8 Best Hard Water Softener in India (2024) for Home Use

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Do you know that the hard water at your home can harm your hair and skin?

Be it the bathroom shower or tap in the kitchen, the plumbing may get clogged due to excessive iron and other heavy minerals. Passing such kind of water to appliances like washing machine, water purifier or dishwasher can reduce their life.

Hard water contains a large amount of bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates of calcium and magnesium. If 1 liter of water contains more than 60 mg of calcium carbonate, it can be considered hard water.

In India, we often find the concentration of calcium carbonate as high as 180 ppm at some locations. To solve this problem, a water softener can be a great savior for you. It is a simple and small water filtration system for your entire house. The best hard water softener in India helps in reducing the hardness of the water economically.

Several brands manufacture water softeners in the Indian market. Among all of them, our best pick for 2024 is the Water Science CLEO SFU-717 Shower & Tap Filter. It is excellent with its four-layer filtration system. This softener is renowned for its performance.

You may feel tired of the stubborn stains that occur due to hard water use. But, it’s time to get rid of them. We have also listed other useful water softeners with high efficiency.

To know how to choose the best water softener, we highly recommend reading the Buying Guide. It includes crucial information on softeners that you may like to know.

best water softener in India

Best Water Softeners in India (2024)

Water Science Shower & Tap Filter2 Years500 gAmazon
D’Cal Hard Water SoftenerNone600 gAmazon
Riversoft Shower And Tap Filter1 Year320 gAmazon
Purifit Washing Machine FilterNone540 gAmazon
WaterScience Multi-Flow Shower Filter5 Years after registration720 gAmazon
AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter2 Years (Showerhead), 3 months (Cartridge)820 gAmazon
Waterscience Washing Machine Filter1 Year249 gAmazon
Auur Fuze Shower And Tap Filter6 Months500 gAmazon

best Hard Water Softeners for Home use in India

1. Water Science Shower & Tap Filter

Water Science Shower & Tap Filter

Key features

  • Superior handling Conditioning
  • Micro sleeve layer
  • Effective chlorine removal
  • Infused carbon Nano layer
  • KDF Technology
  • Easy Self-Installation

Water Science CLEO introduces you to the best economical water softening system. It provides the most comfortable wellness living experience. The softener is available in polished silver and a pearl white color. Consider both these colors as the perfect colors for an immersive environment.

It ends up making the water clear, filtered, and safe. Thus, it improves the potency of both hair and clothes. The softener filters the groundwater by using a four-layer filtration process. It assures that the water you use is the safest one. It also offers you no more dissolved toxic elements.

The water filter offers a system to balance hard water. It also delivers contaminant-free water for household usage. The device is effective in lowering the lime concentration.

This product also has a chloride reduction coating. It eliminates up to 90 percent of the chloride dissolved in the water.

This water softener includes a Nano silver-carbon coating that plays a significant role in its performance. It is good in extracting contaminants from wastewater and also removes the pungent odor.

The product not only works with faucets but also with all handheld and rooftop shower stalls. The cartridge has a lifespan of 25000 liters of water that is almost 2 times more than its rivals.

The refill lasts up to six months. If you have a large family and use a lot of water, you may need to replace the cartridge sooner. The life of the cartridge also depends upon the quality of the water. The harder the water is, the lesser will be the longevity.

You can use this system for bathroom taps, showerheads, and washing machines too. It involves no plumbing cost as you just need to fit it on the tap.


  • It delivers chlorine-free water (up to 90%).
  • Protects skin and other water appliances.
  • Saves installation charges.
  • Reduce all harmful minerals.
  • It has a huge capacity.


  • It doesn’t lower the TDS count.
  • No indicators are available.

What is Best About this Water softener?

This water filtration system functions with warm water along with the regular one. It delivers the best possible user experience. Water Science’s CLEO SFU-717 is a great innovation to mitigate the impact of hard water. It also has outstanding feedback from consumers. Hence, it is one of the best water softeners in India for 2024.

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2. D’Cal Best Hard Water Softener

D'Cal Plastic Hard Water Softener

Key features

  • Elegant and attractive yellowish color
  • No corrosive material
  • Best suited for every house
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Long-life performance

D’CAL water softeners offer a unique way to filter the water most safely. It is one of the greatest innovations in the market for water softeners.

