic base. Hence, you should consider buying this roti tawa if you plan to use it only on a gas stove. However, apart from this drawback, the non-stick coating, usability, and smartly designed handles make it worth your money.

5. iBELL Non Stick roti & chapati tawa

iBELL IBLRT32 Non Stick tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Flat
  • Diameter: 32 cm
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Non-stick coating: Yes (3-layer)
  • Handle material: Bakelite-coated
  • Weight: ‎ 1.25 kg
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Base: Compatible with gas stove
  • Suitable for: Chapati, roti, pathiri, dosa etc.
  • Warranty: 6 months + additional 6 months on registration

How good is iBell tawa to make roti?

If you are looking for a large tawa, iBELL IBLRT32 could be suitable for you. With a diameter of 32 cm, this is the best large roti tawa for households that have to prepare a lot of food, as it offers enough space to bake multiple rotis at once.

The three-layer non-stick coating on this tawa is highly durable and would last long despite frequent use. Besides making it easy to keep the tawa clean, reducing the oil needed while cooking.

The size of this roti tawa makes it suitable for cooking a variety of dishes, including pathiris and wafer-thin dosas. With Bakelite handles on either side, this tawa is entirely safe and convenient to use. The high-grade aluminum used to manufacture the utensil makes it surprisingly durable and long-lasting. You may use it regularly without having to worry about damages.


  • This pathiri tawa is quite large in size, making it ideal for large families.
  • Thanks to the three-layered non-stick coating, you wouldn’t have any trouble cleaning the tawa.
  • The design of this tawa is practical for preparing large dosas or multiple chapatis simultaneously.
  • One could put this tawa on a dishwasher to clean after use.
  • You would save gas and oil while cooking on this tawa.


  • As the tawa doesn’t have an induction base, you can use it only on gas stoves.
  • Constant use can cause the handles to get a bit too hot to touch.

What is iBell roti tawa worthy of?

If you are looking for a large tawa, iBELL IBLRT32 can be the right one for you in 2024. As long as you would be using it on a gas stove, this is a perfect tawa for roti and dosa that you would find out there.

6. Cello Hard Anodized Concave Roti/Paratha Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Concave
  • Diameter: 25 cm
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminum
  • Weight: ‎ 530 g
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Base: Gas stove compatible
  • Ideal for: Rotis, uthappams, parathas, aloo parathas, etc.

How good is Cello tawa to make paratha & roti?

While you are looking for the best tawa for roti, this one from Cello is worth checking out. With its decent chapati pan size and its concave shape, this tawa is suitable for cooking various dishes. Besides roti, you could also prepare uthappams and aloo parathas on this tawa, making it quite versatile.

This non-stick tawa also stands out due to its superior build and material quality. In addition to using high-quality aluminum, the brand has also anodized it to create an extremely tough surface. This ensures that the tawa would be pretty durable and wouldn’t suffer any damages even if you use metal utensils.

The concave design of the tawa would allow liquids to pool into the middle properly, making it especially suitable for omelets and other dishes. Besides the fact that the design of the handles makes it easy to hold the tawa while cooking, they are also perma-cool, hence, safe to touch. Although the handle is removable, the sturdy rivets made of stainless steel would keep them from coming off during use.


  • The concave shape of the tawa makes it particularly suitable for roti.
  • The tawa looks quite stylish and sleek.
  • Cello has added handles that are sturdy, stylish, and safe for use at the same time.
  • The tawa heats up quite fast, with even distribution of heat.


  • The tawa wouldn’t be compatible with induction cooktops.
  • Food may often stick to the tawa despite the non-stick layer.

What is Cello roti tawa worthy of?

Sleek, lightweight, and durable, this is one of the best roti tawas in India for households that cook on gas. Thanks to its compatibility with various dishes and the removable handles, it is easy to clean. While the tawa doesn’t have a flat base necessary for induction cooktops, its concave design is ideal for a number of dishes that you would cook on it.

7. Craftenka Traditional Iron Tawa

Craftenka Traditional Iron Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Concave
  • Diameter: 26 cm
  • Body Material: Iron
  • Handle Material: Wooden (5.5 inches length)
  • Weight: ‎ 1 Kg
  • Base: Works with gas stoves
  • Suitable for: Roti, paratha, tikki, tandoor roti, chapati, etc.

How good is Craftenka tawa to make roti?

