10 Best OTG Ovens In India (2023) – Review and Buying Guide

An OTG or Oven Toaster Griller can be a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you often need to grill or bake food. If you plan on buying a new OTG for your kitchen, you’d ideally want to find the best one in the market. After all, your kitchen experience depends mainly on the appliances you choose. The best OTG oven in India will help you prepare your favorite grilled chicken dish or baked cake perfectly.

Choosing a perfect OTG oven for your requirements is not an easy task, as you’d have to consider various critical factors like capacity, functions, and different accessories. Especially with so many OTGs from various brands available in the market, this can be pretty challenging. However, we have reviewed the top 10 OTG ovens in India and presented them below to make it easier for you in 2023.

best otg oven in India for baking and grilling

Top 10 OTG Ovens for baking and grilling (2023)

Oven Toaster GrillersCapacityMax. Temp.TimerWattageOur Rating
Philips Digital OTG Oven36 liters300°C90 mins2000 Watts9.5
Bajaj Oven Toaster Grill45 liters250°C60 mins2000 Watts9.2
Agaro Oven Toaster Griller48 liters250°C120 mins2000 Watts9.1
Morphy Richards OTG Oven60 liters250°C60 mins2000 Watts9.1
Pigeon Oven Toaster Griller16 liters250°C60 mins1280 Watts8.8
Borosil Oven Toaster Griller30 liters230°C60 mins1500 Watts8.7
Wonderchef OTG Oven19 liters250°C60 mins1280 Watts8.7
Usha Oven Toaster Grill29 liters250°C60 mins1600 Watts8.6
Inalsa Oven Toaster Griller10 liters250°C60 mins800 Watts8.6
Prestige OTG Oven19 liters250°C60 mins1380 Watts8.5

Best OTG oven in India – Reviews

1. Philips HD6976/00 36-liters Digital OTG oven

Philips HD6976/00 36-liters Digital OTG oven

Capacity: 36 Liters | Wattage: 2000 Watts | Working Temperature: 0°C to 300°C | Preset Cooking Menus: 10 | Accessories: baking tray, drip tray, rotisserie, tongs, grilling rack | Timer: 90 minutes | Cord Length: 1 meter | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Philips OTG oven for baking and grilling?

This sophisticated digital OTG comes with several great features that make it your best option for OTG. For instance, it has a modern digital panel that you may use to quickly set up the temperature control, modes, timer, recipes, etc. The multifunctional modes also grant you a lot of freedom and flexibility in baking or grilling the food the way you want.

This OTG is excellent for making baked foods like muffins, cakes, pizzas, buns, bread, bagel, etc. The Opti Temp technology used in this OTG oven ensures uniform heating. This will allow you to brown and crisp the baked items perfectly without burning them. The 2000 Watts OTG is quite powerful and also performs well when grilling food.

The appliance has a capacity of 36 liters, which is large enough for most kitchens. Made of cold-rolled steel, it’s also quite durable. Philips is a reputed OTG brands in India, with a reputation for its uncompromised quality. Hence, it is no surprise that this OTG has high-quality components too, and you are unlikely to face the hassle of frequent repairs.

You can choose from ten different modes covering various recipes when selecting the cooking menu. The grilling and tikka modes are especially suitable for Indian dishes, while the preheat mode is perfect for baking.


  • This is a very sophisticated OTG with a wide range of features for better customization.
  • Various Indian menus make it easier to prepare toasts, pizzas, cakes, or tikkas.
  • The appliance is extremely easy to use.
  • You can bake a variety of items perfectly due to the uniform heating.


  • You might find the power cable short if you have to place the OTG some distance away from the power source.

What makes Philips OTG worthy of buying?

This is the best OTG oven in India for those looking for a very sophisticated product for maximum convenience and utility. It’s perfect for home baking and grilling a wide variety of food items. The diverse range of settings will help you adjust the functions precisely as per your needs and cook every item perfectly. Overall, this is an excellent OTG oven for your kitchen and will serve you well, especially if you love making cakes or tandoor.

2. Bajaj Majesty TMCSS Oven Toaster Griller

Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS 45-Litre Oven Toaster Griller

Capacity: 45/35/28 Liters | Wattage: 1200/1800/2000 Watts | Working Temperature: 0°C to 250°C | Accessories: cooking tray, grill rack, motorized rotisserie, barbecue rack, tong, skewer rods | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Bajaj OTG oven for baking and grilling?

This OTG comes with various accessories used in grilling activities, such as a skewer rod, a barbecue rack, a cooking tray, etc. It is especially suitable for those who seek the best OTG oven with rotisserie in India to make grilled chicken.

