Benefits of Smart Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

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The human brain is the smartest known object in existence. And with each passing day, we use this object to modify the technology and appliances around us. The latest addition to this list is the smart inverter technology in washing machines.

Washing machines are appliances common in every corner of the world. So what is this new inverter technology it is using? And how exactly does it benefit us?

Today’s discussion will shed light on these aspects. It will also provide you all the necessary answers. So read along as we find out what an inverter washing machine is?

What is inverter technology in washing machines?

Firstly, let’s clear out one thing. A washing machine equipped with inverter technology does not mean it works using an inverter. The real thing is, in fact, far from that.

Inverter technology gets integrated into washing machines to limit power consumption. As a result, the power consumed by the appliance during operation depends on the load.

The load we put in our washing machines is not the same every day. Hence, we require technology that does consume the same amount of power every day.

Therefore, washing machines with inverters is the wrong concept. Instead, it is the washing machines using smarter technology,  As a result, it delivers a more efficient performance. Some of the best front loading washing machines in India are built with inverter technology.

inverter technology in washing machines

Working principle of inverter washing machine

Working with a regular washing machine involves a lot of parts. For instance, belts and gears connected with the motor form the crux of the device. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get a noise-free performance.

The working method

Integrating smart inverter technology in washing machines reduces all that. Firstly, the appliance uses sensors to determine the load. Based on that, the machine determines the required optimum power and water consumption.

We do not have the same load for the washing machine every day. So, the variable power consumption saves a lot in the bills.

Also, the bulkier brushless motor does not use belts and gears in this case. Instead, technology does the job. As a result, you get a significantly noise-free washing process.

The outcome

Even today, in many middle-class families, owning a washing machine is a luxury. Add to this the massive bills due to operating the device. In such scenarios, the inverter technology is a welcome change.

These variants are indeed comparatively more expensive than the normal ones. However, you can think of it as a one-time smart investment.

Benefits of smart inverter technology in washing machines

Now, why would a customer opt for a product if it does not have any benefits? As is evident by now, there are quite a few benefits of having inverter technology in washing machines. Let’s list them down one by one.

The Advantages

  • The primary working part of a washing machine that uses inverter technology is the motor. These motors are brushless and are capable of delivering efficient performance. The sensors present in the motor identify the amount of load in the machine. Based on this data, the power is consumed as required. As a result, power consumption is kept under check.
  • As a direct result of the limited power consumption, the electric bills reduce significantly. This is a significant benefit for every user, especially those from the middle class.
  • The motors present in these washing machines, as mentioned before, are brushless. As a result, their work involves significantly lesser parts. For instance, no belts and gears are driving them.
    This aspect reduces the risks of the device malfunctioning. Also the frequency of servicing necessary gets reduced. To sum up, you end up with a very durable appliance.
  • A primary principle that the devices follow is delivery more by doing less. That is to say; you get a more efficient performance with lesser noise produced.
    The decreased noise is a result of the lesser number of parts involved in the working. Like most modern appliances, this is a welcome change for a washing machine as well.
  • Inverter washing machines are very durable. Therefore, the manufacturing brands provide extended warranty on them. So, you are covered for a longer time on damages and maintenance than the normal variants.

Inverter vs. non-inverter washing machine

One can only determine how good a product is when it gets compared with a competitor. This is why many of the manufacturers of the best top load washing machines in India equip their products with inverter technology. So, let’s look at how an inverter washing machine is different from a non-inverter variant.

Inverter washing machines               Non-inverter washing machines
The motors are bulkier and brushless.The motors are less bulkier.
The power consumption of the appliance varies as per the load capacity.The power consumption of the appliance is the same irrespective of the load capacity.
Parts like gears and belts are absent.Parts like gears and belts are present.
The performance of the appliance is noise-free.The appliance produces noise during operation.
You get an extended warranty on the appliance.You get a standard warranty on the appliance.
Washing machines with inverter technology are more expensive.Non-inverter washing machines are comparatively less expensive.
The appliance is more durable and requires less frequent maintenance.The appliance is less durable and requires more frequent maintenance for the different parts.
Sensors are present in the appliance.Sensors are absent in the appliance.

Brands for inverter washing machine

Washing machines equipped with inverter technology are available today in all the standard variants. For instance, you can get either the top-loading or the front-loading one. Similarly, there is a choice between fully automatic or semi-automatic functionality.

inverter washing machines

The brands

Today, quite a few manufacturing brands integrate inverter technology into washing machines. And this list includes big names as well. For example, brands like Bosch, LG, Samsung, etc. are the pioneers in these fields.

A lot of other manufacturers are joining the trend. So it is very likely that the appliances will be available at an affordable price soon. Such brands include Whirlpool, Midea, among others.

Your role

All you need to do is determine whether the features provided in a particular product serve your requirements. Only then will you be able to make the ideal purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an inverter washing machine mean?

An inverter washing machine is a washing machine variant that uses inverter technology. This technology is primarily present in the motors, that is to say, the appliance’s working. By using this technology, the machine consumes different amounts of power based on load capacity. As a result, the working of the device is efficient and noise-free as well.

Is an inverter washing machine good to buy?

More than good, it is very smart to buy an inverter washing machine. The working principle of the appliance is such that it consumes lesser power than the normal ones. In addition to this, you get the same model features and options as that of a standard washing machine. So, you get a device that is efficient in both its functioning and performance. Can it get any better than this?

Does the inverter washing machine save electricity?

Inverter washing machines do save a lot of electricity. Firstly, the sensors in the device identify the amount of load put in. Based on this data, an optimum amount of power is consumed when the machine is operating. As a result, you are saving a lot of electricity. And you can spot the efficient products of the device on the electric bills as well.

So, should you get an inverter washing machine?

The addition of smart inverter technology in washing machines is a revolution in itself. Likewise, many more appliances will receive this intelligent touch over the coming years. As a result, washing machines will grow even better.

Hence, it is a great time to become an owner of the devices and make a smart choice. At a glance, these washing machines can appear costly. But the price gets repaid with your savings each month on the electric bill.

The situation is simply an all-win one for you. So, go ahead and choose an ideal product.

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