This handmade iron tawa is excellent in terms of aesthetics, with a completely traditional look. The wooden handle not only adds to this traditional feel but also ensures that you would never burn your hand on a hot handle. Moreover, its weight is perfect for a tawa; light enough to handle easily and heavy enough to not slip out of position while cooking. Together with the thick wooden handle, this should allow excellent grip.

You may use the Craftenka traditional iron tawa for cooking a variety of dishes. Besides the essential functions like making rotis and parathas, this tawa is also perfect for sauteing, roasting, and grilling. Such a versatile utensil will undoubtedly be a great addition to your kitchen. The rugged and high-quality iron makes the tawa last long and serve you well for years.

With iron being the build material, the tawa lacks a non-stick coating. However, you could make up for this by seasoning it once in a while. While cooking acidic foods, seasoning is also necessary, as iron could react with them. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, as you might otherwise face problems.


  • This tawa is ergonomically terrific, ensuring convenient and easy handling.
  • The tough and high-quality iron used to manufacture the tawa makes it highly durable.
  • You will find detailed instructions from the manufacturer on taking proper care of the tawa.
  • The tawa heats fast and evenly.
  • You may use this tawa for a versatile range of uses.


  • There is no non-stick coating on this tawa, and you have to season it instead.
  • Not seasoning and cleaning the tawa properly can cause carbon residues to come off while using.
  • It is comparatively heavier in weight.

What is Craftenka roti tawa worthy of?

As long as having an induction base isn’t a vital necessity, you could go for this tawa. It is the best traditional iron tawa for roti regarding safety and ergonomics, mainly due to its design. However, as mentioned previously, you would have to closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

8. Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Concave
  • Diameter: 26 cm
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Handle Length: 17 cm
  • Weight: ‎ 1.87 Kg
  • Base: Gas oven compatible
  • Suitable for: Chapati, paratha, baking, searing, etc.

How good is Vinod tawa to make roti?

This tawa from Vinod is one of your most versatile options to make roti. Made from heavy-duty cast iron, the tawa has a long shelf life and can last generations. In case you are looking for a tawa without a non-stick coating to avoid potential health risks, cast iron is an excellent choice as its surface is naturally non-stick.

The tawa comes at a pre-seasoned state, so you may start using it right after unpacking. However, you have to season it occasionally to maintain the non-stick quality. For individuals cooking healthy food, a well-seasoned cast iron tawa is ideal. Besides cooking roti, you can also use this tawa for a wide range of purposes, including pan-frying, sauteing, baking, searing, etc. It would indeed be a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Though this cast iron tawa is heavyweight, it prevents from slipping out of position. It also comes with a canvas cover for the handles that would enable you to use the tawa safely while cooking. Because of these reasons, this product is also one of the best cast iron cookware available in the Indian market.


  • The tawa doesn’t bear the health risks of a non-stick coating that may come off.
  • You may use this tawa for a wide range of purposes.
  • This tawa is dishwasher compatible.
  • Tough and durable, the high-quality cast iron ensures long life.
  • The tawa is convenient to handle, thanks to its weight and design.


  • The heavyweight makes it less portable.
  • The handle without any insulating coating heats up faster and it is challenging to use when heated.

What is Vinod roti tawa worthy of?

The perks of this cast iron tawa are pretty evident, making it one of the best roti tawa for Indian homes. Its versatility is its most significant advantage, ensuring that the tawa can cater to your needs in various ways. Although the utensil lacks a non-stick coating and you would have to season it with vegetable oil occasionally. When the handle becomes hot, you can simply put on the canvas handle cover.

9. Amazon Brand – Solimo Hard Anodized Roti Tawa

Amazon Brand - Solimo Hard Anodized Roti Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Concave
  • Diameter: 27 cm
  • Body Material: Hard anodized aluminum
  • Handle Material: Wire handle with Bakelite sleeve
  • Weight:‎ 1.3 kg
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Base Compatibility: Gas stove
  • Ideal for: Roti, chapati, paratha, pancake, etc.

How good is this tawa to make roti?

With a diameter of 27 cm, this is a large tawa to make rotis for the entire family. The design of this tawa makes it look stylish and sleek and is also practical in terms of ease of use. The wire handle, for instance, makes it easy to get a good grip. You could also use the handle to hang the tawa from kitchen hooks. The thick cover over the handle would also protect your hand from burns, even when the handle heats up intensely.