This is because the motorized rotating rotisserie that enables you to make perfect barbecues seamlessly. Additionally, you’ll also receive a pair of tongs and a tray to handle the hot food safely.

The variety of accessories that you’d receive with this OTG definitely makes it a great choice. You’ll be able to use it efficiently to cook various foods. Besides grilling, it’ll also serve you well while making cakes and other baked food items. The convection mode is beneficial in this regard and will help you make baked food fluffier. It also ensures even heating, thus preventing the food from getting burned.

Thanks to the large capacity of the OTG oven, you can cook a lot of food for your guests quickly rather than having to do it in too many batches. The stainless steel body is quite strong, and the OTG comes with 2 years of warranty to help you solving any manufacturing defect.


  • The OTG oven comes with plenty of accessories for toasting, baking and grilling.
  • This appliance is easy to use and clean.
  • With a capacity ranging from 28 to 45 liters for different models, Bajaj’s OTG oven is pretty useful for both small and large families.
  • It comes with a motorized rotisserie to make grilling easier.
  • The 60-minute timer will allow you to use the appliance more conveniently for your own requirements.


  • There is no light inside the OTG oven.
  • Unlike the previous OTG from Philips, it does not have a digital control panel to set the cooking menus.

What makes Bajaj OTG worthy of buying?

This is a very efficient, versatile, and easy-to-use OTG oven that would make an excellent addition to your kitchen. This appliance will serve you well whether you need it to make grilled fish, grilled chicken, cakes, or any other grilled and baked foods. This is a top choice if you are trying to find the best quality OTG oven in terms of value for money.

3. Agaro Marvel Oven Toaster Griller

Agaro Marvel 48 Liters Oven Toaster Griller

Capacity: 9/25/38/48 Liters | Wattage: 1600 to 2000 Watts | Working Temperature: 100°C to 250°C | Accessories: baking pan, tray handle, oven rack, rotisserie handle and rod | Timer: 120 minutes | Heating Modes: 3 | Warranty: 1 year

How useful is Agaro OTG oven for baking and grilling?

Yet another good quality oven toaster griller, this one comes with a motorized rotisserie for spit roasting meat and vegetables too. It also has an illuminated chamber, which allows you to keep an eye on the food while you cook it. The door is made of tempered glass, which makes it exceptionally durable and ensures that the heat won’t cause it to crack.

The OTG is very easy and convenient to use, with features like three-stage heating, allowing you to customize the way you cook the food. Additionally, the appliance also has an automatic thermostat. The temperature control system is user-friendly, with a timer to set how long you want the OTG to keep cooking. Once the time is up, the OTG will automatically shut off and ring an alarm to let you know that your grilled chicken is ready.

If you are looking for the best OTG for baking cake in India, Agaro won’t disappoint you. You may also use it to grill, bake, or roast food efficiently. While the motorized rotisserie will allow you to evenly spit-roast chicken or vegetable kebabs, the different heating modes will help you bake perfect cakes.


  • The automatic shutoff features will prevent food from overcooking or burning.
  • Ease-of-use is an excellent advantage of having this OTG in your kitchen.
  • The baking process is simple. You can easily make cakes and cookies at your home.
  • You can make kebabs with ease, thanks to the motorized rotisserie.
  • The various settings will enable you to cook your food the way you want.
  • A fan ensures proper heat distribution.


  • It does not have a digital control system.
  • Less warranty period than the previous OTGs from Philips and Bajaj.

What makes Agaro OTG worthy of buying?

For individuals looking for the worthiest OTG oven for baking, this one is definitely a reliable option. You can use it to cook a diverse range of roasted and baked foods, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen. The timer and the automatic thermostat make the OTG significantly easier to use. Considering its perks, this OTG is a great choice for home bakers.

4. Morphy Richards Oven Toaster Griller

Morphy Richards Oven Toaster Griller RCSS

Capacity: 52/60 Liters | Wattage: 2000 Watts | Accessories: crumb tray, baking tray, wire rack, tikka rods and disc, tongs, rotisserie rod and handle | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Morphy Richards OTG oven for baking and grilling?

If you are looking for a high capacity OTG oven for your large family, it is an ideal option. Besides its sleek, stainless steel body, it also has a mirror-finish door that adds to its appearance. The material is also highly resistant to rust and corrosion, which will allow the appliance to retain its luster over the years. All these factors easily make this the best OTG oven for Indians to whom the aesthetic appeal of the appliance matters greatly.

The stylish looks of this OTG aren’t the only reason to buy it. It’s also a great choice in terms of functional value, with some nice features. For instance, the oven toaster griller has a “stay on function” that allows it to keep food warm for up to two hours after it finishes cooking. By keeping the food constantly warm, it helps retain the flavour and the freshness.

