Agitator Vs. Impeller Washing Machine – Which is Better?

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Whenever you are thinking about buying a washing machine, the first thing that you need to do is to choose between the two most popular technologies of washing machines. They are agitator washers and impeller washing machines.

An agitator washing machine made its place in the market long back. In comparison, the impeller washing machines are new in the market. It was introduced to the users almost 15 years ago. Every washing machine manufacturers produce both types of washing machines. Both agitator washing machines and impeller washing machines offer a whole lot of exciting features. But, these two washing machines have entirely different types of washing styles. 

Agitator washing machines have a central agitator in the washing tub that twists to help the clothes to get rid of stains and dirt. On the other hand, impeller washing machines mainly spins the water at a rapid pace to rub the clothes to get clean clothes. Some prefer to choose an impeller washing machine, while others prefer the agitator washing machine over the impeller washing machine.

In this article, we are going to compare both agitator and impeller washing machines in detail. So, let’s get straight into it without any further delay and understand agitator vs. impeller washing machine features.

What is an Agitator washing machine?

An agitator washing machine is a type of washing machine which uses an agitator bar to wash clothes. In the upcoming part, we will discuss the details about the agitator washing machines with pros and cons. 

agitator washing machine

How does an agitator washing machine work?

Inside the drum of a semi-automatic washing machine, a spindle-like structure is built right at the center, known as an agitator. Fins or vanes remain attached to the agitator. When the agitator moves during machine wash, the clothes will also thoroughly move along with the water. Thus, it removes the dirt particles or any kind of stains from the clothes. Most of the best semi-automatic washing machines have an agitator system.

Nowadays, washing machines are equipped with more than one mode of washing. The speed at which the agitator will move inside the agitator depends entirely on the wash mode that a person will select while washing. So, it’s up to the washing machine owner to choose whether they want a delicate wash or a standard wash. In most washing machines, we see that the agitators are hard on any type of clothes.  

Pros of Agitator Washing machines

  • Because of the presence of vanes or fins in the agitator, all the clothes you will put inside the washing machine will get an equal quantity of water and detergent. So, you can wash the clothes properly and faster.
  • The rotating movement created by the agitator inside the washing machine helps to get rid of dust particles and stains from the clothes more effectively. 
  • Agitator washing machines can clean clothes at a rapid pace, so the energy consumption is less. 

Cons of agitator washing machines

  • The space inside the agitator washing machines is less compared to the impeller washing machine due to the presence of the agitator column. So, it is challenging to wash pillows, blankets, and other bulky items in it. 
  • Clothes inside the washing machine might get snagged and torn with the agitator. 

What are Impeller washing machines?

An impeller washing machine is a type of washing machine which uses an impeller to wash clothes. In the following section, we will talk about more details of impeller washing machines with benefits and drawbacks.

impeller washing machine

How does impeller washing machines work?

In some of the washing machines, the agitator is replaced with a rotating hub called an impeller. You can see such an impeller mostly on the fully automatic top load washing machines. Vanes are also present in an impeller, just like an agitator. After turning the washing machine on, the vanes will create a sort of turbulent current using the water you put inside the machine for washing. You can wash all the clothes automatically due to the turbulent current present in the water.

The impeller also requires less amount of space inside of a washing machine. So, you can wash more clothes at a time, and the loading process will also be more manageable. 

Pros of impeller washing machines

The impeller washing machine has its own sets of advantages.

  • Washing machines having an impeller inside the washing tub prevents any kind of rough contact with the surface of the clothes. Thus, the smoothness and the color remain the same even after several washes. 
  • Due to the smaller size of an impeller compared to the agitator, you can put more clothes in the washing basket. You can wash even the bulky pieces of items such as blankets and pillows without any difficulties. 
  • Less water is used in the washing process, and thus the energy consumption is low in the impeller washing machines. 

Cons of impeller washing machines

As we have discussed the advantages of impeller washing machines, now let’s look at the disadvantages of this type of washing machine.

  • As compared to the agitator washing machine, the washing is gentle. So, sometimes the dirt and stains remain on the clothes.
  • The washing machine might lose its balance if the clothes get twisted as the spinning rate is very high in the impeller washing machines. 

agitator vs impeller washing machine

Agitator Vs. Impeller Washing Machines

TopicAgitator Washing MachineImpeller Washing Machine
Washing TechnologyWater gets recirculated after every rinsing cycle.The clothes get soaked with the water once it gets in once and for all.
Washing CapacityThe wash basket is smaller in size restricting the washing capacity.The Wash basket is larger in size with a higher washing capacity.
Working MethodWhen the motor rotates, the agitator twists and rubs the clothes hard.It works by rubbing the clothes gently using the impeller.
CostThe price of an agitator washing machine varies between 10000 INR and 30000 INR.The price of an impeller washing machine varies between 15000 INR and 30000 INR.
Energy ConsumptionConsumes less energy compared to an impeller washing machine.Consumes more energy compared to an agitator washing machine.
Wash CycleLess time is taken to wash clothes.More time is taken to wash clothes compared to an agitator washing machine.
Space RequirementThe size of an agitator washing machine is slightly bigger than the impeller washing machine.Impeller washing machines require a smaller space compared to agitator machines.
Washing QualityThe agitator system vigorously washes clothes that can get dull after several washes.In comparison to the agitator washing machine, clothes are not heavily squeezed in an impeller washing machine.
Type of ClothesLarge items like blankets and pillows cannot be washed in an agitator washing machine.Any cloth can be washed with ease.
Water ConsumptionRequires less amount of water to wash clothes.Washing clothes in an impeller washing machine requires more water in comparison to the agitator washing machine.