The brand, Solimo, has quite a good reputation for quality. Each product undergoes thorough checks at every stage, starting from the materials. Hence, you may stay assured that you are purchasing a high-quality tawa that will last for a long time.

The 34-micron aluminum oxide layer on the tawa provides a non-toxic, non-reactive, and durable surface. In fact, this is an anodized surface, which makes it resistant to various forms of damage that could occur in the course of frequent usage.

The tawa is 4 mm in thickness and 1.6 mm deep, which is perfect considering the size of this tawa. With the high-quality material, such dimensions ensure even heating all over the tawa. You wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally burning your roti or chapati due to uneven heating.


  • The tawa is of excellent quality and would last quite a long.
  • Thanks to the practical design, you would find it easy to store and handle this tawa.
  • Tough and non-toxic, the non-stick layer on this tawa does not pose a health risk.
  • Bakelite sleeves on the handle would protect your hands while using the tawa.
  • The size of the tawa is quite large, making it ideal for individuals with a medium to large families.


  • This tawa isn’t great for making dosas, as they tend to stick to the cookware surface.
  • You might find it challenging to balance the tawa on a gas oven due to its build.
  • It does not work with induction cooktops.

What is this roti tawa worthy of?

The quality of this product is one of the biggest reasons you should consider choosing the best tawa. The high-grade anodized aluminum makes this tawa quite tough and long-lasting. Besides being convenient to use, the tawa would help you save gas through efficient and even heating.

10. Indus Valley Natural Cookware Pre-Seasoned Iron Tawa

Indus Valley Natural Cookware Pre-Seasoned Iron Tawa

Product highlights

  • Tawa Design: Concave
  • Diameter: 25 cm
  • Body Material: Cast iron
  • Non-stick coating: Natural non-stick
  • Handle length: 15.5 cm (wooden material)
  • Thickness: 1.88 mm
  • Weight:‎ 940 g
  • Base: Only compatible with gas stoves
  • Suitable for: Chapati, paratha, etc.

How good is Indus Valley tawa to make roti?

If you don’t use an induction cooktop or a dishwasher, this traditionally designed tawa is ideal for making roti, chapati, or paratha. The iron plate and the wooden handle together give the tawa a classy look. Moreover, the wooden handle ensures that you never have to worry about getting your hand burned on a hot handle while using the tawa.

The high quality material of Indus Valley iron tawa is one of its biggest advantages. Utensils made of iron are particularly suitable for sticking to healthy cooking practices. You do not have to worry about a non-stick coating coming off and entering your body with the food you eat. Instead, iron is an essential mineral, and small residues wouldn’t cause any harm. The quality of the iron used to manufacture this tawa is relatively high, thus making it highly durable.

While ordinary tawas never have a non-stick telfon coating, Indus Valley makes it non-stick by seasoning with oil. The manufacturer also offers step-by-step instructions on cleaning and maintaining your iron tawa for the best results.


  • The design of the handle makes it safe and convenient.
  • You need not worry about any health problems.
  • The tawa comes pre-seasoned by the manufacturer.
  • This tawa would have a long lifespan.
  • The weight of the tawa is perfect for easy handling.


  • The tawa does not have an induction bottom.
  • You cannot clean this tawa in a dishwasher.

What is Indus Valley roti tawa worthy of?

The most significant advantage of this tawa lies in its design. Even if you are new to using tawas, it won’t take you long to get the hang of it. The wooden handle offers a good grip and is heat resistant. If the best iron tawa for roti is what you are after, this would surely be one of your top options out there.

How have we picked, & why do we recommend these tawas?

making aloo paratha in a roti tawa

With so many options to choose from, picking the right tawa for your kitchen is indeed a daunting task. In our search for the best roti tawa in India, we have analyzed various products in-depth, paying attention to every detail. Here is how we have filtered our options and picked the top 10 tawas based on various relevant factors-

Types of tawa based on the purpose

You might have noticed that different tawas are suitable for different purposes. This is evident because of the various cooking procedures and the ingredients. For instance, a dosa tawa is particularly suitable for making dosa but not making roti. But most flat-shaped roti tawas are versatile that you can also use to cook paratha, chapati, or dosa.

While some of these, such as the granite tawa from Carote, are incredibly versatile, others are suitable only for a few primary purpose of cooking roti. You should consider these limitations carefully and ensure that the tawa you are buying would serve your purposes well.