The convection oven has a galvanized inner chamber that helps retain heat better and thus ensures energy-efficient functioning. The OTG also offers a motorized rotisserie that you can use to make tandoori chicken. Besides grilling, the OTG is also suitable for baking cakes, cookies, and other baked items.


  • Food stays warm and fresh for an extended period after cooking.
  • The aesthetic design of this OTG is particularly great, thanks to the sleek design.
  • Whether you plan to use the oven for grilling or baking, you can stay assured of outstanding performance.
  • A capacity of 60 or 52 liters should serve you well even when cooking a lot of food.
  • Low power consumption makes it energy efficient even when baking a large amount of food.


  • Build quality could be improved.
  • It does not facilitate digital operation like our top pick from Philips.

What makes Morphy Richards OTG worthy of buying?

Although there are a couple of issues with this OTG, it’s still a good choice for those seeking to buy an OTG oven with convection. The features of definitely beneficial and make this OTG worth purchasing. If you want a large oven toaster griller for home baking, feel free to go for this one.

5. Pigeon Baker’s Collection Oven Toaster Grill (14325)

Pigeon Baker's Collection Oven Toaster Grill (14325)

Capacity: 16 Liters | Wattage: 1280 Watts | Working Temperature: 100°C to 250°C | Accessories: barbecue rack, crumb tray, pan handle, skewer rods | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 1 year

How useful is Pigeon OTG oven for baking and grilling?

Pigeon is one of the reputed kitchenware brands in India, which makes their OTG a reliable choice. Its price is much lower than most of the other OTGs, which makes it a good option for those looking for a budget OTG oven for home baking purposes. It doesn’t have a rotisserie, which may come as a disappointment if you plan to make tandoori chicken, kebabs, etc. However, it’s still suitable for grilling and comes with a skewer rod and barbecue rack.

The oven toaster griller has four upper and lower heating elements that work pretty well. You can use it for different heating modes and set the thermostat at temperatures between 100 and 250 degrees Celsius. The heating profile is relatively uniform and crucial when making any baked foods. It helps bake the food perfectly without burning a part of it by raising the temperature for an undercooked part.

The design of this OTG oven is quite good too, giving it an elegant look. The knobs are of premium quality, offering a blend of style and durability. Overall, it’s quite convenient to use this OTG with the glass door, ensuring easy monitoring. As you may notice, this OTG is relatively much smaller in size. However, it’s perfect for those seeking an OTG oven for home baking or grilling small amounts of food at a time.


  • The smaller dimensions will allow you to fit the OTG into a more compact kitchen space.
  • Uniform heating helps to prevent burning your food by accident.
  • This OTG is very easy to use, with simple operations.
  • You may rest assured that this is a quality product from a leading OTG brand in India.


  • This oven toaster griller lacks a rotisserie.
  • The OTG capacity is inadequate for a large family.

What makes Pigeon OTG worthy of buying?

This is the best OTG for those who only want an OTG to try baking or grilling various foods as a hobby or simply do not need to cook in large amounts. Instead of buying an OTG that’s much larger than your requirements, you can choose this one to save space. Its simple operations and outstanding performance make it a good choice too.

6. Borosil Pro 30 L OTG oven

Borosil Pro 30 L OTG oven

Capacity: 30 Liters | Wattage: 1500 Watts | Working Temperature: 100°C to 230°C | Accessories: rotisserie rod and handle, cooking tray and handle, grill rack, crumb tray | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Borosil OTG oven for baking and grilling?

This oven toaster griller from Borosil is another great choice for home bakers. With several great features, it’s easily one of the best OTG ovens in India and will be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

The controls are easy to work with, and also offer a great deal of flexibility. For instance, the OTG has six different heating stage options that you can choose from, besides easily adjustable temperature control.

You may set the timer to up to an hour to cook dishes that take some time to prepare. The stay-on feature will help you cook dishes that take even longer and keep food warm and fresh after cooking. The interior of the chamber is well-lit, which allowed us to ensure that the food is being cooked perfectly.

The convection heating system ensures 360° heat flow, helping you make evenly cooked grilled fish or chicken every time. This OTG is perfect for a variety of vegetarian dishes, such as paneer tikka, veg kebabs, pizzas, etc. Moreover, the baking pan will allow you to enjoy seamless home baking too.


  • The controls are great and allows to bake cakes and grill tandoors properly.
  • Excellent heat distribution guarantees even heating and cooking.
  • Like the previous products in this list, this OTG also keep food warm for an extended period of time.
  • The motorized rotisserie facilitates easy grilling with a delicious flavor.


