The Best Toilet Paper in India (2024) from Top Brands

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Whether it’s the bathroom, office, or home, we need soft toilet papers. In the market, you will get plenty of options for toilet tissues. Several brands offer good quality 3-4 ply toilet papers at an affordable budget.

The best toilet paper in India comes with the perfect softness, itching-free design, and better absorbing quality. Toilet paper or bath tissues are one of the most used items in every washroom.

Among several brands, Selpak produces the best quality toilet papers in India. This brand manufactures toilet papers with utmost care for providing the most comfort in 2024. We have also included other alternatives to this toilet paper brand. Now, let’s compare them.

best toilet papers in India

The Best Toilet Papers in India (2024)

Selpak Super Soft Toilet Paper3 Ply9950 g
Beco Bambooee Tissue Roll3 Ply8900 g
Amazon Brand - Solimo Toilet Paper3 Ply121.2 Kg
Origami Soft Toilet Tissue3 Ply 121.32 g
Paseo Bathroom Tissue3 Ply81 kg
Sofia Scented Toilet Paper3 Ply4391 g
Premier Toilet Tissue2 Ply121 Kg
Wintex Toilet Paper Rolls3 Ply 121.1 Kg
Rolia's Economy Toilet Roll2 Ply 6200 g
Maylo Toilet Roll3 Ply121.08 Kg

Reviews of the best toilet paper from top brands

1. Selpak Super Soft Toilet Paper

Selpak Super Soft Toilet Paper

Key features

  • The cushion effect ensures softness
  • Perfectly dissolves in water
  • A gentle touch with high absorption power
  • Excellent design for user convenience
  • Good quality meets users’ utmost comfort

Review of Selpak Super Soft Toilet Paper

Selpak super-soft toilet paper is perfect for every family’s hygiene. If you are concerned about your family’s health, you will like this toilet paper in the toilet. The smooth texture of the toilet paper offers a smooth feel and comfort to your skin. It is not only for elders, but you also can use it on children due to its unique design.

It is a 3 ply toilet paper that is perfect for all your hygiene requirements. So, for highly sensitive skins, you can rely on this product. The thick layer of Selpak toilet paper roll doesn’t stick to the users’ hands. Besides, due to the disposable design, you can flush it inside the pan.

The toilet paper not only gives you a soft and comfortable touch but also maintains hygiene as well. The light fragrance also helps to keep the washroom fresh and clean. Because of these great advantages, it is the best toilet paper in India.


  • It offers excellent quality at this price.
  • This tissue maintains hygiene.
  • The texture is thick enough.
  • Very soft and comfortable paper quality.
  • It is gentle to use.
  • You can easily dispose of it.


  • It could have been more absorbent.

What is Best About Selpak toilet paper?

The brand Selpak is well known for manufacturing soft and good-quality tissues. You will be amazed by the quality. Also, this toilet roll is determined to maintain your hygiene as well. So, if you want to get quality and comfort simultaneously, you should check out this awesome toilet paper.

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2. Beco Bamboo Tissue Paper Roll (3 Ply)

Beco Bambooee Tissue Paper Roll

Key features

  • 100% organic bamboo material makes it natural
  • Paraben, Chlorine, and BPA free tissue for sensitive skin
  • Complete natural brown color without any bleach
  • Suitable for all disposable system
  • Highly absorbent and biodegradable

Review of Beco Bamboo Toilet Paper

Are you looking for the best toilet paper for your sensitive skin?

If so, this toilet paper in the list can be perfect for you.

Beco is popular as India’s first eco-friendly tissue paper brand. Their toilet papers give complete user satisfaction with their soft and comfortable texture. The manufacturers use 100% organic bamboo to make this product.

The fast-growing grass gives a sustainable, natural alternative to the traditional tree-based toilet papers. Here, you will get 220 premium quality toilet paper sheets in a single pack. A reasonable advantage of the toilet paper is that it is completely chemical-free, including paraben, BPA, and chlorine.