This water softener measures 100 mm x 100 mm x 300 mm. It is a lightweight water softener weighing around 600 grams. For this reason, anyone can handle it easily.

The patented technology of this water softener ensures the masking of calcium ions by making them neutral. So, using it on the tap will reduce the negative effects of hard water.

This water softener does not reduce the TDS but eliminates the effect of hard water. It is very convenient to use and wallet-friendly.

For assembly, no technician is mandatory. As it does not need electricity, it won’t increase your power billings. It reduces internal damages and rusting inside your costly home appliances.


  • It lasts for 10-12 months on average.
  • Protects your clothes and skin.
  • Zero water wastage.
  • It doesn’t cause corrosion.
  • No extra electricity is needed.


  • It does not filter the debris present in the water.
  • No warranty available.

What is Best About this Water softener?

It guarantees long life and can last up to 12 months comfortably. The D’Cal water softener already received a great reputation from the consumers. Also, it is affordable enough.

3. Riversoft Shower And Tap Filter

RIVERSOFT SF-15 PRO Abs Shower And Tap Filter

Key features

  • RiverSoft proprietary technology
  • 15 stage filtrations
  • High capacity
  • KDF and active carbon
  • Calcium Sulphate and Vitamin C
  • Chrome-plated design

Dry skin and hair fall is a common issue of every people nowadays due to hard water. RIVERSOFT SF-15 Pro shower tap filter works excellent to solve such problems. This water softener makes your water clean by removing harmful chemicals from the water. It reduces hard salts, Chlorine, bacteria, and heavy metals from the water.

For efficiency, you surely can consider it as the best water softener for the home in India. This water softener solves Chlorine inhalation, which is a common issue in showers. Thus this product reduces the chance of respiratory problems as well.

Besides, hard salts and Chlorine kills the skin protein and makes your skin dry. This water softener keeps these harmful chemicals away from the water. Thus it keeps your skin soft.

All the harmful substances of the water get drained from the water by the 15 stage filtration process. This water softener ensures better skin and hair by using quality materials. It also enriches the water with essential minerals. RIVERSOFT SF-15 sets proper pH balance to ensure better hair and skin.

A great thing about this product is that it prevents bacteria growth as well. So, microbes and bacteria will not colonize your showerhead. Thus it removes the chances of any health hazards. The KDF and active carbon include anti-bacterial properties. Hence, this water softener inhibits bacterial growth and keeps the shower clean.

Besides keeping the water bacteria-free, it removes the foul odor as well. The multi-stage filtration process eliminates all the foul smells from the water. Thus you get clean and fresh water all time.


  • It comes with high capacity.
  • You can install it easily.
  • It provides bacteria-free water.
  • The softener helps to reduce hair fall.
  • It removes the bad smell from water.


  • It doesn’t lower the TDS level.

What is Best About this Water softener?

We consider this water softener among the best hard water softeners for its outstanding efficiency. It is easy to install, as well. The included inlet and outlet let you install it easily. So, you can install it within a few minutes. So, to get healthy and freshwater, you must buy the RIVERSOFT SF-15 water softener.

4. Purifit Washing Machine Filter

PURIFIT Washing Machine Filter

Key features

  • High-grade polyphosphate crystals
  • Long cartridge life
  • Plastic body
  • Shiny appearance
  • Self-Installation
  • Multi-layer filtration

Due to hard water, water quality is decreased day by day. So, a good quality water softener is an absolute necessity always. Water softeners effectively safeguard your appliances against hard water damage.

Hard water salts cause corrosion. It also results in a breakdown in your fully automatic washing machine. Hence, you may need proper maintenance. Here, a water softener protects the appliance. This is why this PURIFIT filter is the most economical and best water softener for washing machines.

This water softener filters the water by its unique filtration properties. It uses Polyphosphate Crystals to filter the water. Thus this water filtration tool removes all the harmful bacteria from water. And, it delivers fresh, hygienic water.

Besides providing freshwater, it removes the hard water salts as well. Thus your fabrics look fresh and new. There will be no roughness or stiffness on your clothes while you will wash them.

The PURIFIT water softener is effective in solving most of the hard water problems. It provides cleaner water for washing machines and showers as well. Besides removing harmful residues, it prevents dry skin and hair loss as well.