  • No digital settings like Philips.
  • The upper working temperature is limited to 230°C, whereas most other products provide a provision to 250°C.

What makes Borosil OTG worthy of buying?

This is an ideal OTG oven for those who are looking for the perfect blend of advanced features and ease of use. You may use it to grill or bake a wide range of mouth-watering foods seamlessly. The motorized rotisserie in this oven makes grilling incredibly hassle-free. Feel free to choose this OTG if it fits your budget and meets your requirements.

7. Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

Wonderchef Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

Capacity: 19 Liters | Wattage: 1280 Watts | Working Temperature: 100°C to 250°C | Accessories: wire rack, baking tray, grilling tray and handle | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Wonderchef OTG oven for baking and grilling?

If you are looking for the best budget OTG oven in India from a leading brand, this one is a perfect option for you. Considering Wonderchef’s reputation as a kitchen appliance brand, they are indeed very reliable without having any worries. Wonderchef adheres to German quality standards and draws inspiration from Italian designs, which are well-known.

This Wonderchef oven toaster griller comes with a sleek body that perfectly fits a modern kitchen. It’s also quite sturdy and durable, which should ensure a long lifespan and quality components. The heavy-duty coil and thermostat can easily bear the load of everyday use.

You may use the grilling tray, the baking tray, and the wire rack to cook a wide range of foods including cakes, cookies, pizzas, litti /chokha, and roasted chickens. However, as this is a smaller OTG, it does not have a rotisserie feature. The appliance performs quite well, with a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Celsius and a stay-on feature.


  • This is a high-quality OTG oven that lasts quite along.
  • You can use this OTG to easily make perfectly baked cakes, soft bread, and loaded pizzas.
  • It performs well while grilling meat or vegetables.
  • This appliance is relatively compact in design, perfect for kitchens with limited available space.
  • As this is an OTG with a convection fan, it offers uniform heat distribution too.


  • There is no rotisserie feature.
  • This is not suitable for a large family with more than 3 members. In such a condition, you can choose any of our 2nd or 3rd picks from Bajaj and Morphy Richards.

What makes Wonderchef OTG worthy of buying?

This is a perfect OTG in India for buyers looking for a quality product at an affordable price. It’s pretty easy to use, especially for those new to home baking and need a simple OTG to grow their skills. You can make pizzas, paneer tikkas, cakes, etc., without any hassle.

8. Usha OTGW 3619R Oven Toaster Grill

Usha OTGW 3619R Oven Toaster Grill

Capacity: 19/29 Liters | Wattage: 1380/1600 Watts | Working Temperature: 0°C to 250°C | Accessories: skewers, rotisserie, baking tray, wire rack, crumb tray, grill tray, bake tray, tongs | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Usha OTG oven for baking and grilling?

Stylish in design with wine and matte black colors, this is another good choice for an OTG oven. This oven toaster griller is perfect for making amazing grilled chicken, besides a host of other dishes. The motorized rotisserie runs at a measured pace, grilling the barbecue evenly. The durable steel wire rack is designed to help cover all your grilling needs.

The OTG also comes with a baking tray that is easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and enhances the baking performance. This oven should serve you well whether you want to bake an eggless cake or your favorite cookies.

The Usha OTG oven comes with two capacities- 19 and 29 liters, which are sufficient to cook enough food for 2 to 5 people. Made of steel, it’s pretty durable and comes with a 2-year warranty. You will also receive several accessories besides the wire rack and the baking tray, such as a crumb tray, skewers, a rotisserie tong, and a tong for the grilling and baking trays.

Thanks to the easy-to-use controls and even heat distribution, the oven toaster griller is very convenient to use. The illuminated chamber and the glass door will allow you to monitor the food. The OTG also has several great features, such as six-stage heating, a stay-on, and a keep-warm function.


  • Straightforward controls make it ideal for beginners.
  • Even heating ensures that you can bake and grill your food perfectly.
  • This is a long-lasting product with high durability.
  • You will find the various accessories to be extremely useful for cooking.
  • It is easy to use and clean.


  • It does not have any digital control.
  • The OTG lacks a convection heating system.

What makes Usha OTG worthy of buying?

If you need the best OTG oven under ₹10000 in India, this is an option you may consider. Large enough for a 9-inch diameter pizza, it offers sufficient space to cook most baked and grilled foods. The oven and its accessories are stylish, and they also offer a great deal of functional value. Overall, this is a durable product that delivers decent performance and will prove to be a good value for money.

