Hand Blender Vs. Hand Mixer – Comparison with Pros and Cons

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We often get confused between a hand blender and a hand mixer, as they sound the same for many. Before purchasing any of them, you need to understand their differences. Hand blenders and mixers are not the same things, there is a big difference between the two, and serve different purposes in cooking.

Though both the hand mixer and hand blender can be used in similar tasks such as whipping up cream, egg white, etc., there is still a stark difference, which you must be aware of.

So, hand blender vs. hand mixer – which one you will choose depends on the purpose of your purchase. If you are looking for casual baking, you can go for a hand mixer or an electric beater. However, you need to choose a hand blender when you are seeking blended foods or smoothies.  

Hand Blender Vs. Hand Mixer Comparison

Hand Blender Vs. Hand Mixer Comparison

Point of DifferenceHand BlenderHand Mixer
Hand mixers are more versatile than hand blenders for their wide applications.Hand blenders can be used to mix the batter, make baby foods as well as prepare smoothies. For blending purposes, blenders are way better than mixers.Hand mixers have several applications for beating eggs, whipping creams, making cake batter, kneading dough, etc. They can also blend, but not as effective as hand blenders.
VersatilityHand blenders serve various purposes, but they lack versatility when compared to hand mixers.Electric hand mixers are comparably more expensive in size, and it weighs more than hand blenders.
Size & WeightHand blenders are small in size, long in shape, and usually weigh less than hand mixers. It can be fitted in cupboards.Most hand mixers are more affordable compared to hand blenders. However, some high-end products can cost higher.
Power ConsumptionThey have tiny and powerful motors that consume minimal energy. Wattage range: 150 W to 1000 W.Hand mixers usually need less electricity to function properly. Wattage range: 150 W 800 W.
PriceHand blenders usually cost slightly higher than hand mixers.Most hand mixers are more affordable compared to hand blenders. However, some high end products can cost higher.

How can a Hand Blender help you?

A hand blender is a compact, portable unit with a switch on top and blades on the lowest part. They are usually long, cylindrical, and have several steel blades. These are sometimes plunged immediately into to blend the composition. That is why hand blenders are commonly known as immersion blenders.

You will be able to produce mayonnaise and prepare smoothies, soups, and purée in a pot with its help. If your counter space is small, it would be beneficial to acquire a blender rather than a hand mixer. An electric hand blender doesn’t actually need much area for its size. 

blending vegetables with hand blender

How does a hand blender work?

Hand blenders have rotating blades and powerful motors that make them essential for kitchens. Based on what you’re blending and mixing, hand blenders might function at different frequencies. To achieve a smoother mixture, you need to increase the frequency or operate the machine for an extended period. When it comes to cleaning, electric hand blenders are pretty easy to disassemble. Therefore, you can easily maintain the blender.  

Advantages of hand blenders

  • When it comes to cooking, you can use a hand blender for plenty of tasks. It can make milkshakes, and smoothies, prepare food for babies and make a puree of fruits. The best hand blenders often support various functions such as slicing vegetables, whipping cream, and beating eggs with the help of their additional blades. 
  • Another advantage of a hand blender is easy maintenance. By using blenders, you can quickly prepare food items and beverages and easily clean them afterward. You can wipe the attachments on this gadget by yourself, which makes cleaning simple. However, a fresh cloth could be used to wipe down the device.
  • Enhanced effectiveness is another benefit of using hand blenders. The shape of the mixing container isn’t an issue when using an electric hand blender. You might easily blend inside the cooking bowl, and blenders allow you to deal with enormous quantities of beverages and softer substances. Because the blender blade is entirely in the cooking bowl, it is safe to mix hot liquids and other substances. While making soup, this emerges as a beneficial tool because it takes less time.
  • Hand blenders are affordable. In comparison to the conventional mixer, this handy kitchen equipment is a budget-friendly option to opt for. If you’re on a restricted budget, this is an excellent option because it performs multiple tasks.

Hand Blender Limitations

  • Hand blenders aren’t designed to handle heavy-duty tasks in the kitchen.
  • They take a lot of effort to use, but for professional chefs, this is not necessarily a negative thing.
  • Due to their tiny size, hand blenders can’t handle massive amounts of food at a time.