This water softener helps to maintain the softness and color of the clothes. It is easy to install. So, you can install this water softener easily within a few minutes. This water softener comes with antiscalants and sediment filters. These filters provide fresh water for all purposes. The filtration layers ensure the removal of all the harmful contaminants from the water.

With this water softener, you will get long cartridge life as well. For a top load washing machine, the cartridge will last for 4 to 6 months. The cartridge lasts for 6 to 9 months for the front load. Yet, cartridge life depends on water quality.


  • The cartridge lasts long.
  • The plastic body makes it durable.
  • You can easily install it.
  • It provides fresh water for cleaning.
  • It is affordable enough.


  • No indicator is included with this water softener.

What is Best About this Water softener?

Affordability is the main reason for buying this product. The refill cartridge of this water softener is highly affordable. So, almost everyone can buy this product. Moreover, the efficiency of filtration is quite good.

5. WaterScience Multi-Flow Shower Filter

5. WaterScience Multi-Flow Shower Filter

Key features

  • Long cartridge life
  • Huge capacity
  • Easy to replace the refill
  • Multi flow filters
  • Easy to install
  • Salt reduction filtration layers

The WaterScience CLEO SFM-419 Water Softener has several significant benefits. It regularly helps to soften the water effectively by its triple mode operation. The three categories comprise waterfall mode, pulse mode, and mist mode. The “mist” feature aims in conserving up to 70% of the water from waste. Besides, the pulse feature aims to recycle the softener instantly.

The filtration system is made up of multi-layer filters. Cleo’s 4-layer filtering design is made of nano-silver charcoal and proprietary KDF techniques. A great thing about this water softener is that it includes a chlorine eliminator. It filters chlorine as well as strong water salts.

It is helpful to reduce sodium pollutants, harmful chemicals, and bleach from water. Thus it helps to protect your hair and skin. It also prevents the unpleasant smell of water as well as decreases the amount of lime.

You will also get the essential benefits of the nanocarbon layer in the filter. It is appropriate with all CLEO Refill Filter models. It includes water hardness-reducing membranes. Along with that, it requires nearly 3 minutes to fit the cartridge.

Hard water induces clogging of tap openings. It offers a gritty feel on either the body or even the products. Hence, Water Science is a very renowned company among consumers. This product arrives in some of the most traditional hues, silver.


  • Suitable for all standard half-inch shower arms.
  • Adorable chlorine filtration technology.
  • Protects hair and skin from salts.
  • You can replace the cartridges easily.
  • Converts harmful impurities into harmless soft water.


  • Low water pressure.
  • You can use it only on a showerhead.

What is Best About this Water softener?

It prevents the growth of bacteria and contributes to the elimination of foul odors. Also, the fragrance pads try giving it a calming, relaxing fragrance. It prevents the hair by preventing it from processing strong impurities.

6. AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter

AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter

Key features

  • Activated carbon-ceramic balls
  • 10 stage filtration process
  • Refill cartridge warranty of 90 days
  • Japanese and USA technology
  • Chrome-plated color
  • 2 years of warranty

AquaKing has become one of the strongest water shower filtration systems in India. It not only guarantees safety but also helps to get infection-free skin. The brand manufactures water softeners of the highest standard in India.

The crucial aspect that can only be offered to the Aqua King is its odor neutralizer. Aroma treatment is usually considered for the calming of the neurons as well as tissues of the body.

The model is available in chrome color. The water softener suits the Indian-styled bathroom taps. It is also admired by many consumers for its design. AquaKing ensures noticeable results in about 45 days.

This softening system could be a little bonus to your lighter eyes. AquaKing is equipped with 10 modules for cleaning water. This device eliminates the pollutants and phosphates mostly in hard water. Thus, it filters the water before it reaches the shower outlet. It is a great wellness approach to all dermatological issues.

This filtration system comes in a DIY pack. It can be assembled in less than three minutes. The filtration system reduces the added expense. It enables the device to be convenient to mount and then use.

The kit includes a 90-day warranty on the cartridge and a 2-year warranty on the product. The shower filter is rich in Vitamin C. It also offers disinfectant and nutrients along with other features. The softener makes the water not only appropriate to be used, but also safer. It prevents the body and the foul smell.


