7 Best Tool Kits for Home Use in India (2024)

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Have you ever had a time when there was a dire need to drill a hole or fix a screw?

Most of the households lack the essential tools to do handiwork. We end up spending a lot of money on handymen. On top of that, they can be erratic, and at times their help is not needed at all. It is always good to develop a skill that can save you some money.

The best thing to do is to get a home tool kit. They come with necessary items like a drill and a screwdriver with different bits. These tools help you to fix things around the house. But that is only the start. If you get a tool kit, you are just a step away from saving a lot of money. Be it a loose screw or a need to install a new hook, you can do it in minutes.

The Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit is the best tool kit for home use in India for 2024. It isn’t overly professional, which works out great for beginners. Bosch being a trustable tools company has added all the necessary accessories. You can watch videos on the internet to learn the settings. Do not worry as it is a fuss-free kit that allows you to be more independent around the house. Let us know a bit more about good tool kits to find in the Indian market.

The 7 Best Tool Kits in India (2024)

Tool KitBest ForNo. of PiecesWarrantyScoreCheck Price
Bosch GSB 500W Professional Tool KitHome use1006 months9.4Amazon
iBELL 650W Professional Tool KitPower drill machine1156 months9.3Amazon
Bosch Hand Tool KitHome improvement works12No Warranty8.8Amazon
BLACK+DECKER Hand Tool KitGeneral household repairs1266 months8.9Amazon
Taparia Steel Socket Tool SetHome and car use, DIY works461 year8.6Amazon
THEMISTO Screwdriver SetLaptop and mobile phone repair27No Warranty8.5Amazon
Taparia Screw Driver SetMultipurpose use6No Warranty8.5Amazon

Reviews of the Best Tool Kits for Home Use

Reading reviews is the best way to start the journey of looking for any products. As we are talking about finding the most amazing tool kit for home use in India, we have done thorough research. We found tool kits that meet the quality, durability, and variety. Here we present a review of the best seven tool kits available in the Indian market. Top brand products are always our priority, so all of them have got that assurance. So, let us have a look at these amazing products.

1. Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit

Key features

  • It comes with about 100 tool pieces.
  • The toolbox weighs about 4.4 Kgs.
  • It works on wood, masonry, and metal.
  • All tools have an ergonomic design.
  • 500 watts is the power input of the drill.
  • The Chuck capacity of the drill is 1 to 10 mm.
  • The no-load speed range is 0 to 2600 rpm.
  • The tools come in a protected hard case.
  • Comes with a wrench and a spirit level.
  • Bosch provides a six months warranty.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

Are you looking forward to having a drill in your home?

If you want to work with masonry, metal, and wood, this is a great kit. It includes over a hundred pieces with different drill bits. The bits magnetically attach to them which creates a tight bond. It is a truly versatile tool kit that allows you to work around the house in peace. Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit is the best tool kit with drill for home use in India.

We also like the fact that Bosch cares to include a hammer, a wrench, a spirit level, and many more pieces. Many brands do not bother to add extra tools, but Bosch keeps you prepared. It is a great toolkit for a DIY worker. It is a great starter kit for anyone who is looking forward to learning a new skill.


  • The kit includes more than 100 pieces.
  • All of the bits are made of metal.
  • The tools come in a hardy case.
  • Many screws are included with it.
  • It is a beginner-friendly tool kit.
  • The drill can be used for different tasks.
  • It is a lightweight product.


  • A screwdriver isn’t included, you have to purchase it separately.

What is Best About this Tool Kit?

Bosch is a company that is trusted for making fantastic tools. They have made a reasonable kit that lets you work with ease. The tools are ergonomic which makes them comfortable. So, everyone and anyone can use the tools from this kit and do various tasks.

