5 Best Hard Anodized Cookware Brands in India (2024)

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Every kitchen should come equipped with high-quality utensils. Gone are the days of struggling while cooking on plain aluminium cookware. Get your hands on hard-anodized cookware (Kadai, Tawa, Saucepan, etc.) because of its durability.

Each utensil has a premium anodized layer that perfectly retains the flavors. You will need minimal oil to cook, and they are free from all health risks. So, let us have a look at some of the best hard anodized cookware brands in India for 2024.

best hard anodized cookware brands in India

5 Best Brands for Hard Anodized Cookware in 2024

When it comes to buying a product, it is best to go for branded items. Cookware should always be a thoughtful investment for a well-equipped kitchen. Several great cookware brands in India sell Hard Anodized utensils. Some of them include:

1. Hawkins

Hawkins is a popular cookware brand that has been operating since 1959. The company does have a wide selection of cookware which includes a hard-anodized collection. Their catalog contains everything from stainless steel utensils to non-stick cookware sets. They excel in producing cookware which is typical to Indian households.

Hawkins maintains the durability of utensils by providing 3-layers of stainless steel. On top of that, they meet all health requirements to maintain safety.  The well-planned design assists in cooking delicious dishes. Apart from Futura, Hawkins has cookware collections called Tri-Ply and T-Pan.

Futura from Hawkins is the collection of cookware sets available in choices of hard-anodized and non-stick. These sets generally have a Tawa for roti/paratha/chapati/dosa, a frying pan, a deep fry pan, or Kadai. They have introduced cookware that is compatible both with gas stoves and induction stoves. You can trust them for their assurance of quality. Make sure to choose the sizes of the utensils according to your need.

2. Prestige

Presting is the best kitchen appliance brand in India. There can only be a handful of Indians who haven’t heard about Prestige. They produce several kinds of household items, but their cookware collections are amazing. If you have a quick look at their website, it will awe you with different collections.

As Prestige caters to the Indian market, they have utensils like Kadai, Tawa, saucepan, idli maker, and so on. So, your search for typical Indian cookware gets fulfilled with Prestige. If we come to the utensil collections, you can choose items according to their materials. Along with hard-anodized cookware, Prestige also stocks plain aluminium, die-cast, and stainless steel items.

Prestige has a wide range of cookware products. Some of their well-known categories include Magna, Omega, Granite, and Platina. All of them have some innovative twist which makes them stand out among other products. Hard Anodised Plus or HA Plus is one of the bestselling ranges from Prestige.

You can either get their hard-anodized utensils or go for the sets. Prestige has excellent customer service, and you get a 2-year warranty on each product. Another great thing is that the cookware is compatible with auto ignition gas stoves as well as inductions.

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3. Wonderchef

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has mesmerized most of us at some moment. Wonderchef is premium cookware and home appliance brand initiated by him. The brand focuses on an enhanced cooking experience with products that meet international standards.

The attractive design and feel of the cookware sets make Wonderchef stand out in the market.  Their wide range includes Indian style of utensils as well as internal styles. Wonderchef’s selling point has to be their appealing cookware sets.

You can get the utensils in materials such as stainless steel, non-stick, granite, and aluminium. As of now, they do not have any specific sets for hard-anodized utensils. But, you can get them in individual pieces. The Hard Anodized Aluminium Wok from Wonderchef is a fan favorite.

You can get the utensils in sizes of your choice, and each of them comes with five years of warranty. Wonderchef ‘s use of virgin aluminium assures the utensil’s quality and maintenance of health. The company does have customer service centers all over India.

4. Sumeet

Sumeet is another great Indian brand that has been available in the market since 1963. They are primarily known for their amazing food processors. Yet, the company has introduced itself to the cookware market with quality products.

Sumeet happens to have cookware sets that are perfect for Indian households. Their hard-anodized Tope sets are fabulous because of their durability and non-toxic nature. You can also find utensil sets with Kadai, frying pans, Tawa, etc. These sets often have cookware of various sizes that are compatible with gas stoves.