  • It cleans the water with its 10 stage filtration system.
  • Eliminates chlorine from hard water.
  • Protects your hair and skin from salts.
  • Vitamin C filters ensure an odorless experience.
  • Easy to install.
  • Useful warranty of 2 years.


  • It does not control TDS.

What is Best About this Water softener?

This AquaKing filtration device can be used anywhere around your home. You can use it in your bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher, or simple sinks. Being the best water softener under 3000, it prevents the body from rust and delivers fragrance too.

7. Waterscience Washing Machine Filter/ softener

Waterscience Washing Machine Filter With Hard Water Protection

Key features

  • Inbuilt chlorine filter
  • Infused filter
  • Limescale reducer
  • Long-lasting life
  • Easy to install

Are you suffering from frequent washing machine failure now and then?

If yes, then the reason is the usage of hard water at your place. You must consider a good water softening system. The antiscalants and dual sediment filter layers present in the product are perfectly suited for hard water. From the very first day of use, you may get impressed with the performance.

As claimed by the brand, it can last up to 6 months for top load washing machines and 9 months for Front Load Washing Machines. After that, you need to replace the cartridge. The time duration can slightly vary on the quality of water and frequency of operation.

If you want the best water softener under 2000 INR, it can be a great choice.


  • For the installation, no tool is needed.
  • The working process is super simple to understand.
  • It stabilizes water chlorine levels for better skin.
  • It reduces the salt content, which helps the fabric to keep its colors.


  • The life of the cartridge is not very long.

What is Best About this Water softener?

The advanced features of this softener are something you will love for sure. In the box, you will be getting a filter with a refill cartridge, tape roll, and a warranty card. The refill cartridge is uniquely built for Indians. The filtering materials stabilize salt levels and impurities.

8. Auur Fuze Shower And Tap Filter

Auur Fuze Shower And Tap Filter

Key features

  • Designed with chrome-plated
  • 2 refill cartridges
  • Non-toxic ABS plastic
  • Calcium sulfate filter layer
  • Metal and cotton mesh

Auur Fuze is a 15-stage filter that is convenient for regular use. It is inexpensive but efficient. This hard water filter offers good performance and is known as one of the high-class hard water stabilizing solutions. This water softener is the best for bathroom showering. It delivers world-class superior water. You will be impressed with its filtration process.

The main feature of the filtration device is that it includes carbon charcoal. The water softener is well known for its KDF modern technologies. For cleaner water, you will also get fiber and metallic layers.

It efficiently facilitates the rebirth of new skin and hair cells. Thus it improves your hair and skin.

The device is very simple to use. It takes a couple of minutes to install. The cartridge can filter 35000 to 40000 L of freshwater efficiently. It lasts for four to six months after frequent use.

With this water filter, you’ll get a 22 mm female adapter. It also comes with a 24 mm male compatible tap adapter. Also, 2 cartridges and a user guide will be included. It is all you will need for a quick setup.

The manufacturer suggests not to use it right after setup. Rather, allow water flow via the filtration system for 10 to 15 minutes. Thus the carbon filter gets charged properly. It is operated under correct water pressure. In total, the cartridge has the ability to supply safe water.


  • Its 15 stage filtration layers are ideal for delivering soft water.
  • Chlorine-free water for better skin.
  • The filter reduces salt content.
  • It delivers good quality soft water for washing clothes.
  • It also reduces the scaling of your washing machine and enhances its life.


  • It does not reduce TDS.
  • The life of the cartridge is not long enough.

What is Best About this Water softener?

It is not only an advanced softener but also very attractive. You can’t afford to miss this filtration system anyway at this cost. It helps to reduce bacterial growth and bad odor. Being one of the best hard water softeners in India, it avoids skin infections and dry skin. This water softener notably enhances the health of the hair as well as the skin.

Benefits of having a water softener

A water softener is a very useful device if you have hard water near your area. In India, it will be beneficial for many households. Now, we will explain the advantages of a water softener that will help you to choose the best water softener for bathroom taps or washing machines.

Get Healthy hair and skin

Hard water causes dry skin, and extreme hair falls as well. If you use a water softener, it will transform your skin and hair into a softer texture.

Along with that, you won’t feel scratchy skin anymore. Also, you will notice less hair fall feel more moisturized skin. So, you can attach the water softener to your shower tap. You will surely get a quick result.