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2. IBELL 650W Professional Tool Kit

IBELL 650W Professional Tool Kit

Key features

  • The kit includes more than 115 tool pieces.
  • The drill can be used for wood, masonry, and metal.
  • Different screwdrivers are included in the kit.
  • The total weight of the kit is about 4.8 Kgs.
  • The no-load speed of the drill is about 0-2800 RPM.
  • Fisher and screws are included in the kit.
  • The chuck capacity of the drill is up to 24 mm.
  • The kit comes housed in a hard plastic case.
  • Spirit level and measuring tape are included.
  • iBell provides a warranty of six months.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

This iBell kit is great for those people who are looking for a wholesome kit. It includes everything from a power drill to a superior screwdriver set. The company has worked to make the kit as diverse as possible. It is equally good for working at home as well as for higher-level DIY projects. Measuring tools like a spirit level and a measuring tape are also included in the kit.

We are really picky about the quality of the tools. You have to be sure that the tools will last for a long time. Remain rest assured about this iBell tool kit because of the fabulous quality. Each metal tool has a hardened plastic cover for protection. Even the case is super handy and tough for better security against damage. If you are looking for the best tool kit with a power drill machine, it is a suitable choice.


  • The tool kit includes over 115 pieces.
  • It is a beginner-friendly tool kit.
  • A screwdriver set is included.
  • The satisfactory capacity of the drill’s chuck.
  • Fisher and screws are also included.
  • The tool kit is also good for DIY projects.
  • Good for wood, metal, and masonry work.


  • It is quite an expensive tool kit.


iBell might be a newer company but they have figured out the way to make a good product. The tool kit comes equipped with all the necessary things. Once you have it in your home repair work is going to be super easy. Because of its professional quality, it will also be quite durable.

3. Bosch Hand Tool Kit

Bosch Hand Tool Kit

Key features

  • This tool kit contains 12 pieces.
  • It has a total weight of 1 KG.
  • Seven screwdriver heads are there.
  • There is a three-meter measuring tape.
  • All tools have a rubber ergonomic grip.
  • It comes in a compact and handy size.
  • The tools come in a handy hard case.
  • There is a chrome finish on the tools.
  • The screwdriver bits are magnetic.
  • Tough metal is used to make the tools.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

The Bosch tool kit contains hand tools that are compact in size. They are great for doing work around the house, especially for beginners. If you have to assemble furniture or fix anything, then this tool kit comes in handy. The whole kit weighs just one kilogram which is amazing. We also like that it is a complete kit, so you do not need to buy extra pieces.

Bosch is known for maintaining quality, and you can feel that in this kit. They have provided us with extremely well-made tools. Each piece is coated with plastic and has a rubberized grip. They also have a chrome finish to protect them from rusting in the future. It is the best tool kit for regular home improvement tasks including repairing of cycle, bike and cars.


  • It contains twelve tool pieces.
  • The kit is compact in its size.
  • The tools are very lightweight.
  • It comes with a hand-plastic box.
  • Screw bits are magnetic in nature.
  • Tools also have a rubberized grip.
  • It is a beginner-friendly kit.


  • No warranty is available.


Are you looking for a good kit for small repair works? If yes, then this Bosch kit is a great option for you. It contains all the possible hand tools that you might need. The tool kit is also quite lightweight so it wouldn’t bother you much.

4. BLACK+DECKER Hand Tool Kit


Key features

  • An adjustable spanner is there in it.
  • 2.39 KG is the total weight of the kit.
  • Two types of pliers are provided.
  • An LED torchlight is included in the kit.
  • The handsaw has a carbon steel blade.
  • Different screwdrivers are included.
  • Comes in a hard black plastic case.
  • Screws and pins are also included in it.
  • The brand provides a six-month warranty.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

When you are buying a tool kit, quality is always a priority. But, at the same time, you want the product to be fairly priced. Black and Decker has created such a toolkit that is exceptional and affordable. All the tools are made from good quality steel and they have comfortable grips. Being one of the best tool kits for home use in India, you get all 126 pieces at an affordable price.

There can be several reasons for which you may want to buy a tool kit. Black and Decker has figured out some common needs and created this kit. It has everything from different screwdrivers to a hammer and different bits. At the same time, there is a handsaw and an LED torch. So it keeps you covered for all types of tasks.