Best tawa materials

The material of a tawa is another major aspect, as it determines the tawa’s durability, thermal efficiency, and non-stickiness. For instance, hard anodized aluminum tawas, such as the Hawkins Futura 24 cm roti tawa, are the most durable options.

Cast iron is a healthier option with a natural non-stick surface, but it is heavyweight and require you to season the tawa. Granite is excellent in terms of lifespan and aesthetics but its non-stick coating would be more prone to damage in case of poor handling and usage over 250°C temperature.

Diameter and thickness of roti tawa

One should also consider the dimensions of a tawa before purchasing it. Tawas are, after all, available in a variety of sizes. If you plan to use the tawa mostly for rotis and parathas, a smaller tawa will finely serve you.

However, to make dosas and pathiris, a larger tawa such as the iBELL IBLRT32 would be better. Pay attention to the diameter to ensure that you are indeed purchasing a tawa suitable for your kitchen.

You would also have to choose a tawa with the ideal thickness, like the Solimo Hard Anodized Aluminium Roti Tawa, 4 mm thick. While a tawa that is too thin would cause the food to burn, an excessively thick tawa would require more heat.

Ergonomic handle design, material, and size

Besides the plate of the tawa, its handle is an essential component too. Although many individuals overlook the importance of choosing a tawa with a good handle, this is a big mistake. A tawa with a well-designed handle would be much more convenient and safer to use, giving you a better grip. The cast iron tawa from Bergner Elements, for instance, comes with a handle with a silicone-covered ergonomic design.

You might also want to check out the handle’s material to ensure it is either heat resistant or comes with a jacket to protect your hands. For example, the Prestige aluminum hard anodized tawa above comes with a perma-cool handle, while the traditional tawas from Craftenka and Vinod legacy have wooden handles. Also, bear in mind that a tawa with a short handle can be hard to handle, so would be a tawa with an excessively long handle.

Weight and portability

The weight of a tawa is an exciting factor to take into consideration. On the one hand, heavier tawas are better as they do not slip away from position efficiently, and you would find it more comfortable to handle such a tawa. This is one of the reasons why iron and cast iron tawas have made it to the above list, besides the fact that they come with lower health risks.

However, a heavier tawa is also harder to carry around. In case an iron tawa is too heavy for you to handle or move around, go for a lightweight option like aluminum or the Carote non-stick flat dosa tawa made from granite.

Induction cooktop, gas stove, and dishwasher compatibility

Compatibility with your existing kitchen appliances is crucial to consider while buying a roti tawa. If you cook on a gas stove, almost any tawa should be fine. However, if you use an induction cooktop, you should only buy a tawa with an induction-compatible ferromagnetic flat base. This is why the iron tawa from Hawkins is the best induction-compatible tawa for roti besides using on a gas stove.

Only a selected range of utensils is compatible with dishwashers. If you use a dishwasher at home, you might want to buy a tawa that is dishwasher compatible. In this case, you may take hard anodized tawas out of the list entirely, as this material isn’t suitable for dishwashers. Purchasing a tawa that you can clean using your dishwasher would ensure a great deal of convenience for you.

Best tawa brands

If you are looking for a good quality tawa, choose from a manufacturer that has already built a good track record. The best brands for roti tawa in India are-

  • Hawkins: While Hawkins initially earned their name by offering the best pressure cookers in the Indian market, other cookware like tawas from this brand are pretty good too.
  • Prestige: Prestige is easily one of the most well-known names in the Indian kitchenware market, with its wide range of quality products and appliances.
  • Carote: Welling quality products in more than thirty countries around the globe, Carote holds a great reputation, particularly for their granite cookware.
  • Bergner: Bergner is one of the most reputed brands when it comes to cast iron cookware and crockery. If you are looking for the best cast iron tawa for roti, you could pick this brand without a second thought.
  • iBell: If you prefer well-established and comprehensive brands, iBell is an excellent choice. Their range of products includes high-quality cookware, crockery, and electronic kitchen appliances.

In addition to these brands, the others like Cello, Vinod, Craftenka are quite good options too.