Furthermore, the hypoallergenic materials don’t cause any rashes to your skin. Also, as Beco toilet paper is made of pure bamboo, there is no bleach used. Regenerative forest resources are used to make this paper, so it is environmentally safe.

The bamboo tissue roll is suitable for all disposal systems. It does not clog the drains, and it’s biodegradable as well. The eco-friendly and compostable nature gets the used toilet paper decomposed and dissolved in the soil within 2 to 6 months.


  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It offers premium paper quality.
  • This toilet roll doesn’t harm nature.
  • It has excellent absorbent power.
  • Best for sensitive skin.
  • You get enough quantity at this price.


  • Some users complained about a problem in tearing it up.

What Is Best About Beco Toilet Paper?

If you need soft textured toilet paper for the most comfort, you should choose this product. The eco-friendly and biodegradable nature makes it perfect for use. Moreover, this brand ensures the premium comfort of this toilet paper roll. So, to get quality with quantity, get this bamboo toilet roll. With non-GMO project verification, it ensures full honest transparency.

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3. Amazon Brand – Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper

Amazon Brand - Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper

Key features

  • 100 perfect natural components are used
  • 3 ply tissues with 160 sheets per roll
  • Quickly absorbs water and gets flushed easily
  • Free from optical brightening agent
  • Soft tissues for a smooth feel
  • The safe and hygienic choice for family

Review of Amazon Brand – Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper

While looking for premium toilet paper, Solimo offers the best quality in their toilet tissues. Each of the tissue papers gets manufactured through detailed quality checks.

The best thing is that this brand manufactures these premium quality tissues at a very affordable budget. Here, you will get the advantage of 100% natural virgin paper. Hence, these bathroom toilet paper rolls are very soft and highly absorbent. It absorbs the water quickly and gets flushed easily.

If you have soft skin and suffer from rashes, you surely can go for this product. Due to the purely natural elements, this toilet paper take care of skin. 

The entire package comes with 12 rolls of 160 sheets. So, here you get enough quantity as well. For the natural elements, it’s very hygienic for your family.


  • It is a value for money product.
  • The tissues are thick enough.
  • It absorbs water fast.
  • You can easily dispose of it.
  • These tissue papers are very hygienic.


  • The quality could have been better.
  • Due to thickness, some people may find it hard to tear.

What Is Best About Solimo Toilet Paper?

Solimo is such a brand that focuses on quality. It ensures customers’ utmost comfort. Also, these toilet papers are strong and useful, as well. It provides effective cleaning. This is one of the best toilet papers for standard Indian bathrooms.

4. Origami So.Soft 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper

Origami Soft 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper

Key features

  • Gentle softness for extreme comfort
  • Highly absorbent and disposable
  • Durable thickness ensures good quality
  • It ensures hygiene for the family
  • Suitable for home, office, and travel needs

Review of Origami Soft 3 Ply Toilet Tissue Paper

Origami brings this soft, absorbent, and economic toilet paper rolls to every user. These multipurpose tissues are perfect for office, home, travel, and party uses. These bathroom rolls are specially designed by keeping users’ convenience in mind. The brand ensures the tissues won’t get clogged as they are dispenser-friendly.

Manufacturers have used natural virgin paper to make these issues. Also, this toilet paper offer gentle softness. Hence, it ensures superior quality, along with hygiene. So, you will be completely satisfied with the quality.

The thickness of these bathroom rolls is durable enough. Apart from bathroom use, you also can use these toilet papers for sneezes, sniffles, and makeup removing purposes. Being one of the best toilet papers in India, it is highly disposable and absorbent as well. The manufacturer has designed this toilet tissue to keep hands clean by locking the moisture.


  • These tissue papers are budget-worthy.
  • It offers enough quantity.
  • The soft texture ensures users’ comfort.
  • You can use it for versatile purposes.
  • The thick texture is durable with better paper quality.


  • Quality needs improvement.