  • There are 126 pieces in this kit.
  • Several types of screwdrivers are present.
  • The durability of the tools is great.
  • Comes in a handy plastic case.
  • A handsaw is included in the kit.
  • It is a lightweight and compact kit.
  • Good for the beginners in tools.
  • A black tape has also been given.


  • Doesn’t include a drill machine.
  • Screw heads are not magnetic.


Black and Decker is an international brand that is known for its power tools. It is a complete kit that is great for beginners and DIY enthusiasts. You can rest assured about the amazing quality. As an all-in-one kit, it does stand out among other options.

5. Taparia Steel Socket Tool Set

Taparia Steel Socket Tool Set

Key features

  • This set contains 46 tool pieces.
  • All of the bits are made of steel.
  • Made for professional and home use.
  • The whole kit weighs about 500 gms.
  • Comes in an attractive plastic case.
  • 20x20x5 cm is the dimension of the box.
  • 1/4 Square ratchet is included in it.
  • There are three extension bars.
  • Different bits are provided in the case.
  • A manufacturing warranty is provided.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

Do you want to fix your motorcycle or work on electronics?

If yes, then this kit from Taparia is the best option for you. The well-made screwdriver along with the ratchet makes it the perfect kit. Due to the compact size, the tools are extra handy for beginners.

We will always recommend you to get metal tools because they are hardy. Taparia has worked beautifully to create this compact and reliable tool kit. Each of the 42 pieces is made with care to last for a long time.


  • The tools are well-made.
  • There is a variety in the bits.
  • The ratchet handle is gripped. 
  • Tools come enclosed in a case.
  • It is a fairly priced tool kit.
  • The tools are lightweight.


  • Much information about the warranty isn’t given, but they do cover it.
  • Tools might be small for professional use.


Taparia has made this high-rated tool kit, especially for beginners. People can use it to learn new skills and also fix things around the house. Try your hands at this compact and durable tool kit for great results.

6. THEMISTO 27 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

THEMISTO 27 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Key features

  • The set has 27 tool pieces.
  • It weighs just 110 grams.
  • It is made for deep hole screws.
  • Two mobile openers are also there.
  • Aviation aluminum makes up the grip.
  • Comes in a portable leather bag.
  • Screw heads are magnetic in nature.
  • 11.1 x 7.7 x 2.7 cm is the dimension.
  • The tool kit is made in India.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

Are you someone who likes to work with mobiles, tablets, or laptops?

If yes, then you must be looking for a suitable screwdriver kit. Themisto has specially made this to be used with deep screws. The magnetic head bits make sure that you get done with the job as quickly as possible. For these reasons, it is the best tool kit for repairing laptops and other electronic gadgets.

The kit is quite small because it is made specifically for pesky screws. The kit is great for tech enthusiasts and for those who work with spectacles or watches. It is a multi-purpose kit that is durable and useful for many. The company also includes mobile openers that are quite handy.


  • The kit weighs just 110 grams.
  • It is a compact tool kit.
  • The handle is made from aluminum.
  • A great kit for deep hole screws.
  • The leather case is of good quality.
  • It has an affordable price.


  • A fantastic product, but the warranty would have been good.
  • Themisto is a new company, but the tool is great.


Many people like to work with mobiles or watches. But, they often look for a good tool kit for 2024. Their search ends with the Themisto kit as it is fabulous. The handy size and good quality instantly make it a must-have product.

7. Taparia Screw Driver Set

Taparia Screw Driver Set

Key features

  • There are six tool pieces in this set.
  • It contains different screwdriver heads.
  • The handle is made from CA plastic.
  • 230 Grams is the weight of the kit.
  • 13.8 x 5.5 x 2.8 cm is the product dimension.
  • The handle has a neon bulb.
  • It does work as a tester for electricity.
  • Tools come in a hard yellow case.
  • The handle of the screwdriver is non-flammable.
  • The handle is designed for a better grip.

Why is this tool kit good for home use?

