Top 10 Best Home Appliance Brands in India

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For running your home smoothly, home appliances are the most important products. Life is almost impossible to imagine without home appliances. So, it is very important to know which one to buy.

Home appliances like refrigerators, televisions, air purifiers, washing machines, etc., are mandatory in every household. If you are starting your new life or want to change the old models, it is important to know which brand you should buy.

There are varieties of Indian brands available which are serving us for decades. Some have updated themselves with time, while many brands are just big names, but not that much popular till now. There are also certain brands of new home appliances but highly efficient in manufacturing advanced technology-based products.

So, today we are here to discuss the top 10 brands of home appliances in India that are leading the market and are quite popular among us since their inception.

Why do we prefer to choose these brands when it comes to buying home appliances?

Check that out here in this post.

best home appliance brands in India

1. LG – The Best Home Appliance Brand in India

Official Website:
Foundation: 1997
Best Known For: Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Television
Customer Care Phone No: 1800-315-9999, 1800-180-9999
Customer Care Email ID: They have not shared any email id but you can fill this form to send them an email related to the service.

Talking about the best brand for home appliances, it will always be LG on the top. Though this brand started its journey in South Korea, it was in 1997 when LG Electronics stepped into the Indian market. It took no time to be the leading brand of different home appliances like color television, frost-free refrigerators, microwave, washing machine, etc.

Since the beginning, LG has become the favorite home appliance brand in many households in India. The most important reason behind it is the upgrade with time. They believe in following the trend of technological advancement and thus keep on updating their existing products while launching new ones.


Home Appliances from LG

Each of the products under the flagship of this brand is awesome. They have done a revolution in the television industry by bringing LED TV, OLED TV, NANO CELL TV, Smart TV, 4k TV, etc. The InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator and the twin wash washing machines are other excellent products of this brand. 

Apart from these, LG has also developed advanced products like air conditioners, air purifiers, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, and all. All the products of this brand are made of top-quality raw materials. So, you don’t have any chance to doubt.

LG Customer Care And Service

The customer care service of this brand is readily available to serve customers in any corner of the country. You can call them or send an email. You can also WhatsApp them for a quick reply at 9711709999.

Awards And Recognitions Received By LG

For their continuous service in home appliances, LG has won 17 CES Innovation Awards at the CES 2020. 

2. Bajaj – Best Alternative Brand for Home Appliances

Official Website:
Foundation: 1938
Best Known For: Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler, Geyser, Room Heater, Iron
Customer Care Phone No: 1800-102-5963
Customer Care Email ID:

Did you say home appliances?

We heard Bajaj! Yes, among the leading home appliance brands, this will always be on the top of the list. There are lots of Indian families for whom Bajaj is the other name of home appliances.

Bajaj began its journey on July 14, 1938, by Jamnalal Bajaj. He was the adopted son of Mahatma Gandhi, and that’s why he carried off his business based on the legend’s values. Till now, Bajaj has tried to maintain their tradition and philosophy.


Home Appliances from Bajaj

In providing a wide range of home appliances, Bajaj is always the leading brand. Among the home appliances of Bajaj, you can always go for a room heater, instant water heater, air cooler, steam irons, gas geyser, etc. All these products are based on advanced technology, and that’s why they are of the best quality.

Though Bajaj offers different types of home appliances, you cannot miss their extensive range of irons. Moreover, you can get both types of irons like dry irons, steam irons, garment steamers, etc. 

Bajaj Customer Care and Service

For any kind of support, you can always contact the customer care service. They are always available to serve you with any of your queries. You can call them or WhatsApp at 7039920000. You can also send an email. 

Awards And Recognitions Received By Bajaj

Bajaj Electricals has received The 2019 Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM)- The Award of Excellence in the USA. It was also felicitated with Express Computer IT Award in Mumbai, India. In 2019, Bajaj got another feather in its crown when TOCICO, a global organization accolades it with the Process of Ongoing Improvement Award in Chicago, USA.

3. Havells – Best Brand for Quality Electric Appliances

Official Website:
Foundation: 1958
Best Known For: Ceiling Fan, Air Cooler, Pedestal Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Steam Iron
Customer Care Phone No: 08045771313
Customer Care Email ID:

For electronics products like fans, lighting, and appliances, Havells is quite a popular name. If you install Havells products, you can be tension-free about the durability and longevity of the products. For more than two decades, Havells is one of the leading home appliance brands in India. 