What Is Best About Origami So.Soft Toilet Paper?

If you need standard quality tissue, you should go for this specific brand. Also, it is easily disposable. So, you won’t get it difficult to dispose of these toilet paper rolls. The versatile purposes make this product perfect for all.

5. Paseo Bathroom Tissue Paper

Paseo Bathroom Tissue Paper

Key features

  • The natural virgin fiber material
  • Delightful touch for users’ comfort
  • Highly absorbent and thick
  • Free from optical brightening agent
  • 3 ply luxurious softness
  • The 3-ply texture ensures premium quality

Review of Paseo Bathroom Tissue Paper

If you are looking for a sensitive skin-friendly bathroom roll, this bathroom tissue will be ideal. The soft texture won’t make any rashes on your skin.This Paseo toilet paper is made of 100% natural virgin paper.

These toilet paper rolls have the strength and absorbency that ensures delightful touch. So users feel maximum comfort while cleaning after urination or defecation.

The quick-absorbing ability of this toilet paper lets you flush them easily. So, you can easily dispose of it, and it won’t get clogged in the drainage. T

This toilet roll is perfect for restaurants, tourists, institutions. Also, it is one of the best toilet papers for the home as well.


  • The quality is premium.
  • The soft texture makes it highly absorbent.
  • It is perfect for versatile uses.
  • These toilet tissues are great for all skins.
  • It is eco-friendly.


  • It could be thicker.

What Is Best About Paseo Toilet Paper?

Paseo is such a brand that is concerned about the quality of its products. Though the price is a bit high, you still don’t have to compromise with comfort. The soft cushiony feeling gives you a premium feel every time you use the toilet paper. Also, as it is eco-friendly, you can quickly dispose of it.

6. Sofia Scented Toilet Paper

Sofia Scented Toilet Paper

Key features

  • This 3-ply Toilet Paper makes your bathrooms elegant
  • It comes with natural soap scent and distinctive designs
  • Double micro technology provides a feather-like softness
  • It is skin-friendly and dermatologically tested
  • Pure cellulose with perfect perforations

Review of Sofia Scented Toilet Paper

While you are looking for premium quality toilet paper rolls, you can trust this brand. You will be amazed by the unique decorative texture of this toilet tissue. Being very friendly for every type of skin, it is one of India’s best toilet paper.

The unique texture of this toilet paper ensures maximum comfort for the users. Also, the micro absorbing technology provides an amazingly soft feeling on the skin. This product is capable of resisting water. The interesting part is that it gets melted quickly when you throw it in the pan.

The toilet paper also comes with a natural soap scent and elegant feather pattern. This unique design adds more elegance to your washroom. Moreover, the Istanbul Cerrahpasa Medical Facultydoes have dermatologically tested the color and the odor.


  • It offers a subtle fragrance.
  • The paper quality is excellent.
  • It is gentle to use.
  • The unique texture is skin-friendly.
  • It does not clog the drain.
  • The elegant feather pattern ensures comfort.


  • The price could be less.
  • The delivery process is not that good.

What Is Best About Sofia Toilet Paper?

The brand Sofia is well known for providing the highest quality with its products. Also, if you want your washroom to smell fresh, it will be useful. The toilet paper adds an elegant touch to your bathroom. If you’re going to get maximum comfort, you must get these issues. Undoubtedly, it’s the best toilet paper roll in India.

7. Premier Toilet Tissue Paper

Premier Toilet Tissue Paper

Key features

  • Soft to feel and high absorbent characteristics
  • Higher drying strength ensures fast absorption
  • Rapid dissolving and disintegrating features
  • Easy to dispose of after urination or defecation
  • Floral embossing pattern offers premium softness
  • Highly suitable for all types of cleaning purposes

Review of Premier Toilet Tissue Paper

If you’re searching for the cheapest toilet paper, Premier Toilet paper would be perfect for you. The above tissues are crafted with 100% pure natural fiber.