Rather than going for an elaborate kit, you may need a simple screwdriver set. It has the usual screw heads that you might need. There is also an extension bar to provide better usability. The tips are also magnetic which helps in attaching to the screws.

The handle of a screwdriver is very important. You want something comfortable to hold, especially while working for a long time. Taparia has done a good job in building an ergonomic plastic handle. The plastic is non-flammable and safe.


  • It is a fuss-free tool kit.
  • The bits have a magnetic end.
  • The handle provides a better grip.
  • It includes an electricity tester.
  • It is a lightweight kit.
  • The company has set an affordable price.


  • No warranty available.
  • It is only a basic tool kit.


If you are looking for a simple tool kit, then this is a great one from Taparia. It does the job well without needing you to spend a tonne of money. We especially like the quality of the tools which make the kit sturdy and durable.

Worthiness of best tool kit for home use

Why should you buy the best tool kit?

We do think that a tool kit should be present in every household. But, What is the actual reason to get one? So, we have noted some points like usability, quality, etc. which will help you understand. It is always better to get the best one available in the market. Look for durability and usefulness as you need to make a good investment. So, let us know more about the importance of getting the best tool kit for home use.

An All-In-One Kit for Households

No one likes to assemble a tonne of tools that won’t be used ever again. The best toolkit has the adaptability to adjust according to the need. Branded tool kits always come with all the necessary tools and accessories. So, you wouldn’t need to search or go buy different parts according to other kits. All you have to do is select the best one to get the most use out of it.

Save a Lot of Money

You save a lot of money right from the moment you buy the tool kit. As you are purchasing an entire set, it doesn’t cost a lot. On top of that, you will save a lot of money usually spent on handymen. Learn the necessary repair techniques, and you are good to go.

Become a DIY Master

Are you keen on trying several DIY projects? If yes, then tool kits are a great way to start. You get almost all the necessary tools needed to work on a project. It actually helps you to develop a new skill. You will find yourself making things that usually cost a lot of money. Make the right at your home and impress everyone.

Do Neat Repair Work Yourself

Whenever there is a repair need in our home, we need to call a professional. They, of course, know their work, but it costs you a lot of money. At times the work is as small as a loose screw that can be easily fixed by you. A quality toolkit can assist you in doing these works as smoothly as possible.

Get into Repairing and Customizing Electronics

Many people like to customize their laptops and phones. They often lack the tools as individual ones might be expensive. A good tool kit can help them dabble into electronics without getting broken. We will recommend them to get a toolkit that suits their purpose for the best experience.

Comes with Assurance of Quality and Durability

The best thing about a useful toolkit is its assurance of quality. It should have all the necessary tools and accessories that people usually use. As it is an on-time investment, the brands also make these tools as durable as possible. When you pick an excellent tool kit, you get a reliable repair friend for a long time.

Buying guide for best tool kits in India

How to choose the best tool kit for your home?

When you are in the market to buy a tool kit, you will become overwhelmed with options. Having a choice is always good, but it can also be confusing. So, we have done our research to come up with ten essential points. These factors will guide you to choose the best tool kit for yourself. Remember that the criteria can change according to your need. But, it definitely works as a guide for your purchase. So, the ten crucial points include.

Assess your need

Even before you search for a toolkit, assimilate your need for one. Sometimes your work will need you to make a particular tool kit. So, it is always better to make a list of things you want to do. A person who mostly works with concrete will always want a professional tool kit. So, assess the needs to make sure that a home tool kit is the best choice for you.

Types of Work Supported by the Tool Kit

Before you get the toolkit, make sure that it is suitable for the work you want to do. Most tool kits will expand their usefulness. Try to look for a kit that can work with wood, concrete, and metals. These kits are great for use around the house.

Number of Pieces

The best thing about tool kits is the variety of items included in it. But, you need to check if the bits will turn out to be helpful for your work. The different pieces should be useful and match the usual sizes of gauges required for work. Most brands include a good variety, but you should always cross-check. The variety of tools also acts as a good point for comparison between kits.