Cookware from Sumeet is lightweight, making them perfect for the modern kitchen. If you do not want granite sets, they also have the option of stainless steel or hard anodized sets.

We are particularly fond of Sumeet products because of their affordable price point. You can keep on using the utensils for ages, and also make use of the warranty in case of any issues. Former buyers are quite happy, and they are fond of Sumeet’s prompt customer service.

5. AmazonBasics – Solimo

Amazon has become a household name over the years. The e-commerce website lists almost everything that we can imagine. They are also known for bringing AmazonBasics, which is their home brand. In India, they sell under the name of Solimo, which consists of many household and office products.

It is evident for them to start selling cookware sets, and they have done a pretty good job. Most of their cookware sets are diverse and well-equipped with useful gears. They have non-stick, stainless steel as well as hard-anodized sets.

Amazon provides 2-year warranties on the cookware sets against manufacturing defects. The brand also takes care of providing unique design upliftments to utensils. They also assure you about providing amazing durable pieces at an affordable cost.

One can use the Solimo hard-anodized utensils on gas stoves as well as on inductions. Amazon has always had great customer service, so they are a call away from you.

So, here are some of the best hard anodized cookware brands that you will find in India. Most of these companies have a diverse range of products. Their cookware sets are a great way to get the most at an affordable cost. As you may have known by now, they cater to Indian households and their cuisines.  The utensils maintain their durability even after hours of usage on stoves.

Best Hard Anodized Cookware Sets in India (Review)

1. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Cookware Set

Key features

  • The set has 1 Tawa, 1 Frying Pan, 1 Deep-Fry Pan, and 1 Cook-n-serve bowl.
  • Compatible with both induction and gas stovetop.
  • Made from non-toxic and stain-resistant material.
  • Ergonomic handles are present on the utensils.
  • There is less heat damage due to the anodized layer.
  • Cooking is faster because of even heat distribution.
  • Its 60-micron thick Aluminum layer adds durability.
  • Hawkins provides a 5-Years warranty on the set.
  • The utensils are for everyday cooking.
  • One can use a metal spoon or ladle with utensils.

Superior Quality of Cookware

Hawkins is a well-known brand, and we do expect a lot from them. They have used 60-micron aluminium sheets in these utensils, which is great. As the utensils are anodized, they will last in the kitchen for a long time. On top of that, Hawkins tests each of their products to assure high quality. They even provide a 5-year warranty to ensure maintenance.

Perfect Cookware Set for Indian Homes

Some basic Indian dishes are made regularly in Indian kitchens. The inclusion of a Tawa is great because many family’s daily cooking rotis or chapatis. The Tawa can also be used for making dosas. The deep-fry pan or Kadai comes in handy to cook anything from curries to Dals.

Hawkins was also thoughtful to add a cook-n-serve bowl which allows for preparation as well as presentation. As many Indian dishes have a longer cooking time, the thick material ensures durability.

Brilliant Handy Design

Cooking is always improved through utensils that have a proper design. The Tawa present in this set is slightly curved, which allows you to make great rotis instead of using a separate roti maker. On top of that, each utensil has great ergonomically designed handles that help you to hold them.

The design of the frying pans helps the utensils to have even heating for faster cooking.  We do love the cook-n-serve bowl as it is perfect for Indian rice-based dishes, and it even has a lid.

Provides Faster and Healthier Cooking

Indians always have a concern about having healthier cooking options, and this anodized set makes it easier. As the utensils are black, heat gets transferred easily, leading to faster cooking. The cookware set helps you to cook in less oil.

This set is a boon for people who love crispy food as it provides them without needing too much oil. Hawkins also ensures that the utensils are non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry.


  • The material is durable and of great quality.
  • You can cook faster with utensils.
  • It is non-toxic as well as stain-proof.
  • One can use metal spoons and ladles.
  • Great for Indian households and their cuisines.
  • Ergonomic handles make cooking fun.
  • It can be used on stovetops and induction stoves.
  • Multiple utensils present in one set.
  • Hawkins provides a 5-years warranty.


  • It doesn’t come with a lid, but cooking in itself is fast.
  • The set is expensive because of its superior quality.