These toilet papers have the intensity and moisture absorption to guarantee a wonderful contact. These fibers promise suppleness. As a result, people feel the utmost ease when washing after defecation as well as urination. Being the best toilet paper in India, it can help your family with better care.

The length of this toilet paper is long enough. These wipes are sometimes used for sneezing, sniffing, and make-up removal requirements. Also, the rapid absorption capability of all these issues makes it easier to wash.

So, users can quickly discard it, and it won’t get stuck in the drainage outlets.


  • Soft and feels smooth while wiping.
  • Cleaning and disposing make it much more simple.
  • Helps in maintaining hygiene to the next level.
  • Absorbs moisture faster than other ordinary brands.
  • Ideal for kids and babies as the tissues are very smooth.


  • The quality of the paper needs improvement.
  • Not a 3-ply toilet paper.

What Is Best About Premier Toilet Paper?

If you need appropriate tissue at an affordable price, so you can go to this particular brand. It is easy to dispose of, too. So, you’re not going to find it impossible to discard such tissues. You may also use certain tissues for delicate skin. The flexible use of this tissue makes it great for everybody.

8. Wintex FAB 3 Ply Toilet Bathroom Paper Rolls

Wintex FAB 3 Ply Toilet Bathroom Paper Rolls

Key features

  • 100% virgin pulp tissue paper
  • Free from all types of OBAs
  • Superior recyclable properties
  • Offer extra thick and high absorbent features
  • No clogging drains as it easily dissolves in water
  • Minimal wastage as tissue roll is easy to tear
  • Comes with special micro embossing with 3 ply layers

Review of Wintex FAB 3 Ply Toilet Bathroom Paper

Wintex is prominent as India’s latest environmentally friendly product line. Such toilet papers offer full pleasure to customers with a smooth and convenient feel. The manufacturer utilize 100% natural wood to produce the tissue paper.

The unique qualities of the toilet paper roll guarantees most consumer satisfaction. Precision water absorption processing also offers a unique smoother texture to the skin. This item is prepared to accommodate moisture. The smartest thing is that it dissolves quickly whenever you drop it in the commode.

It arrives with a perfect essence of soap as well as an exquisite design of feathers. This innovative style brings added beauty to daily cleaning. This toilet paper is suitable for pubs, travelers, and corporations. Being one of the best toilet papers in India, use it at your home.


  • Extra absorption helps in fast wiping.
  • Natural virgin paper feels gentle on the skin.
  • Hygienically designed for safe and effective cleaning.
  • Eliminates clogging as the tissues dissolve entirely in water.
  • Free from toxic elements and all types of OBAs.


  • Not as awesome as the previous products.

What Is Best About Wintex Toilet Paper?

Wintex is a manufacturer that aims to improve quality. At such a price category, the above tissues guarantee high standards. Wintex offers toilet papers through effective inspection processes. It ensures the satisfaction of the users. Hence, you can try this item for regular bathrooms.

9. Rolia’s Economy 2 Ply Toilet Paper Roll

Rolia's Economy 2 Ply Toilet Paper Roll

Key features

  • Tissues are made up of 100% virgin paper pulp
  • Superior in absorbing water
  • Flushing the tissue is very easy as it dissolves in water
  • Safest and hygiene way of whipping mess
  • Soft tissues and feels smooth
  • Natural and free from toxic manufacturing elements

Review of Rolia’s Economy 2 Ply Toilet Paper

Roila’s offers gentle, easy to clean, and economical toilet paper rolls to every individual. This multifunctional tissue is ideal for workplace, house, traveling, including group usage.

This toilet paper is specifically built to keep consumers’ comfort into consideration. The manufacturer guarantees that the papers are not blocked up because they are gentle to the dispenser.

Manufacturers often use pure fibers to produce these products. It also guarantees outstanding consistency and sanitation. So, you’re going to be pleased with its offering.