9. Inalsa MasterChef 10BK OTG oven

Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK OTG

Capacity: 10 Liters | Wattage: 800 Watts | Working Temperature: 100°C to 250°C | Accessories: hand gloves, wave wire grill tray, enameled baking pan, inbuilt crumb tray | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 2 years

How useful is Inalsa OTG oven for baking and grilling?

Are you looking for an energy-efficient oven toaster griller to save on your electricity bills? This 800W OTG should be perfect for you. Although it consumes only 50% or less power than some of the other OTGs listed here, it still delivers similar temperatures – ranging from 100 to 250 degrees Celsius. The double heating elements will help you evenly bake cakes, cookies, bread, and pizzas. For home bakers, this OTG is one of the top options.

The Inalsa OTG is perfect to toast four slices of bread at a time or make a pizza of seven to eight inches in diameter. It’s ideal for a household that consists of a family of three. Thanks to the compact design of the oven, it also fits in small spaces on countertops with ease. If a 10-liter OTG isn’t big enough for you, you can always go for one of the larger versions.

The design and the features of this OTG also make it highly convenient to use. For instance, the see-through glass door is connected to the backing rack. As you open the door, it will automatically pull out the rack smoothly. This also makes the OTG much safer to handle.


  • The compact size of the OTG will make it easier to fit into smaller kitchens.
  • Thanks to the low power consumption, you’ll be saving money in the long run.
  • The OTG is quite good at baking.
  • We have found the control panel to be easy to use.
  • The product comes with a few accessories, including a hand glove that allows you to use the OTG safely.


  • As the OTG is small and weighs only 2.5 Kg, it may slip off from its position on a countertop. So, you should position it properly.
  • There is no smart digital controls. You need to operate it manually.

What makes Inalsa OTG worthy of buying?

Much more affordable than most of the other OTGs listed here, this budget OTG oven is definitely worth its price. While it’s not very large and only has a capacity of ten liters, it’s enough for small families or individuals who just love to bake cakes for fun and don’t need a large appliance. The various features that this OTG comes with make it easy and convenient to use.

10. Prestige POTG 19 PCR 19 Liters Oven Toaster Griller

Prestige POTG 19 PCR 19 Liters Oven Toaster Griller

Capacity: 19 Liters | Wattage: 1380 Watts | Working Temperature: 100°C to 250°C | Accessories: bake tray, crumb tray, wire grill rack and rotisserie | Timer: 60 minutes | Warranty: 1 year

How useful is Prestige OTG oven for baking and grilling?

With a capacity of 19 liters, this oven toaster griller is large enough for most Indian families. It has all essential features, including a rotisserie rod that will enable you to grill meat and vegetables without any hassle. Thanks to the easy-to-use knobs, you can customize the heating conditions and adjust the timer for a fantastic cooking experience.

This product is an excellent option for individuals looking for the best OTG in India regarding ease of maintenance. The drop-down crumb tray at the bottom of the appliance makes cleaning extremely easy. All you have to do is pull it down and wipe away the crumbs. Other convenient features include the automatic shutoff function and a cool-touch handle.

The OTG is perfect for home bakers who want a simple oven for a hassle-free experience. Its performance is quite suitable for grilling and baking, and it also comes with the necessary accessories for both purposes.


  • The controls are pretty easy to use.
  • Cleaning the OTG after use is seamless.
  • The OTG is sufficiently spacious for most households.
  • Thanks to the OTG’s great grilling and baking performance, you can easily make various dishes.
  • The cool-touch handle will help you use the OTG safely without burning your hand.


  • As this oven toaster griller does not have a convection fan, the heat distribution isn’t even.
  • The door of the OTG may not close fully.

What makes Prestige OTG worthy of buying?

If you are looking for an OTG with convection for even baking, this one may not be the best choice for you. However, it isn’t a huge problem, and the appliance is still worth its price. If you seek a simple and easy-to-use OTG for home baking and grilling, you may consider buying it.

Testing OTG oven

How have we picked, and why do we recommend these OTG ovens?

Choosing the best OTG oven for your home is important, as not every model is the same. As you noticed earlier, various OTGs have their own pros and cons, and some of these might be particularly important for you. We evaluated various OTG ovens based on different factors and came up with the list above. The factors that one should take into consideration are-

capacity of OTG

Capacity is the most crucial factor in selecting an OTG as it defines the space you will get inside. If you do not have the right capacity, you may not be able to cook the required quantity. The capacity of OTG ovens varies from 9 liters to 60 liters needed for home use. Here is a chart explaining how much capacity you will need according to your family size.

