Modular Kitchen Gas Stove Designs with Top Picks

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Gas stoves are must-have kitchen appliances just like chimneys. A well-designed gas stove or hob with modern control and ignition system is an essential element in modular kitchens. What good is a stylishly decorated kitchen if the stove is a classic model?

There are various stoves in the market with technological innovations, ranging from the classic two-burner to the trendy three, four, or five-burners. If you consider the kitchen as the heart of your home, then you should check the top-class designs of gas stoves suitable for the kitchen interior. After all, this is where you prepare culinary delights and perform feats of magic.

Modular Kitchen Gas Stove Designs

We’ve compiled the best modern gas stove designs for a modular kitchen that ensure a happy cooking experience and are an indestructible part of every home. 

Gas Stove Design According to Type of modular kitchen

Glass top, steel & ceramic Gas Stove in modular kitchen

For semi-modular kitchens: Glass top, steel & ceramic Gas Stove

A lightweight gas stove is perfect for your kitchen if you are looking for one that is handy to control with its lightweight design. For this reason, it is best suitable for semi-modular kitchens.

This type of gas stove is usually built with materials like steel on the body, and tempered glass or ceramic top the top. The surface of glass top stoves provides a sleek and elegant appearance to the kitchen. The tempered glass top gas stove outperforms ordinary glass’s durability, strength, and heat resistance.

Lightweight gas stoves effortlessly blend with your kitchen space, thereby improving its aesthetics while providing a neat and organized cooking experience. 

Different types of glass top gas stoves have their qualities and price range. However, proper care and maintenance are necessary to keep the stove’s surface gleaming.

For fully modular kitchens: Built-In Hobs

built in hob in modular kitchen

A fixed Built-in hob is an ideal choice for a modular kitchen as it looks less bulky than the portable gas stove. It is installed by creating a cut-out within the countertop, aligning with the kitchen chimney, and attaching it with screws.

Fixed hobs blend in with the level of the countertop, and it has their pipes concealed, giving the modular kitchen a clean, clutter-free, and elegant look. Fixed inbuilt gas stoves and hobs come in several designs and sizes and are available in stainless steel and glass-ceramic finishes. Some in-built stoves are also equipped with auto-ignition technology. 

However, installing a hob is a tricky process, and professional help is a must for its fixing. You cannot change the position of the hob as it is fixed as there is a permanent cut-out on the countertop. Moreover, it is advised to get it periodically opened and cleaned professionally. 

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Best gas Stove Design According to Ignition System

Auto Ignition Gas Stove or hob

Auto Ignition Gas Stove/ Hob

The auto ignition gas stoves automatically light the burner using an inbuilt spark igniter. To operate the hob, simply turn the knob, and the gas flow will be accompanied by a spark that will light the burner.

There are two types of ignition modes available in the best auto-ignition stoves and hobs– electric and battery ignition. An electric auto-ignition mechanism is typically used in built-in modular gas stoves/hobs, and it uses electric sparks to ignite the burner for cooking.

However, a battery-operated auto-ignition was manufactured to avoid the cables and electric connections near the stove. The battery is concealed within the stove/hob and needs to be replaced every 6-8 months. You can also use a lighter or matchstick in case the battery fails.

Manual Ignition Gas Stove

Manual Ignition Gas Stove

A manual ignition gas stove requires turning the knob to start the gas supply, and then an external spark creator (either a lighter or a matchstick) to ignite the burner.

In comparison, manual ignition stoves are much cheaper than auto-ignition ones. This stove does not require any electric spark or battery for its operation; hence its maintenance cost is minimal. Therefore, it is straightforward, easy to clean and maintain, and does not require periodic repair. Hence, this is a perfect choice for your modular kitchen. 

However, a manual ignition gas stove/hob takes time to ignite the burner; thus, there is waste of fuel with a higher chance of gas leaks. Furthermore, there is an extra cost of buying a lighter or matchstick every time.

Ideal gas Stove Design According to the Number of Burners

According to the number of gas burners, there are typically four types of modular kitchen gas stoves–

  • 2-burner gas stove: The two-burner gas stove is ideal for households of one to three people. It has one burner on the right and the other on the left side, and both are of the same size. Despite its small size, there is enough space between the burners for convenient cooking.
  • 3-burner gas stove: The three-burner gas stove contains two main burners and one small burner for extra requirements. It is ideal for medium-sized families and can be used for heavy cooking.
  • 4-burner gas stove: In a four-burner stove, either all the burners are medium size, or there are 2 medium size burners and 2 small sizes.
  • 5-burner gas stove: There are two burners on each side of a five-burner stove and an elongated burner with an oval design in the center. 