Material of Tools

What are the materials used to make the tools? This is a pretty important question to ask whenever you are buying a tool kit. The material brings the assurance of durability. As you are investing in a kit, it should have the capability to remain useful for a long time. Stainless steel is always a sign of good tools. Look for additional qualities like anti-rusting or anti-corrosion.

Quality of the Box

You need to keep in mind that a kit is nothing without the box. The tools are kept in the box for safety and assurance. It should be of good quality so that it protects the tools. We would recommend you to look for a handy box that can be carried from one place to another.

Ease of Use

You do not want overly complicated tools. Yes, it is always good to have professional quality items. But, you wouldn’t need to work on learning a completely new skill. So, look for tool kits that are good for beginners. It will give you a base to work with ease and get you started on a skill.

Branded Toolkit

We will always recommend you to buy branded items. Yes, there are local tool kits that are easily available in the market. But, most of them are not up to the mark. Brands like Bosch are known for making great tools. So, when they assemble a tool kit, you can rely on them.


Most companies will provide a one-year warranty on their tool kits. A warranty always keeps your back, so we definitely want you to avail of it. Look for toolkits that have a better warranty as it helps you a lot. Check the warranty policies of a specific company and then make the purchase. Some brands even provide extra warranty benefits on some of the tools.


Make a budget for the tool kit. We can never tell you enough about the benefits of having a budget. Having a set price range allows you to search intelligently. You do not need to spend extra on a tool kit if it isn’t in use regularly. So, do the calculations and reach a budget range. It is always better to stay within that range and never go above that.

Read Reviews and Compare the Tool kits

You should always check out the opinion of others about a particular tool kit. Oftentimes, professionals comment on the tool kits that they like. So, check out the reviews posted by people who have used the product. Along with that, we will also recommend you to compare between products. Proper comparison will let you know more about an item along with its actual value. Have a look at all the points and make your wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about tool kits

We do realize that everyone has some common questions about getting a toolkit. So, we have gathered some of them to provide suitable answers. Our review section and the other sections also try to answer the most important questions about the best home tool kits.

What are the best brands for a tool kit?

Brands are important while getting a tool kit because of their quality. Some of the brands that we like include Bosch, Black+Decker, Taparia, and iBell. They are known for their great products in the Indian market. We have included some of the most amazing tool kits made by them in our review list. They make durable products as well as provide a nice warranty.

Can these tool kits be used for home use?

Definitely, we have included tool kits that are good for home use. These toolkits include a lot of tools that are handy around the house. Most home use tool kits save you a lot of money, and you can also learn something new. Make sure to check out tool kits that are specifically for home use for the best products. On top of that, the tools inside them can also be used for heavy work.

What is special about the best tool kit?

The best tool kit is all about quality and the variety of assistance for home use. In our list, the Bosch GSB 500W 10 RE Professional Tool Kit is the best one. It comes with more than a hundred phenomenal pieces. It comes in a tough plastic case that protects the tool. They even add useful screws so that you can get started on projects.

Are these tool kits magnetic?

We haven’t included magnetic tool kits on our list. But, there are some great options available in the market. Specifically, look for magnetic tool kits or screwdriver kits. We can assure you that the toolkits included in the review list are of great quality.

Can these tool kits be used commercially?

The toolkits are of great quality, so they can be used for professional use. They are meant for professionals as well as for home use. But, if you want something niche, then go for specific tool kits. We have tried to include those tool kits that will come to help everyone. They are good for people who want to do repair work as well as some professional work.

India’s Best tool Kits: Conclusion

Ultimately, we can say that you should choose the best tool kit in the Indian market based on its quality. You will get a lot of options in 2024, so you need to be careful about the choice. We have done proper research to bring you those toolkits that will add benefit.

Just make sure to follow the points that we have mentioned to look for a kit of your own. Keeping a tool kit at your home has become a necessity. These kits will allow you to repair work without any problem. We will suggest you learn the skills when you get the equipment for the best results.

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