9-15 liters1-2 members
15-20 liters2-3 members
20-50 liters3-6 members
50-60 liters6 or more members

For instance, while the 60-liter OTG is perfect for making large cakes and pizzas or simply cooking a lot of food, it is too large for small families. An OTG that is much larger than what you need will unnecessarily take up extra space and consume more power. Again, make sure that the OTG you choose isn’t too small either.

Size and portability

You must have noticed that we have listed OTGs of various sizes with different dimensions. Depending on your requirements, you should first narrow down the options based on this aspect.

The weight of the OTG is also a factor that you should consider, as it affects the portability of the appliance. However, keep in mind that if an OTG is too light, it may potentially slip away from its position while you are handling it.

baking cake in OTG oven

Different uses of OTG oven

An OTG is the best kitchen appliance to bake cakes or grill barbecue at home. It can also reheat food under certain conditions. When buying an OTG, you should make a list of the type of food you are planning to cook and ensure that the appliance you choose is perfect for them.

For instance, if you are a home baker, the Pigeon OTG listed earlier is one of your best choices. However, it’s not ideal for users who plan to use the OTG primarily for spit roasting meat, as it does not have a rotisserie feature.

On the other hand, the Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS OTG is suitable for those who seek a versatile appliance suitable for baking cakes and making grilled chicken. As long as you choose the right OTG, you can use it for a wide range of delicacies, including pizzas, tandoori chicken, grilled fish, muffins, cakes, cookies, and more.

Essential accessories with OTG

As you browse through your options, check out what accessories you will get for free with each OTG. It will help you save money by avoiding the expenses of buying the accessories later, but it will also ensure that the accessories are actually compatible with the OTG. Some of the accessories that manufacturers offer with OTGs are-

OTG accessories including crumb tray, oven rack, baking pan, tray handle, rotisserie rod and handle
  • Baking pan: These pans are designed for home baking and will help you make cakes, cookies, and other baked foods with ease. Their design ensures the uniform heat distribution you need while baking, provides a good surface, and prevents crumbs falling off below.
  • Crumb tray: Even if crumbs of cake fall off, a crumb tray will catch them and prevent them from littering the OTG. This makes the appliance significantly more straightforward to clean after use, while food crumbs from reaching the heating elements.
  • Oven rack: An oven rack is particularly useful for making grilled chicken or fish. The design allows direct heating from all sides, grilling the meat evenly. If you want to make kebabs, you might want to get an OTG with an oven rack.
  • Rotisserie rod and handle: It may also come with a rotisserie rod if your OTG has a motorized rotisserie feature. You will need this if you particularly want to spit-roast your kebabs or tandoori chicken. Moreover, you cannot use a regular tray handle to set the rotisserie rod in the OTG or pull it out. This is where a rotisserie handle comes into play. Its design allows it to hook the rotisserie rod near the edges and lift it out.
  • Tray handle: The tray handle is similar to a tong but explicitly designed to grab the baking tray or the crumb tray and remove them safely. This is an essential accessory, and it is dangerous to touch a hot tray with your hands.
  • Tongs: If you simply need to move a food item, such as a kebab or a muffin, you don’t have to pull out the whole tray. Simply use a pair of tongs to grab the food and bring it out.

The more accessories you get, the better. The Borosil Pro OTG, for example, comes with six of these accessories. Of course, you may not need all of these accessories for the purposes you intend to use the OTG.

grilling chicken using Rotisserie in OTG oven

Wattage and power consumption

The power consumption of an OTG depends on the wattage and running time. The OTG ovens listed in this article are rated with 800 watts to 2000 watts of electricity depending on the model and capacity.

This is evident as a low capacity machine will need lesser energy to work, resulting in low power consumption. As high capacity OTG ovens need more electricity to run, it must be energy-efficient. For this reason, choose one of our recommendations.

Crucial features of OTG

While looking for the best OTG in India, you cannot overlook the importance of checking for special features. Manufacturers have developed various technologies to make their OTGs convenient to use.

  • Timer: Timer is a critical requirement in every OTG ovens- both the digital and manual controlled models. Most OTGs come with 60-120 minutes of timer settings to control baking and grilling.
  • Temperature Control: You need to control the heat generated by the heating element installed inside the OTG ovens. For this reason, temperature control is an essential feature that all OTG are equipped with. However, make sure that the control knobs are easy to operate. Also, choose an oven in which you can select the heating stages or choose which heating elements to activate. It will provide you a better temperature control
  • Keep Warm Function: The stay-on or keep warm function present in some of the OTGs is one of the most important, as it helps keep food warm. Other such features include the timer, automatic power off, motorized rotisserie, etc.
  • Inbuilt Light: Most OTG ovens are available with inbuilt lights top help you monitor the cooking stages and inspect the food.
  • Cooking Modes: Digital OTG ovens have different cooking modes to make baking, grilling and toasting even more useful for you. There are preset menus to control the temperature and cooking time automatically.