The company was incorporated in 1958, and since then, it is serving Indian households with exclusive home appliances, kitchen appliances, lighting, and other electrical appliances. The headquarter of this company is based in Noida, India.


Home Appliances from Havells

While discussing the products of Havells, we have to talk about products like ceiling fans, pedestal fans, air coolers, steam irons, geysers, room heaters, etc. Among all these products, fans of this brand are outstanding. 

They have developed varieties of fans like lower power consumption fans, table fans, pedestal fans, ceiling fans, wall fans, ceiling mounted fans, exhaust fans, etc. Above all this, Havells has developed the advanced model of fans, Opus, which is elegant and works both as a fan and a chandelier.

Among other top-quality products, you can go for garment care products like dry iron, steam iron, etc. The climate control range of Havells keeps you comfortable inside your home when there is chilling cold outside. Also, you can try the air purifier of Havells. Breathing fresh air was never so pure before you installed Havells’ air purifiers.

Havells Customer Care and Service

For any assistance regarding the products or installation services, you can call their customer care helpline. Also, you can contact them through email.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Havells

For serving the countrymen for so many years with such deliberation, Havells was awarded the ‘Best ICT Implementer in Smart City’ at the BW Businessworld Digital India Summit in 2017.

In 2019, this brand was honored with AACB Influential Leader Award for its extraordinary achievements, contribution towards society and the industry, and entrepreneurial success.

4. Philips

Official Website:
Foundation: 1891
Best Known For: Garment Steamer, Air Purifier, Steam Iron
Customer Care Phone No: 1800-102-2929

If you are looking for buying top-quality appliances for your modern home, Philips is the brand that will serve you the best. From its inception in 1891 by Frederick Philips and his son, this brand took no time to spread its branches worldwide.

It was 1931 when Philips took over the market of India in the name of Philips Electricals Company in Calcutta. Since then, it is serving the country with varieties of home appliances, kitchen appliances, electrical products, etc.


Home Appliances From Philips

Philips comes with a wide range of home appliances that will make your life easy. You can go for the garment steamer, steam iron, air purifiers, and several other kinds of products as those are of the best quality. 

The irons of Philips are manufactured with the best material and work the best for removing the stubborn crease. They offer a wide range of steam iron, garment steamer, travel iron, dry iron, and iron accessories. 

Philips is also the producer of the advanced television and audio system for your modern house.

So why don’t you go for Android TV, Smart TV, Ambilight TV, and so on?

Among the top-quality sound systems, you can go for soundbars, home audio systems, wireless speakers, etc.

Philips Customer Care And Service

The customer care department is always ready to serve you regarding any products and services. For any kind of personal care and help, you can call them.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Philips

For outstanding performance in serving the country with the best kind of home appliances, Philips has been honored with the ‘Crystal Prize’ to bring change to supply chain sustainability. Also, for taking care of the world’s environment, it received the ‘Best Global Green Brands’ in 2014. Also, for the sixth consecutive year, Philips has been placed on the A list of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

5. Samsung

Official Website:
Foundation: 1969
Best Known For: Washing Machine, Refrigerator, 4K TV, LED TV
Customer Care Phone No: 180057267864

Samsung was founded in 1969 in the Korean market, and soon after its inception, it became popular worldwide. Today, Samsung is quite a popular name in providing electronics appliances to households, but the beginning was slow in India.

Samsung Electronics, the parent group, set up Samsung India Electronics in 1995 in Connaught Place in New Delhi 1995. The company used to deal with only televisions at that time. But, the company soon took over the Indian market by providing top-class home appliances.


Home Appliances From Samsung

Spending time at home never seemed so peaceful! Samsung fulfilled every need of Indian households by manufacturing the best kinds of home appliances like televisions, refrigerators, semi automatic washing machines, fully automatic washing machines, air conditioners, etc. 

Each of the products of Samsung is manufactured with the best and imported raw materials and following the best technology. If you are planning to buy a Samsung television, you will be flooded with advanced models like Neo QLED 8K, QLED 4k, The Serif, Smart TV, and so on. 