2. Prestige Hard Anodised Aluminium Magna Cookware Set

Key features

  • The set includes 1 fry pan, 1 kadai, 1 Omni Tawa, and 1 Tadka Pan.
  • Utensils have a proper non-stick layer.
  • 3 of the utensils are compatible with induction.
  • Metal spoon and ladle-friendly cookware set.
  • The set can be used daily on gas stoves.
  • Thick and durable body with scratch resistance.
  • Handles have a unique and comfortable design.
  • It is completely non-toxic and stain-resistant.
  • There is a shatter-free glass lid included.
  • Prestige provides a 2-year warranty.

Enhanced Non-Stick Layering

Don’t you feel agitated whenever a dish sticks to any cooking utensils? It is quite frustrating to get rid of the stains as well as the remnants. But, you do not need to struggle with these Prestige cookware utensils because of their non-stick layer.

Even the stickiest of food would not hug the utensil’s body. You can clean off the leftover on the utensil with a single wipe. The layer also helps you to cook, even without oil. Do not use any abrasive cleaner on the utensils, and they will last for a long time. We appreciate the presence of a non-stick layer which is seldom seen in similar hard-anodized products.

A Phenomenal Set of Utensils for Indian Cooking

Some typical Indian recipes require good utensils. The tadka pan present in this set is incredible. As Dal is a staple for most Indians, they will get to use it almost every day. The flat Tawa has a large diameter which is perfect for making crispy dosas and fluffy parathas. (Also Read: Best Dosa Tawa in India)

The hard-anodized set also comes with a glass lid. This helps you to keep an eye on the dish while it is cooking. As the Kadai is spacious, you will be able to cook amazing dishes every day. Because of the superior material, the utensils will last in your kitchen for a long time.

Compatible with Gas Stoves and Induction Cooktops

As many of us have electric cooktops as well as gas stoves, we want utensils that are compatible with both systems. Prestige does an amazing job of making this a reality by providing the utensils with an induction base. As the utensils contain several aluminium layers, it is great at standing heat.

The cookware holds its shape and quality irrespective of use on gas stoves or inductions.  But, the tadka pan should only be used on a gas stove. So, this cookware set is versatile when it comes to its usage.


  • Comes with a non-stick layer.
  • 4 hard-anodized utensils are included.
  • Compatible with induction and gas stoves.
  • The set comes with a glass lid.
  • It is durable because of the quality construction.
  • The handles make it easier to hold the cookware.
  • Specially curated for Indian households.
  • A metal ladle or spoon can be used.
  • This is non-toxic and stain-resistant.
  • Prestige provides a 2-year warranty.


  • Expensive set but you pay for amazing durable products.
  • The frying pan could have this list. Altogether, this information will help to buy a great hard-anodized cooking set which will be cherished in your kitchen.  been a tad bigger.

These two sets come from the best hard anodized cookware brands in India. We have chosen them as the sets are especially suited for Indian cooking and its special needs. You should check out the typical advantages and disadvantages of hard-anodized cookware.

What is Hard Anodized Cookware?

If one looks at social media, it is pretty evident that the lockdown has brought out our chef side. People are investing more effort and time in cooking and as such, they do need the proper and ideal cookware. Today, let us discuss the hard-anodized cookware.

The basic idea behind hard anodized cookware is to craft cooking utensils from a material that makes them scratch-free and durable. Aluminium is the most commonly used material in this mechanism.

To make the aluminium hard anodized, it is subjected to a chemical bath, and current is applied to it. The process results in the formation of oxide that is generated from the aluminium. It is this oxide that is responsible for making the aluminium hard and in the process resistant to corrosion.

Most of the good brands follow these steps precisely.

Now the questions arise, are hard anodized cookware safe?

Is it a better alternative to the other cookware available?

To answer the first question, the hard anodized cookware is perfectly safe for use. It is a valid concern amongst the consumers that the aluminium composition of the hard anodized cookware will react with the acidic foods and result in poisoning.

This is mainly observed in aluminium utensils that are not anodized. There is practically no health risk when you are using hard anodized cookware.

