Can You Use Non-Induction Cookware On Induction Cooktops? A Definitive Guide

Nowadays, cooking tasty food is not only easy but having that safe and healthy diet is the very first thing people prefer. To live and follow a modern, healthier, and safer lifestyle, induction cooktops are the best options people prefer over normal gases for cooking purposes.

This is because they are easier to cook over, easier to clean, and, most importantly, they are safer to use. They don’t heat up if placed under a cooler area.

From older times we are using many different materials for our cookware for cooking purposes.  We always look for a certain solution while buying a cookware product and that is, it should be efficient for us.

Also, it should be affordable for us at a reasonable price. Among different material-based cookware, aluminum-based cookware is an important one. It’s of no surprise to anyone or us that aluminum is a widely used metal. Besides being the most abundant metal out there, it is very strong, lightweight, versatile, a good thermal conductor, and recyclable.

In this article, you will learn to use non-induction cookware like aluminum utensils on Induction cooktops.

using non-induction aluminium cookware on induction coktop

Why cannot you use Non-Induction utensils directly on an induction cooktop?

Today, aluminum has become the most common non-induction metal for cooking utensils by far. Right from earlier times, people have been using aluminum utensils for cooking purposes.  However, these are known to be non-induction cookware that doesn’t work over your induction cooktop when put on the cooktop directly.

We use various types of cookware for everyday cooking, be it induction or non-induction cookware. Available at an affordable rate, most people using utensils from earlier years have non-induction cookware. They are mostly made of aluminum, copper, bronze, or glass.  But, are non-induction cookware compatible with modern induction cooktops?

Induction cooktops only work with those utensils which are made up of magnetic material and aluminum is definitely not one such material. This magnetic material is of importance to induction cookware as it produces heat only when the utensils are made of magnetic material that generates heat via electromagnetism. So, this is how the magnetic material plays a role and makes the induction cooktop work.

The relation between the magnetic material and induction works as the coil placed underneath your induction cookware helps in producing heat. This coil produces a magnetic field which by inducting with the ferromagnetic material of your utensils produces heat which allows your food to cook well.

This happens when the magnetic field produced by the induction cooktop generates an electric current to flow in the cookware. This electric current resistive produces friction causing heat to develop.

Using the non-induction cookware over the induction cooktops to cook food will not allow the heat to pass as there is no electromagnetic induction between these two, making your food sticky and toxic. This is due to the unequal passing of heat results in the production of different harmful gases.

So, if you are in doubt about how to cook food on induction cooktops using non-induction utensils, then you are on the right page. Are you worried about buying an induction cooktop or not or using non-induction cookware? Here is the solution to help you with this.

How to use the non-induction cookware on the induction cooktop?

aluminium cookware on induction cooktop

Using an induction cooktop comes with many benefits.

It is also a spot of attraction for people because it’s fascinating to look wise, coming in various colors and power consumption capacities.

However, Aluminium utensils are not made of a material that is magnetic in nature and thus cannot be directly used over induction cooktops.

But this doesn’t mean that induction cooktops work only for induction cookware. Think about buying the much costlier induction cookware than these non-induction ones to be used over indication tops.

You can use this non-induction categorized aluminum utensils or cookware to cook your favorite dishes over the induction cooktops.

A converter disk is the best solution you have to cook food using non-induction cookware over induction cooktops. The purpose of this disk is that it is used as a converter for those appliances which are not induction compatible. Talking about the converter disk is flat and smooth and is made up of iron or stainless steel. Having a safe heatproof handle helps in distributing heat evenly throughout the cookware.

Converter Disk for Induction Cooktops

To cook food using this non-induction cookware, place this converter disk over the top of the induction cooktop. You can use any non-induction cookware of your choice may it be aluminum or copper or any glass-made utensil.

There is no chance of slipping this disk from the induction cooktop because if it’s heavyweight and thinly structured, it fits perfectly between the non-induction cookware and the induction cooktop. The converter disk works by establishing the magnetic field produced by the induction cooktop you are using.

Now, this converter starts converting this magnetic field of the cooktop into heat. This heat generated by the converter now transfers into your cookware allowing your food to cook. 

Converter disk is easily available in the markets which are not only efficient in cooking food over induction cooktops but are affordable for people who cannot buy this costlier induction cookware.


Every problem has an alternative solution. Here, the converter disk is probably deemed to be the best to work over the non-induction cookware.

If you are thinking about a long-term solution then induction cookware is the best one to use on induction cooktops. They show superior performance and are efficient than compatible cookware with the converter disk as they do not lead to heating of the induction cookware.

Available at a reasonable rate, this compatible cookware using a converter disk is the best alternative for cooking food over your induction cooktop.

If you are already having non-induction cookware, then buy the converter disk, which is the ultimate solution. It is helpful to your cooking and is easily available in different colors in the market.

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