Wash more efficiently

For every home, water is the most vital thing for every cleaning procedure. But, if you wash your clothes or vessels with hard water, it won’t get clear properly. Besides, there will be stains on your utensils and clothes as well.

When you wash with hard water, it will cause soap scum. To get your desired cleaning you have to spend more money on purchasing soaps and detergents.

But if you use a water softener, you will get better results. Soft water properly washes your utensils and clothes. So, by switching to soft water, you will see more effective cleaning. There will be no stains on your clothes and utensils anymore.

Reduce limescale

Hard water causes limescale or scale on pipes. It’s a chalky layer caused by bicarbonates of Calcium and Magnesium. Not only on pipes, but you will also see it on the utensils, bathroom wall, and kitchen sink as well.

If you use a water softener, there will be less amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. Thus, it reduces the formation of scale.

Protects the environment

Presently, we all are trying to save our environment. By installing this water softener you can contribute a little to save your environment. A water softener lets you reduce the amount of greenhouse gas that your home emits.

Soft water gets heated faster than hard water. Thus, it causes less energy use and causes less greenhouse gas emissions. So, you will get lower electric bills with this device.

Enhance the lifespan of appliances

Hard water affects the performance of your appliances badly. It leaves layers of calcium and magnesium inside the machines and pipelines. Here, the water softener prevents the formation of scaling.

It not only affects the efficiency of your appliances but also reduces the lifespan. So, if you use a water softener it resists the formation of annoying white-colored layers. Thus, it will enhance the lifespan of home appliances.

 Unclog plumbing

Clogged pipelines are the most common issue of every Indian household. Hard water is a major reason for this issue. Hard water reduces the water flow rate of the pipes.

For metal pipelines, the hard water works like poison. Metal pipes attract mineral deposits and get clogged frequently. Here, a water softener can solve this problem.

Soft water ensures proper water flow across the pipes. It reduces clogging issues by ensuring easy water flow. So, if you want to avoid pipe leakages you must use a water softener.

Save your health

Hard water is harmful to your utensils and pipes. It is harmful to your health as well and harms your health for the long term. Even if you are using a water purifier, a softener can help to run it efficiently.

Excess amounts of in taking hard water can cause stone build up in your body. But a water softener prevents all these chances of harm. Besides, it saves your money by saving your health from costly treatments. To get all these advantages, you must use a good quality water softener.

How does a water softener work?

There are two types of water softeners available in the market- the industrial and domestic ones. Industrial softeners are large in size because of complicated processes. On the other hand, the domestic ones mostly do the filtration but do not change the TDS level.

Domestic water softeners are cheaper than industrial ones. This is because of it limited capacity, application, and efficiency to handle bigger loads. The following working principle is based on the ion-exchange process between sodium and Calcium/ Magnesium.

The Working Principle

Water softener devices work through the ion exchange process. This process eliminates calcium and magnesium from the water. When the hard water gets passed through the mineral tank it flows through the spherical resin beads.

Normally, a water softener includes three components. Those are; a control valve, a mineral tank, and a brine tank. All these three components work in removing the heavy minerals from hard water. Before knowing the working procedure. You should know about all the components well.

In this system, the resin is charged with a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl) or common salt. The sodium ions (Na+) regenerate the resin beads. When hard water is passed over the beads, the Calcium (Ca+2) and Magnesium (Mg+2) ions from the water get exchanged with sodium.

As a result, the heavy metals are removed from the water making the water soft. The mineral tank is the place where the hard water gets softened. The water supply pipes reach the water into the mineral tank. The tank softens the water and sends it to all the pipelines across the facility.

This system is large and costly. Most of the domestic water softeners do not have the facility to reduce TDS because of limited space. But they are good for the taps of bathroom and kitchens, showerheads, washing machines, and dishwashers.

water softener buying guide in India

How to choose the best Water Softener in India?

To get rid of hard water issues you must get a good quality hard water softener in India. And, to get the best water softening device you need to consider several aspects such as-

Choose the type of water softener

Before buying a water softener you must consider the water softener type. The various types of water softeners include;

Ion Exchange Water Softener

You can easily connect these water softeners. It can directly go to the plumbing system of your home. These water softeners help to replace the minerals. Thus, it removes the magnesium and calcium from the water.