To answer the second question, indeed there are decent alternatives to the hard-anodized utensils. The likes of these include stainless steel utensils, non-stick utensils, and ceramic utensils, among others. Now the usefulness of each depends on the consumer and the mode in which they are being used.

However, there are indeed a few factors based on which each of these can be differentiated. We will take a look at the various features of all four shortly and will hopefully help you decide the better alternative.

advantages and disadvantages of hard anodized cookware

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hard Anodized Cookware

Every consumer product is like a coin. It has two sides, one being the advantages and the other being the disadvantages. No matter how well the product has been crafted, some demerits prevail and come into view from time to time. Hard anodized cookware is no exception.

Let us take a different approach to the subject and first discuss the hard anodized cookware advantages.

  • Generally, the hard anodized cookware is pretty hard. For comparison, they are twice as hard as stainless steel cookware. This grants them increased durability and scratch-resistant texture. It must, however, be mentioned that the quality of the cookware depends on the anodizing process.
  • This cookware is non-stick in nature. The non-stick characteristic of the cookware is attributed to the anodizing process that is used to craft them.
  • The hard anodized cookware is non-toxic as well. Despite the concern of the consumers that the cookware will react with acidic food, hard anodized cookware does not show any such behavior.
  • Since aluminium absorbs heat pretty quickly, the hard anodized cookware heats pretty fats. This significantly decreases the cooking time and hence results in a more efficient cooking process.
  • Overall, cookware is easy to clean. You can check the label for instructions on how to clean the cookware properly.

Those were the advantages of using hard anodized cookware. Now lets us take a look at the disadvantages of hard-anodized cookware.

  • It is a bit expensive to afford hard anodized cookware. For comparison, it is costlier than non-stick cookware. The high price is attributed to the tedious process that goes into the production of the cookware and the quality of the product.
  • High anodized cookware is not ideal for cooking on high heat. To rephrase, these utensils are capable of pretty heating fats, and you can cook efficiently in medium to medium-high heat. Hence, there is no need to preheat the cookware or cook in high heat as it will damage the cooking.
  • These products are not ideal for washing with a dishwasher. It ruins the texture and the properties of the cookware. You can, however, find some products that have been labeled dishwasher safe.
  • High anodized cookware is not at all safe for induction ovens. This is because of the overall mechanism of the induction cookers, which require the utensils to have a magnetic referral at the bottom.
safety for hard anodized cookware

Safety Concerns about Hard Anodized Cookware

Now we come to the safety concerns of hard-anodized cookware. As we have discussed so far, this cookware is crafted using aluminium. The primary concern of the consumers regarding the safety standard of hard anodized cookware is the use of aluminium.

Now, as we know, aluminium is not good for our health, but it is more harmful when present in excessive amounts in our bodies. Daily, we do take in a minimum quantity of aluminium.

For instance, foods like cake and cheese, medicines like aspirins, and antacids do contain a moderate amount of aluminium in their composition. Factory workers, for example, are breathers in the presence of aluminium dust as the result of the processing taking place.

This, however, is no excuse to use a harmful product. But when it comes to hard anodized cookware, it is entirely safe to use them. Consumers have the conception that the aluminium body will react with acidic foods like tomato sauce.

This is mostly observed in utensils that have been crafted with aluminium that is not anodized. Hence, getting certified anodized cookware will ensure the well-being of your health.

Additionally, aluminium absorbs heat pretty fast. This resulted in the cookware heating up pretty quickly which in turn can cause you harm when being subjected to high heat. Hence it is advised to proceed with the cooking with medium to medium-high heat when using hard anodized cookware.

Hard Anodized vs Stainless Steel vs Non-stick vs Ceramic Cookware

As mentioned before, the usefulness of each of these products depends on the consumer and the mode in which they are being used. Here let us just talk about the basic features of each type before we get into their differences.

By now, we are all pretty familiar with the hard-anodized cookware. These are crafted using aluminium after being subjected to the chemical bath and current.

Stainless steel cookware is created by combining steel with elements like chromium. This grants the cookware rust and corrosion-free texture. This cookware is more durable than the everyday iron cookware and is pretty much a household name. Generally, these are pretty safe to use and do not have the non-stick feature.