If you are looking for a particularly sophisticated and feature-rich OTG with convection mode, Philips HD6976/00 is an ideal choice. Its digital panel gives the OTG a modern look and feel and makes it much more convenient to use. Choosing from multiple recipe modes is definitely a huge advantage too.

features of OTG oven


Most OTG oven brands like Philips, Bajaj and Morphy Richards provide 2 years of warranty to their OTG ovens. On the other hand, brands like Agaro and Pigeon gives only a year of warranty.

So, look into the warranty details laid down by the brand. Do read into the terms and conditions to know everything. Warranties come to help if certain problems arise in the oven.


OTG ovens are available at a price as low as ₹2500, and goes up to ₹25000 depending on the capacity. A standard oven with less than 30 liters of capacity costs under ₹10000 which is affordable by most middle and upper class Indian families.

Best brands for OTG

Are you confused about the numerous brands that sell OTG ovens? It is okay as there are too many options in the market. We can often get bewildered by the sheer amount of choices. But, we have narrowed it down to the five best OTG oven brands that are most praised in India.

  1. Philips: It is a reputed kitchen appliance brand for OTG ovens. Philips is the only brand in this article that manufactures high-quality digital OTG ovens that do not require a manual cooking operation.
  2. Bajaj: OTG is a specialty of Bajaj, and they have been manufacturing it for a long time. Bajaj makes efficient and lightweight OTGs that make your cooking versatile.
  3. Agaro: It is a relatively new brand but provides spacious OTGs powered by the latest technologies. For example, a motorized rotisserie is available in most of their ovens.
  4. Inalsa: Along with lower power consumption, Inalsa is known to manufacture budget-friendly oven toaster grillers. The temperature range is high, which allows you to cook delicious foods.
  5. Morphy Richards: When it comes to international quality, we cannot leave Morphy Richards out of this list. Their aesthetically pleasing OTG ovens have an equally powerful performance.

Apart from these 5 brands, Wonderchef, Borosil, Prestige, and Pigeon by Stovecraft are also reputed brands for OTG ovens.

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Alternatives to OTG ovens

Among the different types of ovens, OTG ovens are best for baking and grilling. Here are some alternatives that function closer to oven toaster grills-

Convection microwave oven

A convection microwave oven is a more sophisticated version of traditional solo and grill microwaves, incorporating functional features of convection heating. You can switch between two different modes.

While one mode runs the appliance like a regular microwave, the other activates heating elements and a convection fan to distribute the heat. The best convection microwave can roast, bake, or broil food in the convection mode, just like an OTG. However, an OTG is much cheaper and consumes less power. Here, let’s see more differences between OTG and microwave ovens.

Differences between OTG and microwave oven

Point Of DifferenceOTG OvenMicrowave Oven
Heating MethodThe heat used to cook foods is generated by heating elements.Microwave radiation generates heat for cooking.
Capacity9 to 60 liters17 to 35 liters
FunctionsBaking, grilling, roastingReheating, defrosting, grilling (grill microwave), baking (convection microwave)
Auto CookingAvailable with only digital OTG ovens.Most modern microwave ovens come with auto cooking.
Cookware CompatibilityYou can use metal cookware in OTG ovens.Microwave ovens support only borosilicate cookware.
Preheating Time15 minutes5 minutes
Power ConsumptionLowHigh
Size and WeightSmaller and lightweight.Larger and heavyweight.
PriceMore affordableMore expensive
Best ForBaking cakes and grilling chicken.Reheating foods before meal and basic cooking.

If you want to know the more detailed difference between these two kitchen appliances, please check our detailed guide on OTG vs Microwave.

Built-in oven

Built-in ovens are becoming a popular choice for modular kitchens. As the name suggests, these microwave ovens are built into the kitchen wall and thus take up minimal space. Being microwave ovens, they also happen to be more powerful than OTGs. On the other hand, built-in ovens consume more electricity and cost more than an OTG. Also, as these are built-in appliances, you cannot move them around or take them to a service center in case they break down.

Air fryer

Air fryers are a perfect option for health-conscious individuals. You can fry and cook various foods barely using any oil with the best air fryers. They are also compact in size, making it easy to fit them on a small countertop.

However, you should note that although air fryers have good performance in general, they aren’t ideal for baking and grilling. If you are a home baker or would like to make various grilled dishes, an OTG will be a better choice than air fryer.

If you like to know more about the differences between these two appliances, check out the detailed guide on air fryer vs OTG oven.