  • Comfortable and delivers smooth wiping experience.
  • The texture is soft and safe for delicate skin.
  • 100% natural virgin paper makes it safe for health.
  • High absorbency and strength for better cleaning.
  • No rashes due to the soft texture.


  • Bit costly compared with other brands.
  • Packaging quality needs improvement.

what Is Best About Rolia’s Toilet Paper?

If you’d like smooth and soft toilet paper, you should go with this stuff. Its efficient and environmentally biodegradable aspect creates the potential to be used. Besides, Rolia’s ensures the superior quality of such tissues.

10. Maylo Toilet Paper Roll

Maylo Toilet Paper Roll

Key features

  • Made up of 100 percent pure cellulose
  • Soft and 3 ply features smoother experience
  • Perfect for wiping all types of mess
  • Absorbs faster compared to ordinary tissues
  • Suitable for kids and infants
  • Perfect perforations and ease of tearing
  • Superior quality direct from Turkey

Review of Maylo Toilet Paper

Maylo’s 100% natural toilet paper is ideal for a family’s basic hygiene. If you’re serious about your children’s health and safety, you need to buy these toilet tissues.

The smoothness of this toilet tissue paper gives your skin a luxurious feeling and relaxation. Not only for the aged, but users can also even use it for infants because of its soft surface.

This toilet paper comes with 3 ply design which is ideal for all your grooming necessities. Thus, you can solely rely on this brand for extremely sensitive skins.

It also provides a gentle and friendly touch; thus, it ensures cleanliness. Because of these reasons we have included this product in the list of the best toilet paper in India.


  • This brand offers high quality of wiping tissues.
  • Drying is very effective as the cellulose absorbs moisture.
  • For soft, delicate skin, it is beneficial.
  • These papers are easy to tear.
  • Smooth texture safe for everyone.


  • A little expensive.

What Is Best About Maylo Toilet Paper?

The Mayo group is widely recognized for offering the highest standard of its toilet papers. Even if you want your toilet to feel new, it will be beneficial in 2024. The superior materials bring an exquisite twist to your toilet paper.

Benefits of using toilet papers

If we travel in the time machine, we must see toilet paper used from the ancient ages in the world. In the 6th century AD, in medieval China, these tissues were invented.

Later, with the advancement of lifestyle, the whole world gets to know about toilet rolls. In every day’s busy schedule, we all must have the best toilet tissue paper in India.

This soft tissue helps you maintain hygiene after defecation or urination. Also, you can use toilet tissue papers to clean spills. Here are why you should buy toilet papers-

benefits of best toilet papers
  • Avoids direct contact

The first advantage of toilet paper is avoiding direct contact with wastage. So, you don’t need to touch the wastage after urination or defecation.

Most people find it uncomfortable to touch the wastage directly. Here, toilet paper can be beneficial. Also, it prevents the spread of baleful bacterias that can get spread to the mouth from the hand.

  • Suit the decoration

Every luxurious modern hotel uses bog paper for decoration purposes. Besides hotels, people also decorate their homes’ or office’s toilets with beautifully scented toilet rolls.

It gives a sophisticated touch and refreshes the washroom with a beautiful scent. Toilet papers are a fashionable way to maintain both decor and hygiene.

  • Easily disposable

Toilet papers are very disposable. It doesn’t clog your drainage system ever like the other alternative products.

Due to its lightweight, it gets disposed of so easily. Hence, it gets quickly passed through the drainage system when used after defecation or urination.

  • The perfect alternative to the traditional system

Worldwide, many people still use water to clean the anal area after defecation or urination. This way of cleaning wastes a lot of water and spreads harmful bacteria from the direct touch. Here, toilet papers work as a perfect alternative that saves both time and water.

  • Luxury and Comfort of best toilet papers

If you prefer a luxurious ambiance in your restroom, you must use toilet rolls. The beautiful fragrance makes your washroom fresh and gives a luxurious feeling. Moreover, it comes in different variants as aloe vera, which offers you a soothing feel.   