Much like the name suggests, non-stick cookware stands apart from the competition by guaranteeing that the food will not stick to the pan surface when it is being browned. This sole characteristic alone makes it pretty desirable among the consumers. But to preserve this characteristic, proper maintenance is required on the consumer’s part.

When we talk about ceramic cookware, we refer to utensils made of clay. In some instances, aluminium crafted utensils are covered with ceramic enamel. In both these cases, the cookware is kiln-baked and glazed before being made available to the consumers. This is very health-friendly and is mostly non-stick in nature. The healthy feature of this cookware has granted them the title of “green” cookware.

CookwareHard anodizedStainless steelNon-stickCeramic
Operating safetyMust be operated in medium to medium-high heat for safetyPretty safe to operate. Although frequent use of high temperature is not advisable.Safe to operate. Frequent use on high heat can damage the non-stick characteristic0Simple and secure to operate
Microwave compatibilitySome microwave ovens are compatible with aluminium pans, but generally, it is not advised that you use hard anodized cookware in microwave ovensOnly some convection microwave ovens are compatible with stainless steel cookware IncompatibleNot compatible with microwave ovens
Dishwasher compatibilityNot very compatible with dishwashersCompatible with dishwashersCompatible with dishwashers, but it is advised to wash them by handCompatible with dishwashers, but it is recommended to wash them by hand
Induction CompatibilityNot compatible with induction stovesCompatible with induction stovesCompatible with induction stovesCompatible with induction stoves
Effect on healthCompletely healthy to useCompletely healthy to useCompletely healthy to useCompletely healthy to use
DurabilityMost durable of the lotMore durable than non-stick cookwareLess durable than hard anodized cookwareLeast durable of the lot
Heat tolerance450oFDepends on the type of steel being used400oF850OF

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard Anodized Cookware

Can you use hard anodized cookware on an induction cooktop?

This is one of the hard anodized cookware disadvantages. You cannot use it on induction cooktops. This is mainly because the cookware which is suitable for being used on the induction cooktop has magnetic referrals at the bottom. This is most commonly noticed in stainless steel and non-stick cookware. Being crafted with aluminium, such a base is absent in the hard anodized cookware which makes them unsuitable to be used on induction cooktops.

Does hard anodized cookware leach aluminium?

This is one of the most common concerns regarding the safety of hard-anodized cookware. Being crafted with aluminium, consumers worry that aluminium will leach starts reacting with the food.
However, rest assured that the cookware is crafted in such a way that the aluminium is sealed and does not leach with the food. Hence your coking is entirely safe. This can, however, not be said about which are crafted using non-anodized aluminium.

How long does hard anodized cookware last?

One of the advantages of hard anodized cookware is the high durability that comes with it. Being crafted with anodized aluminium grants this cookware a long life. This long life will again be extended if proper care is taken of the cookware.
This includes proper storage and washing. Most of these utensils are not compatible with dishwashing liquids, and improper storage will only result in rust on the surface. This can be avoided by proper maintenance that will, in turn, increase the durability of the product.

Why is hard anodized cookware not dishwasher safe?

As we have seen before, the hard anodized cookware is not compatible with dishwashers. To be fair, some of the products are labeled dishwasher safe, but it is still advised by the experts to wash them by hand. This is mostly observed in the case of hard-anodized cookware.
They are not compatible because the dishwasher cycles corrode the surface of the cookware. Harsh detergent if used in the dishwasher can result in the cookware losing all its signature qualities. For instance, the body of the cookware will darken over time, and this will decrease the durability of the product.


That was pretty much everything that you need to know about hard anodized cookware. A lot of product options are available to select from in the market, and you can choose the ideal one as per your need in 2024. The goal of this article was to understand the various aspects of hard-anodized cookware brands and to answer the question are hard anodized cookware safe?

It is expected that throughout the discussion, most of your doubts have been answered and your concerns have been put to rest. If not, go through the article one more time. It is guaranteed that you will find what you are looking for in this article.

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