Electric barbecue grill

Barbecue grills are, of course, your best choice for grilling fish, meat, and vegetables. You can easily make perfectly crispy grilled chicken on an electric barbecue grill. If you are particularly looking for an appliance to grill meat, one of these grills will be an excellent choice for you. However, keep in mind that they are far less versatile than an OTG and aren’t suitable for baking. You may use an OTG for a much wider range of purposes.

Apart from these appliances, you can you a grill pan as a budget-friendly alternative, solely for grilling purposes. But like a barbecue grill, it is not suitable for baking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is an OTG oven?

OTG stands for oven toaster griller, an appliance that resembles microwave ovens but functions in a completely different manner. If you are love baking, there is no better option available than an OTG.

How does an OTG oven work?

Rather than using radiated microwaves to heat the food that microwave ovens do, an OTG simply heats up the entire chamber to a high temperature using heating elements. Depending on the model, you may or may not be able to control which elements are going to activate.

Is an OTG good for health?

Yes, an OTG oven is safe for your health. It is nothing different from cooking on the stove as it uses heat to prepare the food. You should clean the OTG regularly to keep it healthy. No health implications arise when you cook food in an OTG. It is better to use the oven for preparing cuisines like Tandoor.

Is preheating necessary for the OTG oven?

It is advisable to preheat an OTG before heating it, which will help cook the food faster and better, especially if you are grilling meat. Preheating your OTG is also vital for home baking, as certain types of doughs require an initial push of heat the moment you start baking.

How to use an OTG oven?

Using an OTG is simple – all you have to do is place the food inside it and set the timer and the temperature. Make sure to pick the correct tray, depending on whether you are baking, grilling, or simply heating the food. If you want to spit-roast meat on the rotisserie rod, put the rod through the meat and place it in the grooves on the wall of the OTG.

Which is better, OTG or microwave oven?

Honestly, this depends on why you need the appliance. A microwave oven is much more versatile for general use and will allow you to cook most dishes. An OTG, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for baking, roasting, and toasting, three functions in which microwave ovens aren’t beneficial. However, both appliances are suitable for heating food in general.

Is OTG good for baking?

Absolutely, oven toaster grillers are best suitable for baking cakes, cookies and more! The baking performance in an OTG oven is incomparable even with convection microwaves.

Can you bake pizza in the OTG oven?

Yes, you can easily bake your favorite pizza in an OTG oven. However, the size of the pizza will depend on the oven’s pan diameter.baking pizza in OTG oven

Can you airfry in OTG oven?

While an OTG isn’t the best appliance for air frying, you can do it if your OTG has an air fry mode. In case it doesn’t, use the baking modes instead to get similar crispy results.

Can anodized aluminum or steel bowls be placed in an OTG oven?

Using a steel bowl or anodized aluminum utensils in an OTG oven is perfectly safe. Avoid using plastic containers, as the heat can make the plastic melt.

How to clean the OTG oven?

As long as your OTG has a crumb tray, you shouldn’t have to worry much about food crumbs accumulating inside. However, you still have to clean the OTG occasionally. Remove all the components that can be disassembled, submerge them in a soap-water mixture and wash them. Use a cloth soaked in a mixture of hot water and vinegar to clean the interiors of the OTG.

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So, which is the best OTG in India?

As you can see, several factors come into play when choosing the best OTG oven in India, and it might get quite confusing. While all the ten OTGs we listed earlier are great options, some are better than the rest. We have shortlisted three of these ten OTGs as the best ones for different user requirements.

Top Pick: Philips HD6976/00 36-liters Digital OTG oven

This digital OTG is ideal for those seeking a powerful, sophisticated, and versatile oven toaster griller. Its various modern features set it apart from the rest, while the size is ideal for most kitchens. While it costs much more than some of the other OTGs we chose, its Indian preset cooking menus make it well worth the price.

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart | Philips Store

Best alternative: Bajaj Majesty 4500 TMCSS OTG oven

In case you are particularly looking for the best OTG with rotisserie, it can be ideal for you. It’s also larger than the previous Philips OTG, which means you can grill more food. Moreover, its convection mode is particularly helpful in baking, and the OTG performs quite well.

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart | Bajaj Store

Also good: Agaro Marvel 48 Liters Oven Toaster Griller

This is an ideal oven toaster griller for individuals looking for an OTG that is easy to use without compromising the essential requirements. You can use the OTG for grilling and baking without any hassle. Being able to customize the operations using precise controls is also a great advantage.

Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with the information you were looking for. Now you should be able to choose a suitable OTG in India for your kitchen without any trouble.

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