These are the most remarkable advantages of using toilet paper in the bathroom. Apart from them, some more benefits are-

  • It is easy to carry. So you can easily take it anywhere.
  • Toilet rolls help you to keep the bathroom fresh and dry.
  • Aromatic toilet tissues keep the ambiance fresh.
  • It’s quite user-friendly. 
buying guide for best toilet paper in India

How to choose the best Quality Toilet Paper in India?

For the availability of several tissue brands, you must know the product well you are buying. You need to consider a few essential things while you are looking for the best toilet paper in India.

Get an idea about the material

It is vital to consider when it is related to skin. Hence, before buying toilet paper, you must know the materials. Cellulose, wood pulp, and virgin pulp paper are common materials for making toilet rolls.

If you prefer soft tissue, you must go for the virgin pulp-made rolls. It ensures a comfortable touch every time you wipe it off.

Otherwise, you can go for the cellulose or wood pulp-made toilet rolls. It’s up to you which material you will choose according to your preference and needs.

Know your skin type

Many people suffer from skin rashes due to highly sensitive skin. Hence, rough toilet paper can create skin rashes. So, before purchasing, you must know your skin type.

To get rid of any skin rashes, you should get hypoallergenic toilet rolls. Presently manufacturers make the toilet rolls within, keeping users’ comfort in mind. Hence, you will get plenty of soft tissues for sensitive skin.

Different types of toilet papers

Toilet papers are classified according to the number of stacked sheets, called plies. A 1-ply toilet paper contains 1 sheet, a 2-ply toilet paper contains 2 sheets, and so on.

In the Indian market, toilet papers for up to 4 ply are available. If you buy it for an office or any commercial place, 1-ply toilet tissues will be enough. Otherwise, for home uses, 2-ply or 3-ply rolls will be convenient.

For this reason, you must know the use of purpose before buying anything. The same goes for toilet paper. First, you get the clear idea that you want toilet paper, tissue paper, or anything else related to toilet rolls.

One-ply toilet paper

These tissues are fragile. You can use them in offices or any commercial place. These toilet papers are very cost-effective but come with only one layer of the ply sheet.

Two-ply toilet paper

These rolls are made with two layers of ply sheets. Hence, it is thicker than the one-ply tissues. Usually, it is perfect for home use. It is a bit costlier than the one-ply papers. If you have skin problems, avoid these toilet rolls.

Three-ply toilet paper

These papers hold more water and work perfectly like absorbents. It offers you the most desirable results. Compared to two-ply tissues, it provides more tenderness. Most of the best toilet papers in India come with a 3-ply layer.

Unbleached toilet paper

These are also known as brown toilet rolls. Manufacturers use recycled materials to make these issues. The best part of these toilet papers are that they are eco-friendly. But the only problem is it is not that soft like the white toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper

The environment-friendly bamboo toilet papers are the most hypoallergenic. As these tissues are made of bamboo pulp, if you suffer from any skin allergies or have sensitive skin, you should choose it.

The bamboo toilet tissues are entirely free from BPA. So, you won’t see any chemicals or dyes in these toilet papers. Also, it is safe for the environment as the bamboo is cultivated as regenerative forest resources.

Most bamboo toilet papers come with 48 rolls, and every roll consists of 400 sheets of two-ply paper. (More information: Multirange)

Go for better feel and comfort

When you buy a toilet roll, you must go for those products that offer a better feel with the most comfort. Usually, these tissues are made of FSC certified wood pulp. Hence, they provide the utmost tenderness efficiently.

Manufacturers often use 100% of pulp while making these toilet tissues. Usually, it consists of pure pulp, fresh pulp, and virgin pulp.

Consider the softer cushiony feeling

As it is related to skin, you must consider the softer cushiony feeling while buying toilet paper. Many brands offer a smooth and cushiony feel.