Differences between Agitator and Impeller Washing Machines

The comparison table between agitator vs. impeller washing machine is prepared based on several features. In this part of the article, we are going to discuss all the points in detail.

Agitator vs. Impeller – Which is more advanced in technology?

In both the washing machines, the clothes automatically get rinsed with water. After every wash cycle, the machine recirculates the water for a smooth cleaning of garments. Once the water gets inside the washing machine, there is no need for you to put extra water inside the washing machine. 

When it comes to the output, cleaning clothes in agitator washing machines may damage the clothes due to the rigorous movement of the agitator. On the other hand, impeller washing machines do not harm the clothes anyway. Most of these washing machines come with the additional benefits of inverter technology.

Winner: Impeller Washing Machines

Which washing machine has a higher washing capacity?

The washtub inside the washing machine is more extensive in the impeller washing machine models than the agitator washing machines. It happens due to the presence of the agitator at the center of the wash basket of these machines.

On the other hand, there is no such agitator present in the impeller washing machine. Instead of that, a rotating hub-like structure with vanes is available, known as an impeller. That is why the space inside of the impeller washing machine is more. 

Winner: Impeller Washing Machines

Agitator or Impeller washing machine – which works better?

An agitator washing machine rubs the clothes a hard way in the agitator washing machine. On the other hand, the impeller washing machine is gentle for washing clothes. In both the washers, vanes are present, but you can observe the difference in washing style due to the structure. 

Winner: Impeller Washing Machines

Which washing machine is cheaper in the price?

An impeller washing machine usually has a price of between 15000 INR to 30000 INR. The price of an impeller washing machine varies from 5000 INR to 20000 INR. Price of any washing machine depends on the features that it offers. Brands that are making the washing machines also play a significant role in determining the market value of a product. The larger the capacity of any of the washing machines, the more it will cost. 

Winner: Agitator Washing Machines

Agitator vs. Impeller washing machines: Energy Consumption

Less energy is consumed by an agitator washing machine as the washing is hard. On the contrary, a washing machine containing an impeller consumes more power due to the gentle style. Look for the energy rating attached to the product to know how much energy efficiency the product offers. Power efficiency is a crucial point of comparison between agitator and impeller washers.

Winner: Agitator Washing Machines

Which washing machine has a faster wash cycle?

An agitator gets rid of dust and stains from the clothes more efficiently. Even the toughest stains can be removed without much effort. Sometimes an impeller washing machine shows the inability to eliminate tough stains such as coffee stains and ink stains. In short, we can say that an agitator washing machine takes less time to wash dirty clothes in comparison to an impeller washing machine. 

Winner: Agitator Washing Machines

Agitator or Impeller washing machine : Space Requirement

The size of the washing machine depends on the capacity of the washing machine to wash clothes at a time. Always check the space you have in your house to store any of these washing machines before buying one. 

Agitator washing machines usually need more space to fit in. On the other hand, impeller washing machines need slightly less space.

Winner: Impeller Washing Machines

Which washing machine has a better washing quality?

As an agitator rubs the clothes inside the washing machine hard, the fabric often gets damaged. The color of the piece of clothing also fades away. This is not the case with impeller washing machines. It washes the clothes by creating a turbine of water and the current caused by it inside the washing machine. As the rubbing is gentle, the fabric and the color of delicate clothes remain intact even after multiple times of washing. 

Winner: Impeller Washing Machines

Agitator vs. impeller washing machines – Compatibility of clothings

You will find it challenging to wash bulky items such as pillows and blankets in an agitator washing machine simply due to the presence of an agitator in the product. You will not face this problem with an impeller washing machine as no such agitator is present in this. Instead of that, an impeller with a rotating structure with vanes is present in the impeller washing machine. You can wash all essential pieces of clothing using the impeller washing machines. 

Winner: Impeller Washing Machines

Which washing machine needs less water?

An agitator washing machine requires less amount of water due to the hardstyle of washing. The gentle way of washing clothes in the impeller washing machine needs more water.

Winner: Agitator Washing Machines

Agitator or Impeller washing machine – Which is better?

Now, as we have reached the end of this article and have compared both these products now, it is time to find out which one is better for you. Both agitator and impeller-based washing machines come with various modern features. All these features are proven to be helpful when you plan to do laundry. Whether you are cleaning sweaty clothes or getting rid of any kind of stains from the clothes, both these washing machines can prove helpful. 

You can get the job done without taking any kind of stress at all. In the above section, we have discussed the efficiency, performance, energy consumption, capacity, and several other factors of both types of products. Though they are highly similar, you should choose the one according to your choice and needs. But always keep your washing style in mind to choose the right one for your home. Whether from an online or offline store, whenever you plan to buy a product, keep all these points in mind. Happy Shopping!

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