The present resin beads of ion exchange water softener help to soften the water effectively. It discharges extra minerals from the hard water. Thus, you get soft water from this water softener. These systems are costly.

Dual Tank Water Softener

Dual tank water softeners include two tanks. These water softeners are more efficient. Hence, it is better than other standard water softeners. The two tanks of these water softeners work alternatively.

According to the design, these water softeners include two varieties. The two types include; In-line filters and Showerhead filters.

Salt-free Water Softener

The salt-free water softeners are not very effective as the ion exchange water softeners. These water softeners are ideal for those people who are concerned about sodium intake.

By using potassium chloride, these water softeners convert the hard water into soft water. It also helps to prevent the mineral deposit mainly on the surface of appliances.

Magnetic And Electronic Water Softeners

Magnetic And Electronic water softeners help to reverse the electromagnetic properties. It thus converts the hard water into soft water. These water softeners are perfect for preventing clogged pipes.

Consider the type of filtration technology

After choosing a particular type of softener you should consider the filtration technology. There are various kinds of filtration technology like-

Multi-level carbon filters- Usually these filters get used with water filters. These filters pass the water through many mediums. It can remove some specific types of impurities from the water.

Showerhead or Tap Filters- You can place this filter over the tap or on a showerhead. Hence, these filters are familiar as the showerhead or tap filters. Though these filters are a bit bulky in appearance you can easily install it.

Vitamin C Filter- These filters are generally used with KDF filters. It helps to remove chlorine particles from the water. By using this filter, you will see a noticeable change in your hair and skin.

KDF Filters- You can use the KDF filter individually or with carbon filters. These filters are built with copper and zinc. It is highly effective in removing viruses. It also removes bacteria and heavy metals from the water.

Know the Initial and Running Costs

Stabilizing hard water is a very important thing. They are considered for healthy well-being. We all need to have a good quality water softener to get healthy and softer water.

Most hard water filters come with refillable filter cartridges. Manufacturers include extra cartridges for the convenience of the users.

After complete usage of these filters, you can replace them with a new one. So there is no need to buy the whole filter. All you just need to change the cartridge, and you are good to go. It will save the entire cost and deliver better value for money.

Look for the filtration life and capacity of a cartridge

It is very difficult to predict the life of a filtration cartridge. These vary with the hardness of the water. Also, it varies on the manufacturers. They build water softeners with various filtration mechanisms.

This specific functionality is important to verify before purchasing a water softener. It will provide you with an idea of how much hard water the filter will deliver in its full life cycle.

A prior warning will make you aware of refilling the cartridges with a new one for better water supply. Almost every filtration cartridge survives on an average of six months to one year. In other words, you can easily filter generally 20,000 liters to 40,000 liters in your entire life.

If you don’t want to waste time replacing the filter cartridges every six months. Then you should go for a cartridge with a long life cycle.

Analyze the Water Hardness levels

There are several typical findings of hard water. Sometimes we find white patches on our washbasins. It is also great for floor tiles, or even when your bathroom faucets. It needs regular maintenance, and it means that you have hard water.

To understand the quality of water you need to check the internal quality of the stream. It helps you to determine the water’s hardness and salt content. Water and its quality totally depend on the area.  The environment you live in also plays an important role. Direct usage of groundwater or supply water may come with multiple contaminants. It can cause health issues.

So, we always recommend you check the quality of the water. So installing a perfect water softener is very important. Not all water softeners are suitable for every water type. It depends on your water’s hardness levels. The supply water is pre-treated with some sort of filtration process. Then you can go with affordable water softeners to treat it further.

However, if you are using direct groundwater, always try to install filters. A multi-layer water softener is best for such a purpose. It helps in eliminating the contaminants.

Check the size of water softener

The most essential thing to keep in mind is the size of the filtration system. It is important to have a water softener with good quality standards. Thus, the potential of the filtration system helps to remove the hardness of the water.

We need to check the size of the cartridge as it helps in reflecting the overall life. Always prefer choosing a water filter with a larger water softener cartridge. Modern and good-quality cartridges come with multi-layer filtration systems. It includes chlorine and salt filter layers. It delivers quality water for washing clothes. You also will get smooth hair and skin.

Consider the Inbuilt features

Washing clothes in hard water degrades the quality of the fabric. It also affects the color and the strength of the clothes. Finally, it ends up with dull colors. A water softener is a good solution to this.

