Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixer Grinder

In our busy schedules, it is hard to keep up with the time. We need to make everything fast to match up the pace. Be it cooking, making a payment, or even traveling; we are always looking to save time and money. A juicer mixer grinder can do a great favor to the cooking with its multi-application features as well as saving your time and energy.

Mixer Grinders were first marketed in India more than 50 years ago. From then it has become a very essential kitchen appliance to our daily life. If you are planning to buy a mixer grinder or looking for information to make the most out of it, you must know the typical advantages and disadvantages of a Mixer Grinder.

advantages and disadvantages of mixer grinder

What are the Advantages of Mixer Grinder?

We buy appliances to make things easy for us. A mixer grinder is no exception. Having it at your home and knowing how to use it, this machine can be very advantageous from various perspectives. Here are the main reasons to get it in your kitchen.

1. Time Saver with Minimum Effort

If you use a mixer grinder, it can save huge time to cook allowing you to ease multitasking. It is especially helpful if you are making a meal for two or more people. While manually grinding and pasting by the old-age manual tools, the user needs a lot of effort and energy too. Once you have started this, you need to concentrate on the specific task. But using a mixer grinder the operator can reduce the time duration by at least half depending on the level of skill.

For example, to cook one Kg of chicken you need 300 grams of onion, 50 grams of garlic, and 20 grams of ginger approximately. Let us look into the case study with comparative time consumption for each process of making the paste of garlic, ginger, and onion.

StepsProcessManual ToolsMixer Grinder
1Skinning Garlic, Onion, and Ginger.You have to use a knife or other sharp-edged tools to manually do this.No extra process is needed other than the manual method. It is common for both manual tools and Mixer Grinder.
2Slicing the vegetables on the requirement.Just cut in a suitable size to be held by hand. It’s not complicated.You might need to slice these into smaller pieces for effective grinding.
3Grinding and pasting operationThis is the most time-consuming part of the task. Generally, to process the said amount of vegetables, you may need 15 to 20 minutes depending on the skill.A Mixer grinder takes around 2 to 5 minutes to process all these without any kind of manual effort. So, it is very advantageous.
4Cleaning and maintenanceAfter completion of the task, cleaning and maintenance are very important to keep tools and devices in optimum condition. Cleaning is not much difficult for manual tools.A mixer grinder may take a similar time duration for cleaning.

Considering the above advantage, we can conclude a Mixer Grinder can ease cooking and reduce the time duration by 2 to 4 times (depending upon your experience). It also reduces our manual efforts to a large extent by making the process semi-automatic.

2. Quality of Processed Food

Whether you make powdered masalas, pastes, batter, or even juices; the quality processed food by a mixer grinder is fair enough in comparison to manual operation. It grinds and mixes the material into minute particles that are safe to consume. Overall, the quality of the food is awesome when prepared by a mixer grinder.

3. Wide Range of Processes

A mixer can not only help you grinding or making a paste. But it also helps to make the batter for food items like Idly, Dosa, Pitha as well as delicious fresh fruit juices. While a good electric hand mixer or stand mixer is dedicated to preparing batter and dough and a good cold press juicer is used to make nutritious juices, a mixer grinder can do most of these processes. The user should not confuse it with a typical food processor.

4. User-friendly System

The process of food preparation with a mixer grinder is extremely friendly to the operator. All you need is a nearby plug point and a little space on the kitchen table. Anybody can operate a mixer grinder with proper safety precautions. All you have to do is the following processes.

  • Plug in the power cable.
  • Put the raw material into a suitable container.
  • Attach the Container to the mixer.
  • Turn on the mixer.
  • Rotate the speed regulator.
  • Take the material.

5. Cleanliness and Maintenance

Hygiene is very crucial that needs to be maintained in the kitchen. The first step for a healthy kitchen is maintaining cleanliness. A mixer grinder is good to retain cleanliness because of several reasons. As it takes a much smaller space at just one single location, while using it, things do not get scattered creating less mess in the kitchen. While running the machine, sometimes the liquid content inside the jar splashes. To avoid it, do not overload the container and close the lid properly. If you have to run the machine at a higher speed, hold the lid of the jar to prevent splattering.

Maintenance of the mixer grinder is also convenient as you only need to clean the blades and the jar in tap water. To clean the machine, just take a wet cloth and wipe the body gently. No complication is there for it.

Drawbacks of a Mixer Grinder

Apart from the attractive advantages, a mixer grinder also has some disadvantages that you might like to check out.

1. More Safety Precautions

Being an electrical rotating device, you must take several precautions to operate the machine.

  • Before powering on the mixer grinder, fit the jar with blades properly on it. Check if it is locked at the coupling.
  • Put the raw materials into the jar to reach at least the level of the blade before switching on the machine. But do not overload it.
  • The blades of the mixie are sharp and rotate at high angular velocity. So never put your fingers inside the jar while the machine is still powered on. Learn more about different types of mixer grinder blades and their uses.
  • Before taking out the processed materials, make sure the power is turned off.
  • Do not run the machine without any load.
  • We recommend not to run the machine continuously for a long time. Overheating the motor can burn it out. The running time duration can vary from brand to brand. Please check the user manuals and relevant information on how long can a particular model should be run continuously.

2. Noisy Operation

The operation of a mixer grinder can be noisy as much as 80 to 90 dB. Though it is an acceptable level, it can be irritating to some people. We advise you to keep kids and pets away from the machine when someone is operating it. If you are worried about the noise we suggest trying Philips 600-Watt Mixer Grinder which is significantly silent compared to other products available in the Indian market.

3. Expense

A mixer grinder is not as expensive as large appliances. A good model from a reputed brand can cost you staring around INR 3000. But it is worth investing in. As a mixer grinder offers an all-in-one solution, we recommend going for it.

In conclusion, we can say that a mixer grinder can be very advantageous despite the minor drawbacks we have pointed out. One must try it to make the cooking process more automated.

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