Affordability/ price

Ultimately, it also comes down to pricing and affordability. A high-quality tawa would usually cost more, although a higher price tag does not always indicate a better product. You should be able to get the best tawa for chapati at a price ranging from ₹500 to ₹3000 approximately. In case you find two tawas to be very similar to each other, it would naturally be wiser to pick the cheaper one between the two.

making chapati paratha in a roti tawa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between roti tawa and dosa tawa?

While a roti tawa and a dosa tawa may appear similar, they differ in the ways of cooking and the required ingredients. Dosa batter is more liquid and flows freely on the cookware surface. If the tawa is concave, the batter concentrates in the center and makes the dosa thick in the middle and thin around the edges. For this reason, you should always choose a flat tawa for making dosa. On the other hand, roti, paratha, or chapati dough is more solid, and you can make them on both flat and concave tawas. Also, a dosa tawa must be non-stick, which is not essential for a roti tawa. So, choose a concave non-stick tawa if you are not planning to prepare dosa. A flat non-stick tawa is suitable for both roti and dosa. If you cook only roti, you can select a traditional iron tawa without a non-stick coating.

What dishes can you cook in a roti tawa?

The range of purposes for using your tawa depends on the tawa you pick. Considering that you get the roti tawa in terms of versatility, you could use it to make chapatis, parathas, dosas, phulkas, pathiris, snacks, and a variety of vegetable preparations.

What is anodized tawa?

An aluminum tawa is anodized by passing a high-voltage electric current through it while immersed in a chemical bath. It results in forming a tough layer of oxide that forms a hard, durable, and smooth coating over the metal. It is food-safe and durable.

What is granite tawa?

A granite tawa consists of a metal core coated with either Vitreous Enamel and/or Teflon (PTFE). While authentic and high-quality granite cookware is relatively safe for your health, be careful about brands that sell Teflon-coated utensils as granite.

Is non-stick tawa safe?

Although non-stick utensils are convenient to use and easy to clean, they are often a cause of potential health concerns. The main reason behind this is the presence of PFOA in the coating in the past. The disintegration of PFOA can release chemicals that are harmful for health. However, modern non-stick tawas from the leading brands are quite safe and free from such harmful chemicals.

Is iron tawa good for chapati?

The best iron tawa for roti would indeed be a good choice, thanks to the thermal properties of the metal. The iron heats up fast and retains heat relatively longer. Moreover, iron tawas have heavier bases than aluminum tawas, and this ensures a more uniform heat distribution and reduces the risks of accidentally burning your chapatis.

Which tawa is best for health?

If you are looking for a tawa to help you cook healthy food, any of the above products would be a good choice. An iron or cast iron tawa is usually a good choice, as iron is safe for health and minimal amounts of iron residues are beneficial. However, a tawa with a high-quality and food-grade non-stick layer would be a great option too. The non-stick layer reduces the amount of oil you need while cooking parathas or other dishes.

So, which is the best tawa to make roti, paratha, or chapati?

All the tawas listed in this article are excellent choices and suitable for most kitchens. However, to make it easy for you, we have further analyzed all ten and filtered them down to list the three best tawas. Whether you simply seek the a tawa for roti or also plan to use it for other purposes too, one of these would be a good option-

Top Pick: Hawkins Futura 24 cm roti and chapati Tawa

Manufactured by one of the leading kitchenware brands in India, this tawa is among the best in terms of quality. Not only is this tawa compatible with induction cooktops, but you may also use metal spoons and ladles on it without causing any damage. Moreover, despite coming from one of the most reputed brands, this tawa is quite pocket-friendly compared to some other alternatives.

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart | Hawkins Store

Runner Up: Carote non-stick flat roti and dosa tawa

Yet another induction-compatible tawa, this one stands out primarily due to its beautiful design. The granite finish and the stylish handle would make the tawa a great addition to a classy kitchen. However, this tawa is also a great pick in terms of functionality, thanks to its impressive non-stick performance and high-quality material.

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

Also good: Prestige Hard Anodized roti and paratha tawa

This hard anodized cookware can be your ideal non-stick tawa for roti in your kitchen if you are after durability. Its surface is resistant to damage and give the tawa a long lifespan. The size of this tawa also makes it suitable for most households, while its design gives it a sleek look. It is excellent in terms of ergonomics, too, with its low weight making it more portable.

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart | Prestige Store

You should now be able to choose the best tawa for roti in 2024 without any hassle. Check out all the relevant factors and make an informed decision to buy a tawa that would be great value for your money.

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