If you have ‘sensitized skin’, you must get maximum comfort with such issues. Embossed toilet papers are manufactured with such a soft texture that ensures a cushiony feeling. Due to the uneven embossed surfaces, these tissues perfectly remove the dirt.

Don’t forget the packaging size

Before purchasing any particular brand, you must check the number of sheets. Don’t forget to check the packaging size as the cost also depends on the size. Moreover, the bigger the size will be, the less you need to buy.

Besides the size, also look at any available coupons. Sometimes the costs may be less per roll for a large package. But make sure to buy larger rolls as it will save money as well.

Check the strength of the toilet paper

You must check the strength of the paper that you are purchasing. You can get an idea about the tissue’s strength by studying the layers of the ply sheets.

For example, one-ply toilet papers are thin and excellent for commercial or office uses. Due to the one layer, these toilet papers are not that strong and thick.

Two-ply sheets are more substantial and thicker than 1-ply bathroom tissues. Yet, it feels a bit rough than the previous one. These toilet paper rolls are perfect for home use. Moreover, due to the soft texture, you can use it on sensitive skin also.

And, last comes the 3-ply toilet rolls. These are much thicker than the 1-ply and 2-ply rolls. But due to the high price, it is suitable for premium places.

Consider the added features

Finally, you should consider these additional features of the best toilet paper you are buying.

  • Size, weight, and dimension of the paper.
  • FSC certification.
  • Chemical and unbleached free assurance.
  • Septic safe and dyes free assurance.
  • For ultimate comfort, cushiony feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toilet Papers

Is toilet paper available in India?

Though using toilet papers is not that common in India with respect to the population, with gradual lifestyle improvement, people are using them nowadays. So, yes, the best toilet paper in India is available in both the online and offline marketplaces. So, you will get plenty of options for toilet rolls.

Is toilet paper a necessity or a luxury?

Toilet paper is a necessity. Both in western countries and India, these are quite available. For busy lifestyles, nowadays, bog papers have been very necessary for every household. It saves both time and water. And, how far is the luxury your concern? You can get scented toilet rolls as well.

How long can toilet paper last?

Your toilet paper’s longevity depends on the net quantity of the toilet roll you are using. For example, if you use toilet paper with 10 rolls and use the bathroom twice a day, the roll will last for two months. If you buy toilet paper of more than 10 pieces, it will last over 3 months.

What is a good substitute for toilet paper?

Though toilet papers are very useful, many people still can’t afford them for an excessive price. Some substitutes for toilet paper are baby wipes, bidets, sponges, washcloths, tissues, napkins, and towels. Yet, toilet rolls are the most hygienic option for cleaning wastage after defecation or urination.

How should you dispose of toilet paper?

Toilet papers are easily disposable. For disposing of, you can keep a small dustbin next to the washroom. There you can put the used toilet papers. If there is no waste bin, you can throw the used paper in the pan and flush it thoroughly. As these toilet tissue papers are disposable, they won’t clog the drainage also.

India’s best toilet papers: Conclusion

Nothing can be worse than a cheap toilet paper that feels rough and easily falls apart after use. Hence, you must get the suitable toilet paper roll for your home.

Also, make sure that the toilet paper you are using will be easily disposable and won’t clog the drainage system. Otherwise, it will be an extra headache to maintain the clogged pipes.

All toilet paper brands manufacture toilet paper rolls by testing dissolvability, absorbency, wet strength, and dry strength. They also measure the thickness of the papers for users’ utmost comfort.

Overall, To choose the best toilet paper in India, consider the aspects of the critical decision-making factors. The premium quality toilet papers give maximum comfort to users. Selpack, Beco, Origami, Paseo, Sofia, etc., are world-class brands for manufacturing toilet rolls.

All these brands manufacture with the topmost quality and ensure maximum comfort to users. You can choose any of these toilet paper rolls for the most reliable uses.

You can go through our comprehensive buying guide and have good toilet paper in 2024. These tissue papers are not only excellent in quality but also eco-friendly and easily disposable.

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