Washing Machine Powder vs Liquid Detergent – Comparison

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First-time washing machine users come across a dilemma as to the kind of detergent they should use. Using either of them can be based on a person’s preferences, budget, nature of the stand, et cetera. You can find two types of detergents for washing machines-

  • Washing Powder
  • Liquid Detergent

If you already have switched to automatic washing machines, using incompatible detergents could leave white residues on the fabric. Alternatively, liquid detergents can be used instead of powder detergents. Laundry detergent is the type of detergent used for cleaning laundry detergent is manufactured in powder and liquid form. Before comparing washing machine powder vs liquid detergent, let us know about the importance and usabilities of the two.

What is the significance of a Liquid Detergent?

washing machine liquid detergent

Liquid detergents the first used as a medium to wash slightly soiled clothes softly. These best liquid detergents, although expensive, are very much effective in washing the clothes while maintaining their original texture too.

The liquid detergents can dissolve very easily and completely without leaving any residue, unlike the powder detergents.

This is the reason why washing clothes using liquid detergents is much easier and effective.

In the market, liquid detergents are available for both front and top loading washing machines.

The main focus behind manufacturing liquid detergent is that just by dissolving the liquid detergent in little water these detergents can clean any garment in the washing machine extremely quickly and flawlessly.

Importance of washing machine powder

A wide variety of best-quality washing machine powders can be located in the Indian market, and are easily available. All of them serve the same purpose and have a very similar formulation.  In fact, washing powders have been used for not only washing clothes but also for washing dishes. This is because it is extremely cheap and also easily available in the market.

Moreover, the detergent powder also uses one or more abrasives, which are insoluble solids. These insoluble abrasives are what give a rough and rugged texture to the detergent powder. Since they aren’t dissolvable, they help rub against the clothes in the washing machine, and as cleaning any kind of stains very easily.

washing powder

However, the disadvantage of these abrasives clearly is that they cause considerable damage to clothes, especially the sensitive ones, as the extra and excessive rubbing of abrasive against the garments can cause gradual wear and tear which can destroy the garments in a few washes.

Another disadvantage of washing powder is that it can have an allergic reaction to people with sensitive skin, especially if you are an allergy-prone person. A good quality washing powder dissolves well and this does not cause a major issue in washing the clothes.

Washing powders are available for the top load as well as front load washing machines that you can easily get from the market. They are also suitable for semi automatic washing machines.

washing machine powder vs liquid detergent

Comparison between washing machine powder and liquid detergent

Liquid detergents are easily soluble in water and thus can dissolve very quickly.The washing machine detergent powders take a longer time to dissolve in water and do not dissolve completely.
Liquid detergents help wash garments very quickly.Washing machine powders take a longer time than liquid detergent to wash garments.
The liquid detergents are used best for lightly soiled clothes or regular washing of garments.Washing machine powders work best in removing stains, greases, and body odor.
Not harsh on garments.Harsh on garments.
It does not damage any clothes.The presence of abrasives damages the clothes.
It does not use any abrasives.Uses abrasives in the powder.  
Compared to powder detergents, these liquid detergents are expensive.They are extremely cheap to use.
Can be used in quick pre-absorbing of garments.The pre-absorbing can be done, but it takes time.
Does not have any effects on the skin of the user.It can be harmful to persons with sensitive skin, especially those who are prone to allergies.
Does not include any harmful fillers.It uses fillers like salts, chloramines or sulfates, that are used to bulk your detergent powder.


After comparing washing machine powder vs liquid detergent, we can say that both are beneficial and effective and have their own benefits. But they do differ to some extent in terms of applicability, usability, ability to dissolve fast, and cleaning efficiency.

In our opinion, liquid detergents are better than washing powders as they are easier to use and dissolve in no time, helping to wash clothes very quickly. However, A good quality powder detergent also works wonders and is more effective in getting rid of any kind of stains and even washing away soft body odors from your garments. Moreover, it can also be stored easily without any spillage.

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