While purchasing a softener make sure to check its settings. Inspect the menu configurations. Also, look for the interface possibilities before buying. You should verify if the water softener has fully automated restoration. Thus, it ensures ease of maintenance. You can find this type of softener suitable to handle a large amount of water.

We all know a feature-rich water softener offers multiple facilities to its users. Additional features not only enhance the life of the filter but also delivers soft water.

Look for the timer Controls

Sensors or indicators are available in the large water softening systems. The automated recovery mechanism provides flexibility for you. It helps you to select a duration and alerts if the device is not in operation. So, it will not obstruct your everyday activities.

Some water softeners come with DIR technology. It stands for Demand Initiated Regeneration. It helps the water softener to regenerate resins when its sensors need regeneration. The technology only works when there is a need for rebirth. Otherwise, it will be in standby mode.

Choose the right Water Softener Brand

Selecting the right brand is one of the most crucial aspects you have to remember while buying a water softener. Look for a superior product with a long warranty period. Thus, you will get value for the money you are paying.

WaterScience and Purifit offer good quality softeners. They are completely automated and you do not need to touch it once installed. Water softeners improve whole uniformity as well as guarantees safety for home use. In fact, well-known manufacturers offer great assistance. Good customer service can solve issues with the device.

Finally, consider the installation process

You should add an integrated full house water softener. You can add a one-point use of water softener as per requirements and choice. The full house water filter needs to be mounted at the initial point of the water supply. Whereas a point can be installed with a washing machine, shower, or geyser.

A water softener offers a good quality of soft water for your home. Like if you install it in the washing machine, the washing process will be much more effective and the life of the appliance will increase. You can install it on your bathing shower for chlorine and salt-free bath too.

Frequently Asked Questions about water softeners

How much does a water softener cost?

The price of a water softener varies according to the brands and features. Still, if you want to buy a good water softener, the price starts at around 1000 INR. For such an automatic water softener for home use, the maximum price is around 3000 INR. The larger softeners are costly as they are built to handle a large amount of hard water.

What should you look for when buying a water softener?

A water softener is a very efficient device. It removes hard water issues. But before purchasing the device you should get a proper idea about the device. There are also some aspects that you should look for;
-Type of water softener
-Type of filtration technology
-The size
-Features and controls
-Installation, etc.

Is it safe to drink water from a water softener filter?

Though a water softener removes all the harmful minerals from the water. Still, it is not very safe to consume softened water. If you are on a low sodium diet, you must not drink softened water. Also, softened water is not recommended for babies at all. But, you can consult a doctor before drinking softened water.

How long does a water softener filter last?

Water softeners usually last for 6 to 12 months. But, the longevity of the device depends on the quality. A large single tank water softener can last up to 12 years. Though, it depends upon the hardness of water and frequency of use. For better longevity, you must maintain the water softening device properly.

Do hard water softeners reduce TDS?

Most of the regular water softening devices don’t reduce the TDS of the water. Some water softeners use the ion exchange method to remove excess minerals from the water. The filters effectively remove the harmful minerals as the water goes through the device.

Do tap water softeners eliminate chlorine?

Some tap water softeners can remove chlorine from the water. Primarily water softeners remove minerals like chlorine. It also eliminates iron and magnesium from the hard water. If you customize the water softener with effective filters it removes chlorine from the water.


In India, hard water is a common problem in many areas. Hence, most of the citizens suffer from skin issues and hair fall problems. Hard water enhances these problems to the utmost level.

Hard water contains magnesium and calcium minerals. These minerals remove all the moisture from your body. Thus, your skin becomes very dry. It causes many problems such as frizzy hair, dry skin, extreme hair fall, etc.

So, to get healthy skin and hair and to keep your appliances safe from scaling, you must get the best water softener in India. Here, in this article, we have mentioned our top picks. All the mentioned water softeners are great in their performance.

In such conditions, a water softener works like a savior. It effectively removes harmful contaminants from the water. Thus, it prevents the chances of skin and hair problems. It also prevents scaling.

A water softener helps to keep the pipe system clean of your entire house. Besides, it protects various appliances, installed in your house.

You just need to go through the buying guide to help you consider all the aspects of a water softener. Thus you can choose the best hard water softener device in 2024 and get its great advantages.

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