Best uses of a hand blender

Versatility is the key. Hand blenders are one of a kind because of their adaptability. A blender has been proven beneficial, and you can easily use it in making salad dressings. In addition, a hand blender can be used for blending and chopping along with mixing liquids. 

Hand blenders can be used for a wide range of food preparation tasks, including blending milkshakes, preparing foods, whipping creams, and blending fruits. Even the most solid materials can be blended to a silky smooth consistency with only a few quick whirls.

Another usefulness of a blender includes its ability to operate silently. A hand blender is more discrete in its operation. It runs quietly compared to similar devices. The plastic handles to protect the motor from being seen because of the covering. When the blender is turned on, the wands made of stainless steel move, making the operation silent and appropriate for regular use.

Why is a Hand Mixer important?

A hand mixer is typically regarded to be a necessary kitchen appliance for modern cooking needs. An all-purpose hand mixer is portable but still needs to be connected to an electrical source.

For the most part, hand mixers feature two slots on the bottom for the blades to insert, where they then lock into the system to begin mixing. Electric hand blenders often have a control system to adjust the power of the blades as per your need. The beaters are usually ejected by pressing a button located on top of the device.

When it comes to hand mixers, you will usually find two beaters in the machine. You can use the best hand mixers to produce bread dough as well as cake batter. Hand mixers can sometimes be used in the same manner as hand blenders; however, a mixer serves purposes that a blender does not.

Based on the product, you can get a variety of attachments for your hand mixer. With these add-ons, you can turn your electric beater into a multipurpose tool that can replace your hand blender.

making cake batter with hand mixer

How does a hand mixer work?

A hand mixer is among the most awesome kitchen gadgets that can quickly and easily mix a wide range of ingredients. They are sometimes known as immersion mixers since the whirling section of the appliance is submerged in a pot to make mixing foods easier.

In the past, hand mixers were hand-cranked, requiring the user to press a little handle while making sure gears amplified the movement. These mixers are used to utilize the beaters to combine the ingredients.

Compared to a hand blender, the best hand mixer can include various attachments that allow the mixer to be used for multiple purposes. It has a button at the top of the device that enables the user to control the mixing speed.

You can speed up while mixing a more comprehensive range of foods. In the case of thick batter, you need to mix at a higher speed. However, in the case of smaller amounts of ingredients, you can use the device at the minimum speed. You can use it for whipping cream, beating the egg whites, making cake batter, and dough, and preparing mashed potatoes.

Benefits you can get from a hand mixer

  • Compared to other kitchen appliances like a juicer mixer grinder, stand mixer, or wet grinder, a hand mixer is more compact and easier to transport.
  • Due to its smaller size compared to other home appliances like a stand mixer, a hand mixer has the unique advantage of being operated with just one hand. 
  • Additionally, this device contains a tiny, effective, and powerful motor that is meant to use the minimal energy possible.
  • In contrast to other cooking utensils, a hand mixer can be kept in a cupboard as it requires smaller space. Therefore, it is suitable when you are dealing with limitations of space.
  • Electric hand mixers have several advantages, but the most important is that they mix ingredients with proper detailing. You can mix the components in any direction with a hand mixer while holding and moving the equipment.
  • Regardless of the food ingredients, a hand mixer’s fast mix capability makes it possible for any user to optimize the mixing procedure.
  • There are various attachments in the hand mixer that assist the device in performing distinct functions. This allows the user to use an electric beater for different purposes.
  • In contrast to other cooking equipment, hand mixers include a design that makes it simple for the user to maintain.

Constraints of using a hand mixer

  • When mixing vast quantities of food, a hand mixer’s tiny motor renders it ineffective since it can’t keep up with the motion required to operate under this kind of high pressure.
  • A significant drawback of a hand mixer is that the pot can be relocated, leading to food spilling and dirt being spread across the area. It may also result in wasting food.
  • A hand mixer cannot move if the user tries to mix an extremely thick mixture with it.
  • Since the motor of a hand mixer is weak and tiny, it is less effective than a mixer.

Best uses of electric hand mixers

You can use it to whip up the cream and eggs and combine cake batter or cookie dough. It can also be used to make items like frosting or dressings for salads. You can use a hand mixer to prepare mashed potatoes by beating boiled potatoes. This is considered the quickest and simplest method to prepare various food ingredients. Bakers primarily use hand mixers. 