The four-burner and five-burner gas stoves are designed typically to cater to the needs of medium to large families. It would be best to consider a 60 cm chimney for 2 to 4-burner gas stoves and a 90 cm chimney for 3-5 burner gas stoves.

Ideal gas Stove Design According to the Number of Burners
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Best Gas Stoves for Modular Kitchen

Here we have selected the most well-designed gas stoves and hobs suitable for every modular kitchen. All of them are tested and verified during quality checking.

1. Bosch 4- Burner Built-in Gas Hob

Bosch 4- Burner Built-in Gas Hob

The Bosch built-in gas hob with 4 burners comes in a black matte finish with a sleek appearance which is perfect for a modern modular kitchen. The controls are side-mounted, allowing you to adjust the cooking zones easily.

Bosch gas hob has high energy efficiency and a flame failure safety device. The knobs are in the shape of a sword. Also, for each burner, separate electromagnetic safety devices are also fitted. Thus, you can cook safely using this gas stove cum hob.

The front left burner is suitable for works with 3.3 kW power, whereas the standard and economy burners have a power rating of 1.7 kW and 1 kW, respectively. Though the price is slightly high, it is an excellent choice for Indian modular kitchens.

2. Faber 4 Brass Burner Glass Top Auto Ignition Hob

Faber 4 Brass Burner Glass Top Auto Ignition Hob

Faber hob is an ultra-slim modern gas stove with high-quality knobs to control the desired cooking parameters like temperature and flame. The design of this gas stove is best for modular kitchens with its scratch-resistant black color glass top that retains its shine even after years of use.

The 8 mm thickness of the toughened glass makes it more durable and complements the aesthetics of your kitchen. A glass edge protector is also provided for the protection of the glass top corners.

Moreover, the anti-leak property and joint-less welding at the ends of the gas pipes ensure your safety. The burners are made of heavy brass, and there is sufficient space between them to make your cooking experience hassle-free.

3. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

The Elite hybrid HD 704 brass gas hob from the house of Whirlpool is ideal for modular kitchens as it takes up little space and is simple to clean and maintain. The elegant design of the stove enhances the beauty and look of your kitchen. Also, the surface is made of toughened glass that is heat resistant and highly durable. 

It has two medium and two small burners suitable for multi-cooking for a family of 3 to 6. The hob has a hybrid design and can be installed on the kitchen countertop or as a free-standing gas stove. 

One of its highlighted features is the auto-ignition system which adds automation to the cooking process. The multi-control flame levels are suitable for spicy Indian cooking.

4. Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

With the Glen 4 burner stove, you can enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience. Glen furnished it with European-sealed burners and pan support. This hob is a perfect choice for every modular kitchen as it has an 8 mm tempered glass top and is integrated with an auto-ignition mechanism.

The knobs impart a professional appearance and are easy to operate. This gas stove has special gas valves for precise flame control, ensuring zero gas leaks.

The four burners are strategically arranged to provide maximum space in between. They are made of aluminum alloy and include a single ring of flame, which is ideal for slow cooking. Furthermore, you can accommodate large and heavy utensils safely as the burners have vitreous enameled pan supports.

5. Ibell 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Ibell 490GH HOB 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Made with a heat-resistant body, the iBELL glass top stove is one of the best modular kitchen gas stoves in India. Its heat-resistant knobs are handy in a high-temperature cooking environment and are rust-resistant. 

The gas stove can hold the weight of heavy pots and pans due to high-quality pan supports. Moreover, the modern black tempered glass complements the beauty of your modular kitchen. 

The thick and toughened glass top is also heat-resistant and highly durable, which increases the life span of the hob. Thus, it is pretty beneficial for your modular kitchen.

It has a precise flame control system for safe and convenient cooking. The iBell glass-top gas stove operates with the auto-ignition mechanism. To light it up, simply turn the burner as it has a battery-powered ignitor.

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Modular Kitchen Gas Stove Designs – Conclusion

Choosing a well-designed gas stove is a critical decision to match your modular kitchen’s interior design and aesthetics. You’ll need to determine whether your house is structurally sound enough to support an overhead vent or whether it can power gas or an electric stove.

When selecting a gas stove or hob design, keep in mind the structure and color of your modular kitchen, your needs, and the number of burners required for your family. If you maintain the gas stove correctly, you can enjoy its service for years – so invest wisely.

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