The refrigerators of Samsung are also of different categories like double door, French door, side-by-side door refrigerator, etc. In addition, you can also check out top load washing machines, front-load washing machines, etc.

Samsung Customer Care And Service

For any query related to products and services, you can contact customer care services. You can call them at the number given above.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Samsung

Samsung has received several awards and recognitions for creating cutting-edge appliances and serving the country for so many years. It has won 48 awards in the world-famous International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) in 2020. It has won one gold, four bronzes, four silvers, and one best-in-show award.

6. Usha

Official Website:
Foundation: 1934
Best Known For: Garment Steamer, Sewing Machine, Air Cooler, Pedestal Fan, Room Heater, Dry Iron
Customer Care Phone No: 18001033111
Customer Care Email ID:

Usha International Limited is India’s leading manufacturer of home appliances company since 1934. Lala Shriram incorporated the company, and since then, it is serving the country with varieties of home appliances and lots of other products.


Home Appliances From Usha

Usha is famous for providing home appliances products like garment steamers, air coolers, sewing machines, pedestal fans, air coolers, dry irons, room heaters, etc. All of these products are of high quality and comes with enough durability and longevity.

Since the beginning of the company, it was famous for producing fans. Today, with technological advancement, they have developed their fans with changing times. The wide range of fans includes ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall fans, special fans, exhaust fans, etc.

The sewing machine ranges, the fabric care ranges, electric water pumps, water heaters, etc., are the most important home appliance range that you can go for. Usha is providing a huge range of electronics and other home appliances that are suitable for modern households for all these years.

Usha Customer Care And Service

The customer care department of Usha is always available for the consumers to serve them any time. You can contact them for any queries regarding the products and services of Usha. Call them for any support. You can also email them.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Usha

Usha International Limited has served Indian households for so many years. It has received the ‘Appliance of the Year Award‘ in the ceiling fan category in 2019.

7. Whirlpool

Official Website:
Foundation: 1995
Best Known For: Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner
Customer Care Phone No: 1800-208-1800
Customer Care Email ID:

While listing the best home appliance brands in India, Whirlpool will be on the list. It was launched as a domestic appliance brand in India in 1995. Since the beginning, it has been serving modern households with varieties of home appliances.


Home Appliances From Whirlpool

The brand was launched by introducing the 310-liter refrigerator. In the next year, they launched advanced washing machines. So with changing times, Whirlpool has changed a lot and served Indian households with advanced products like whirlpool 360-degree bloomwash washing machines.

Whirlpool has earned excellence in providing refrigerators, washing machines, window air conditioners, and a lot more. For example, among refrigerators, buyers can find lots of varieties like double door, single door, bottom mount, three-door, four-door, side-by-side, etc.

The washing machines of Whirlpool are also of greater quality as they manufacture front-load, semi-automatic, top-load, etc. In addition, they also provide top-quality air conditioners, water purifiers, etc.

Whirlpool Customer Care And Service

The customer care department is ever ready to serve you at any of your queries regarding their services and products. Call them for any kind of query. To get an instant reply, you can also send an email regarding service and customer care. You can also send an SMS at 58558 to get a quick call from the company.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Whirlpool

Whirlpool is serving Indian households for more than 20 years. For doing their job successfully, they have been appreciated with lots of awards and recognitions. Recently, in 2021, US News and World Reports recognized Whirlpool as the Best Brand of Best products 2021. 

8. Godrej

Official Website:
Foundation: 1897
Best Known For: Washing Machine, Safe Locker, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator
Customer Care Phone No: 1800-209-5511
Customer Care Email ID:

Godrej is a 120 years young company that has served Indian households in every changing decade and was a part of the original ‘Make in India Movement’. It was 1897 when Ardeshir Godrej, the father figure of this company, found his success in establishing a company for locks.

This company is blessed with Indian stalwarts like Rabindranath Tagore, Anne Besant, and Mahatma Gandhi. Therefore, the mission and vision of the company are still so high. Soon, the company started its journey of becoming a famous multi-specialty brand in India.


Home Appliances From Godrej

After making many other ventures, it was 1958 when Godrej stepped into the world of home appliances by manufacturing their first refrigerator. Reminding the hottest condition of India, they began their venture into home appliances.