In addition to whipping egg whites and cream and pudding, hand mixers can also combine the dough ingredients. The mixer comes with some add-ons that you may purchase and utilize for multipurpose uses. You can use these attachments to extend the functionality of your hand mixer; however, it still falls short of the versatility of a hand blender. 

Differences between hand blender and hand mixer

Differences between a hand blender and a hand mixer

Which appliance meets your purpose?

Hand blender vs. hand mixer is the primary thing you need to know to choose the best option that fulfills your purposes. Several uses are typical in blenders and hand mixers.

However, you need to choose a hand blender or hand mixer based on the purpose you are buying for. If you are looking to blend ingredients for casual baking, you can choose a hand mixer. Moreover, you can include additional attachments to hand mixers that will help you use them for multiple purposes.

However, a hand blender can serve the purpose of blending multiple ingredients. In case you are into serious baking, you can choose hand blenders.

hand blender vs. mixer – applications

Hand blenders can be applied in various tasks such as whipping cream, slicing vegetables, and beating eggs with the help of their additional blades. You will be able to make a puree of fruits, blend numerous ingredients, prepare baby foods along with making smoothies like a smoothie maker. Blenders are easily applicable, and they can be maintained easily due to their user-friendly design.

In the case of hand mixers, the application process is easy too. However, if you are a beginner, there are chances that the bowl may get misplaced during mixing, which can cause a mess in the kitchen.

In addition, the multipurpose add-ons of hand mixers make the device more user-friendly. You can use them in the preparation of dough, and cake batters. Hand mixers can also be used to whip up creams as well as eggs. Moreover, you can use these mixers while preparing frostings or dressing salads.

Winner: Hand Mixer

Size, weight, and portability

Hand blenders are longer in shape and smaller in diameter. For this reason, it can be kept in tiny spaces. If you have a limited kitchen area, you can easily opt for a hand blender. Moreover, blenders are lighter than hand mixers. In the case of an electric beater, it is more comprehensive when compared to electric hand blenders. Therefore, it requires more space for hand mixers than blenders. 

Winner: Hand Blender

Hand Mixer or blender – which is more versatile?

In the case of versatility, hand mixers are ahead of hand blenders. Hand mixers are easily adaptable, and you can utilize them for different purposes. You can choose a hand mixer while preparing the batter for cakes or whipping cream and mixing liquids.

Hand mixers are essential while preparing beverages as they make the process quick with the help of their wands. Though you can use hand blenders for multiple purposes and tasks, they fall short while meeting the versatility and adaptability of hand blenders.

Winner: Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer vs. Blender : Power consumption

Both the blender and hand mixer consumes a similar rate of energy. However, while comparing hand blenders and electric beaters, it has been noticed that electric hand blenders consume slightly more power than hand mixers.

In the market, you will find affordable mixers and blenders with a power rating of 150-300 watts. However, hand blenders like Inalsa Robot Inox are rated at 1000 watts, which is significantly higher than electric hand mixers.

Hand mixers have small and powerful motors that consume less energy. However, the motors of hand blenders consume a little more power, but they make blenders more effective than hand mixers. Knowing the best wattage will help you choose one carefully.

Winner: Hand Blender

which appliance is more affordable?

The pricing range of hand blenders and hand mixers comes almost in a similar bracket. However, hand mixers are more expensive than hand blenders.

However, there are options for buying additional attachments for the hand mixer to convert it into a multipurpose kitchen application. If you are dealing with a tight budget, hand blenders are the best option for you.

For example, Philips HL1655/00 hand blender and Inalsa Easy Mix hand mixer have 250 watts of power, but the latter cost under 1000 INR in most stores. At the same time, Philips priced their blender around 1300 INR.

Winner: Hand Blender

Hand blender vs. mixer – Which is better?

Hand blenders are more versatile than hand mixers, and you can use them for chopping vegetables and making beverages. However, the add-ons of electric hand mixers make them useful for multipurpose use. In case you are into casual baking, you can easily opt for electric beaters. But if you are seeking a powerful motor and portable blender for your serious baking purposes, you can go with hand blenders anytime.

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