Since then, their journey is going on, and they are serving the households by providing the best quality home appliances without fail. Among the best products of this brand, we will always talk about safe lockers, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.

The Godrej safes have a history of 77 years. In 1944, the Godrej safe was introduced to the Indian market. Since then, they have modified their style of manufacturing, incorporated trending technology, and developed varieties of safe lockers to keep your valuables safe at home.

Godrej Customer Care And Service

For any kind of queries, you can always call the customer care service at the above number. Your all queries will be resolved. You can also send emails for any service-related query.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Godrej

For its contribution to the Indian market for all these years, Godrej has been accolade with several prestigious awards. In 2002, it received the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Awards’; in 2010, it became the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year for the Asia Specific Entrepreneurship Awards.

9. Haier

Official Website:
Foundation: 1996
Best Known For: Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner
Customer Care Phone No: 1800-419-9999, 1800-102-9999

Haier started its journey as a Chinese company, but soon it began its operation in other countries worldwide. Finally, Haier spread its branch in India in 1996, and for all these years, it has earned enough popularity for supplying home appliances to Indian households.


Home Appliances From Haier

All the products of this brand are of top quality and last longer. Some of the best home appliances produced by Haier are refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. Haier refrigerators are available in varieties of styles, like Smart Refrigerator, French Door Refrigerator, Side-by-Side Refrigerator, and so on.

The washing machines are also available in lots of varieties. Each type of Haier washing machine comes with anti-bacterial technology that only cleans your clothes and keeps you away from any bacterial infection. Apart from these, Haier also manufactures televisions, water heaters, convection microwave ovens, etc.

Haier Customer Care And Service

For any kind of issues with their service and products, you can always reach the customer care desk of Haier. Furthermore, you can WhatsApp at +918553049999 from 9 am to 9 pm. Also, you can call the service center at the above number. They are available 24*7 to solve your problems regarding Haier products and services.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Haier

Haier has been on Top 2018 Global Challengers, released by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It is nine consecutive years that Haier has secured its place on the list. Haier was also awarded the 19th WIPO-SIPO Award for coming up with ‘outstanding patented invention and industrial design’. In addition, Haier is the only company that received the patented Gold Award as a company of household appliances.

10. Black & Decker

Official Website:
Foundation: 1910
Best Known For: Garment Steamer, Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Iron
Customer Care Phone No: 1-860-425-1111, (For Power Tool, Vacuum Cleaner, and Lawn and Gardening queries), 1-800-425-20202 (For Home Appliances & Other Domestic Appliances), Contact time: MON-SAT 9 AM-6 PM IST

Though Black & Decker started its journey as a company providing power tools and batteries, soon, it started manufacturing kitchen and home appliances. Black & Decker began its journey in 1910, and after serving several decades, it was rebranded as Black+Decker. In 2017, Black+Decker started business in the Indian market.

Black and Decker

Home Appliances From Black & Decker

It is a great manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, garment steamers, steam irons, etc. Black +Decker is also a big name in manufacturing the best quality vacuum cleaners like stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, filters, steam cleaners, etc. 

There are varieties of small appliances that people need in their everyday life. You can go for a coffee maker, mini-fridges, toasters, etc. Life will be easier with Black +Decker products.

Black & Decker Customer Care And Service

Their customer care department is ever ready to serve the consumers. You can either call them or send emails to get an instant reply. The dedicated customer care desk works with a team of experts who will revert within no time.

Awards And Recognitions Received By Black & Decker

In 2021, Black +Decker won the ‘Best Marketing Team’ and the ‘Best HR Team’. In addition, 2020 also brought several awards for this company as it accolades with the ‘Best Company for Diversity, ‘Best Company for Women’, and so on.

best home appliance brands

Tips to Choose the Best Appliances for your Home

Here we get thorough reviews of the top 10 best brands of home appliances in India. Some of these brands may not originate in this country, but while spreading business, those have merged the values and traditions so well in their marketing strategies that it took no time to become popular.

Some brands are highly famous in the Indian market, and almost every household uses their products over generations. Besides that, certain brands are new to India but have won the hearts of millions of buyers with their outstanding products. 

So, if you are planning to buy some home appliances now, you can check out the comparative studies between the brands on our website and follow your instinct to buy your house.

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